Friday, January 28, 2011

~Fun Christmas activities and family time~

~Back in November Will took this precious picture of our sweet Mary.~~We were happy to get to attend the GBS Christmas program. Our neice Natasha sang in it. It was beautiful and God's presence was close.~
~Natasha, and her brother and sisters, and our kids.~
~Our family after the GBS Christmas program.~
~In December our entire Dickinson family got to attend Michael and Beth's church with them. (Manly's church in Dayton.) Elijah sat with U. Michael and I gave him these pieces of felt to play with. We cracked up when we saw that he had used U. Michael as a "flannel graph board". =)

~Janelle (Sp?) and I had fun visiting together. =)~
~We ate a yummy lunch together at Michael and Beth's house. (Thanks, Beth, it was delicious!) As we were leaving their house goofy Michael came outside in the FREEZING COLD barefooted...just for laughs. Phillip is emphasizing how Cold it really is. =D We had a lot of fun being together with Michael and Beth and family, and Dad and Mom D. Thank you, Dad and Mom for coming out to Ohio!~


Jana said...

I'm enjoying your blog posts! Glad you made it back to Columbia safely. Mary is simply adorable!! :-)

lila said...

Nice pics. Sweet cute Mary, what a blessing. Elijah is so funny and so cute too. Crazy Michael bare foot he is so funny. We love all those Dickinsons!! love you tons

Anonymous said...

Very nice pics Heather. Mary's dedication dress is beautiful. Praying for you and hoping things are going better.

Janie said...

Glad your back to blogging again. We've been praying for you. Hope things are getting better with your home. Love all your pics!

Sherry L Dickinson said...

Yes, Will's picture of Mary does make her look like a dolly.
I especially like the picture of Michael & Elijah with the flannelgraph on Michael's shirt, and I like the picture of Michael and Phillip acting goofy out in Michael's front yard.
We were totally delighted that we got to fly to Ohio the first of December to be with our adult children and our grandchildren!
Mom D

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