Tuesday, September 21, 2010

~My JCPenney's maternity pictures with our family~

Thanks to Grammy scanning these for me, I can now post our JCPenney's pictures! Elijah woke up at 4:00 AM on the morning we got these taken, so I wondered how he would do in the pictures. Praise the Lord, he did awesome!!
That picture that I have at the top of my blog is one of my favorites! Noah ALWAYS has a car in his pocket. This day was no exception. Without thinking he pulled his car out of his pocket just when the JCP's lady snapped this family picture of us. I love it!
I'm soooo happy with how these turned out! Enjoy!
~My baby bump and one of the little dresses that she will wear, Lord willing!~
~Our 4 precious children with Mommy and our baby!~
~Our 5 SWEET "inheritances from the Lord"!~
~My sweetheart, baby and I~
~Phillip's hands on my baby bump forming a heart and my hands on top of his.
(I love his boo boo on his thumb...that represents LOTS of work he has been doing on our house. What a DEAR man!!)~
~Mommy and her precious baby girl~
~Our family of 7~


Beth said...

Cute!!!...Can't wait for Monday:-)
Love you all

lila said...

Totally adorable! What a beautiful family inside as well as the outside. Was so nice to see you all Sat. love you tons

Vanessa Froelich said...

Beautiful pictures!

Sherry L Dickinson said...

I nearly fainted when I saw the picture of Kimberly at the top of your blog...she IS growing up!
I laughed aloud when I saw Elijah in the 'five inheritances' picture. He looks so much like your nephew, Keith, used to look!
The last picture of the entire family made me laugh too. I know that was a RARE occasion with all of you sitting still. Ususally, each of you are bee-sy, bee-sy, bee-sy!
Bless dear ol' grammy's heart for helping you get these pictures on the computer, so we could see them!
I know Calvinetta Henrietta is going to be a beautiful little baby girl!
Mom D

Anonymous said...

The pictures are lovely. You are going to have to be going a lot to have a baby as sweet as the four you have. but I have confidence in you that you can! Yes, the boo boo on Phillip's hand tells a bit of what a wonderful man he is to his family.. .and to the rest of us. Again the pictures are classic! Love, Moma

PS Thanks Grammy for helping us see the photos. I know that you had a thousand other things you could have been doing but you are a gracious lady!

PS AGAIN I hope that Grandma Dickinson does not have an "insight" on this secret name!

Dorcas said...

What adorable pictures!!

Ronda said...

Love the adorable pics...What a nice family you have! :)

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