Wednesday, September 15, 2010

~Baby is coming soon!!!~

~Well, our family went to JcPennys last Friday and got my maternity pictures with my baby bump. They turned out really cute and I was allllll excited to put them on my blog today! BUT....they have changed their website and I can't download pictures anymore to be able to put them on my blog. GRRRR!!!!! I'm soooo SAD! So, maybe when our pictures come in, I can scan some off and then put them on my blog that way. I hope so.
~I went to the midwife on Monday and NOW...she plans to induce our baby on Sept. 27th!! (Happy Birthday, Aunt Vonnie.) She said that every day we wait our baby is just getting bigger and bigger! (And due to my history of having Noah weigh in at 10 lbs. 6.7 oz, and Elijah 8.3 at 2 weeks EARLY...she is trying to prevent me from having another huge baby!)
That only gives us 12 days. So, due to a time crunch...I have given up my dream of bringing our baby home to our own home, and now have her crib and changing table set up in the house where we are staying. Phillip is still working as fast as he can on our home so that we can move in as soon as possible after our baby is born. We are very excited about our little baby coming and can't wait to hold her in our arms!!
~Kimberly is taking a cake decorating class along with several of her friends and cousins. She is really enjoying it.~
~The first night she made this adorable baby carriage cookie!~
~This past weekend we went over to Indiana to visit my Daddy and Moma and their church people. We had a short but nice visit with everyone there. On Sunday night their church (Union Friends Church) surprised me and gave baby and I a cash/gift baby shower! It was sooooo sweet!! For some months now I have been wanting/praying for a white crib and a white changing table to use for our baby. With being a missionary's wife I have had to give up all the baby furniture that I had for my other 4 babies. So, this time I was ready to have some baby furniture that I can keep!! A few weeks ago my sister found me a nice Jenny Lind baby changing table at a yard sale for only $6.00!!! So, I began to pray that God would help me to find a white Jenny Lind crib to match it! My search was complicated however due to a recall on all cribs so that used stores couldn't sell them right now! The morning after my surprise baby shower in Indiana a friend happen to mention that she had seen a white Jenny Lind crib for sale in a shop nearby. We ran to that shop and it was a new one, that had the required kit so that they could still legally sell it. God moved upon their hearts and they gave it to me for 25% off, and didn't charge me tax. So, I got it for 1/2 of what the normal price was! YEA!!! God is AWESOME!! Her little nursery is really cute, but I plan on waiting to post pics of it all when I have her REAL nursery set up in our own home! =)
~Noah has been DYING to go to Gram and Gramp's house! One reason he wanted to go was because he knew that he would get to eat some yummy sweet cereal. Here he is with 5 cereal boxes in front of him. He was so happy...I think that he thought that he was eating in the cereal aisle. HA!~
~Sunday being Grandparents day, Gram requested that Elijah sing Jesus loves Me for Sunday school at their church. He did. Right before the last line of the song he said to Kimberly (LOUDLY IN THE MIC), "No, Hold it!!" and then finished singing the song. (He was wanting to HOLD THE MIC by himself. HA!)
~My Moma was looking for a potty for an antique potty chair that she had found me. One of her friends while helping Moma look found this adorable potty chair that has a magazine rack and it's own roll of toilet paper! CUTE!~

~My Moma cleaned up the potty chair and put some plastic in there and made that the little "offering plate" for my baby shower. =D~
~The surprise baby shower that the church gave me!~~Here I am with Amber, Kim and Pam. They are some dear friends from Daddy and Moma's church.~
~Our family at the baby shower.~
~Me opening gifts.~

~Baby and I with my sweet Grandma who is 103~
Only 12 more days til baby comes, Lord willing! YEA!!!!!!!


Beth said...

Can't wait to see little baby girl. I will not put her name on here for every one to see...hahaahhaha... You know I love you:-)Hope to see you and baby soon

Dorcas said...

Wow! Only 12 more days until you meet your new baby! I'm sure the excitement level at your home is pretty high about now :o) Hope all goes well for you!

Rob and Deanna said...

Wow, hard to believe your day is almost here!! I am SURE that it doesn't feel that way to you. :-)
Can't wait to meet your little lady. So glad you were able to find a crib too.

Kim M. said...

I enjoyed your newsy update! Just wanted to pop in and let you know that our family is praying for you!

lila said...

How sweet of that church to shower you with all those nice things. I'm glad Jesus is helping you get everything together for that adorable baby girl. Can't wait to see her. I'm praying for Jesus to send you a Mike Roop or 2 to help your dear husband. Hope to see you Sat. love you tons

Brenda said...

So excited for you on the soon coming birth of your baby. That was so sweet of your parents church to give you a surprise baby shower - there are some really dear people there!

Sherry L Dickinson said...

I guess Elijah set Kimberly straight, while he was singing in church! Ha!
Noah eating cold cereal, while surrounded by boxes of cereal is absolutely the cutest situation! Especially, since you told us that he could not wait to get to Gram's house to eat sweet cold cereal.
"Ruh-Ruh" is so cute with her glasses on in the picture of her standing by you, while you are opening shower gifts.
And, bless sweet Kimberly's heart, as she 'gets' to be the leader of her little group of siblings, while her mom is busy. The day she's gone from home will be the day you'll think your right arm has been amputated!
I SO ENJOYED this interesting and detailed (as usual) blog post.
Mom D
PS - You are one glamorous little pregnant lady!

kira said...

So excited for you all ! Just one week till she is in your arms !

I cannot believe how fast time has flown in . I will be keeping you in my daily prayers , for a safe and stress free delivery ( and a short labour too hehe )

May God keep you safe and well and give yoy strenght to bring your new daughter in to the world .

Anonymous said...


My Life in Pictures said...

Hi Heather! Congrats on the new baby girl! Just FYI...if you have a "snipping tool" on your computer, you can snip and save the pics off of websites like JC Penneys and still post them. :-)

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