Thursday, September 2, 2010

~Baby Update, Phillip's b-day, and Comargo camp~

I had an ultrasound last Thursday and they estimated that our baby girl weighs about 5 lbs. 3 oz. and she should gain about 1/2 lb. each week, and I have 4 weeks left. Here's hoping that they are right, for maybe she won't weigh too much. I'd love her to weigh in between 7 and 8 lbs. and not 10 lbs. 6.7 like her big brother Noah weighed! =) I did find out that I have gestational diabetes again this time. =( So, I'm trying to be careful with my eating (I have the whole time I have been pregnant) and trying to exercise each day. Thank the Lord I don't have extra fluid this time. With Elijah I was carrying about 30 lbs. of extra fluid! They also are doing a non-stress test on our baby each week because I'm "over age"! =D (They say I'm "over age" since I'm over 35. I'm 36.) My sister-in-law Beth was with me when they told me I was "over age" and so she enjoyed calling me the "elderly pregnant lady" the rest of the time. =)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~Happy Birthday, Sweetheart Phillip!! (Sept. 3rd.) Thank you for being the wonderful man that you are! Thank you for all the hard work you are doing to make our USA house a home. You are an amazing man, and I hope that your day is as special as you are!! I Love you!!~
~Here are the pics from Comargo camp. We had a wonderful spiritually uplifting camp! A lot of these pics are from the kitchen, for that is where I could be found most of the time. I loved getting to bake treats and fellowship with a bunch of fun ladies. Here I am with my pregnant buddy, Deanna. She is expecting twins in December. =)
~We had 2 wonderful evangelist. Bro. Humble and Bro. Smart, both 82 years old. Here they are with our pastor Bro. Eisenhart.~
~Laura and I made 24 times a roll recipe...600 or so rolls for Sunday dinner for camp.~
~Kimberly really enjoyed being a part of the youth group. Here she is with some of her friends.~
~Kimberly helping wash dishes in the kitchen at camp.~
~Each afternoon during the week there were services for the youth and activities. With this picture, I was trying to capture Kimberly's volleyball game.~
~Ella E. sharing her Chapstick with Elijah. =D~

~Phillip feeding Elijah one of Grammy E's. delicious lunches during camp. Each lunch time there was an all-you-could-eat salad bar. DELICIOUS!!~
~Before we left Colombia the kids and I got fun Colombian t-shirts to wear. One day during camp we all wore them. =)~
~Laura and I rolling out some of the 600 rolls. (I promise, I did help on these rolls, in spite of the fact that I'm just "posing" in both of these pics. Ha!)~
~During the afternoons the kids had craft time and activities.~
~Noah and some of his friends after they had jumped in the jumping castle.~
~Kimberly batting during a softball game.~
~I was thrilled to get this picture of dear Bro. Humble holding our Elijah.~
~During camp my good friend Roseanne Evans came over for a couple hours. She is expecting a baby in December.~
~The children's church. Their theme was princesses and knights of the King.~
~Melinda Shirk and the Jowers and Sis. Denise did a great job with children's church.~
~When I wasn't making rolls or desserts I helped serve the cold drinks during the meals. Here is Susanna Pilmore and I doing what we best...serving drinks to lots of hot thirsty campers. =)~
~On Saturday night the youth got to have a pizza party.~
~Sarah and Noah helping washing dishes at camp.~
~Once again...Sis. E. did an excellent job cooking all the meals at camp. Everything was delicious!! Here are a few gifts that we ladies who helped her gave to her.~
~I was trying to take a picture of Kimberly and her cousins Brittany and Natasha, when Elijah jumped into the picture. =)~
~Darla and Sarah all dressed up to sing in the children's program Sunday evening.~
~Noah all dressed up as a knight ready to sing in the program.~
~The kids singing in the program.~
~Sarah and Darla got to sing together.~
~On Monday after camp we had camp clean-up and got some yummy pop-cycles to cool us off!~
It was an awesome camp. God's presence settled down in many services and there were many seekers at the altar. On the last night there were approx. 100 seekers at the altar. We Thank God that our family got the privilege of attending our Comargo camp!!

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Sherry L Dickinson said...

This post was SO INTERESTING to me! I LOVED all these pictures, and especially the ones with my grandchildren, and Phillip and you in them!
Deanna having twins...what a surprise! And, Roseanne, having a baby in wonderful! And pains me to look at your tight tummy!
Thank you for taking time to post all this info for us. I am still smiling after looking at it all.
Mom D

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