Wednesday, January 26, 2011

~Dedicating baby Mary to God!~

When we realized that we only had 2 Sundays that Mom and Dad D. would be in OH (They live in AZ) we knew that we wanted to get baby Mary dedicated on one of those Sundays. But I had just been in the ER with a serious kidney infection, was still sick and was supposed to be on bed rest and was feeling overwhelmed. Thank the Lord my sweet Moma helped me out and went shopping and found baby Mary's dedication dress and bonnet for a wonderful price. We were sooo thrilled that Dad and Mom D., my Daddy and Moma, my sister Laura and her family, and Phillip's brother Michael and his family could be at baby Mary's dedication on Sunday, December 5th. (Baby Mary was 2 months old). It was a very sweet time.
~I snapped this picture of baby Mary before the service started.~

~Gram and baby Mary~

~Mommy and baby Mary~

~We asked Will to take some pictures of baby Mary's dedication. (The lighting in our church makes it HARD to get good pictures, but He did a great job.)

~Our family sang, "The family that Prays together Stays together" and when Sarah sang, "Give the baby lots of kisses" Elijah and Noah leaned over and kissed baby Mary. =)
~Gram bought a play mic for Elijah to sing with so he wouldn't feel left out.~
~Brother Eisenhart and my Daddy did a great job dedicating baby Mary. (We missed having Bro. Pilmore involved, he was very sick.)
~In this picture...Baby Mary is saying that she is glad that she is now dedicated to God, but she is tired and hungry. =)~
~And Mary makes 7~
~We snapped this fun picture after the service.~


Sherry L Dickinson said...

I started laughing when I read your caption above the picture of Mary looking so sad and tired in her dedication dress.
I am grateful that Jesus gave you little dark-haired Mary. Once again, you two have another adorable mixture of Bryan/Dickinson genes.
Oh yes, I really like the picture at the top of your blog of Phillip and you. Well, I really like all the other pictures too, for that matter!
Keep looking up to Jesus!
Mom D

Anonymous said...

Have much calling me this morning but just "had" to check and see if there was new news posted. How I thank the Lord for helping us pull that dedication together and well remember what a challenge it was for both the Mommy and the Gram. It was a sweet service. So glad that Gramdma and Grandpa Dickinson could be there as well. Will try to phone you again soon, it was good to hear Phillip say, "I hear you now" but then have the line go dead was sad for all our hearts. Love, Moma

Jeanne said...

Mary looks like a little doll baby..

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