Wednesday, September 8, 2010

~School daze~

Well, I went to see my midwife last Friday and she said that with gestational diabetes they do NOT want me to go overdue with our baby. (For that would mean that she would just get bigger and bigger causing complications at birth!) So, they have tentative plans to induce our baby on Sept. 30th or so. That only gives us 22 days before we will get to hold our baby in our arms. We are very excited and her clothes are all washed up and my suitcase is packed. However, there is still LOTS to do at our house. We are hoping to get to move into our own home before she comes. PLEASE keep praying that God will help us get a lot done so we can move in. Since we have never owned a home...we've never been able to bring any of our babies home to our OWN home, and that is our dream to do it this time! God is able!!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~Our first day of school for 2010! 2 tired but happy girls at breakfast. (Our 3 oldest children have been helping Daddy a lot fixing up our house. We have a lot done, but A LOT yet to do!) I plan on starting Noah in 1st grade when we get back to Colombia in January, Lord willing.~
~French toast and sausage links~
~Elijah saw me snapping pictures of the girls and wanted a picture of himself. =)~
~Sarah...starts 4th grade.~
~All 4 kids~
~Kimberly starts 7th grade~
~Elijah, baby, Noah and myself. The sun sort of messed with this picture.~
~Little Elijah~
~I love his little toes in this picture. =)~
~Noah riding his bike~
~Sarah taking a break and riding her scooter.~
~A studious Kimberly~
~A studious Sarah.~
~Then that evening Miss Linda had us over for a yummy grill out.~

~Then she gave each of the kids a gift bag with school supplies. Elijah got a nice little book and this candy bar, which he wanted to attack right then. =)~
~Kimberly and Noah opening their gift bags.~
~Sarah with her gift bag from Miss Linda.~
~Miss Linda showing Elijah a special chair.~
We had a good first day of school and we are off to a good start for the school year!


Anonymous said...

Heather, You look soooo good with this pregnancy...better than the others, if I remember right. Thank the Lord for helping you this far. Soo excited for you that you will get to hold her in your arms this month, Lord willing. Sending much love and additionl energy (from God, I'm totaly out! of energy that is!)
Love, Susan

Janette said...

Is your family doing any deputation or just staying at your new home?

Sherry L Dickinson said...

What cute grandchildren I have! I LOVE them!
I read this post just shortly after you posted it, had the comment section opened and ready to type, and then got interrupted and never got back to finish my comment.
Your stomach makes me hurt just looking at it. You have a whole bundle of baby there. Ha! Only, it isn't funny!
How very kind Miss Linda has been to you guys. Bless her dear ol' bony heart! I wish my big FAT heart was bony!
Much love to all of you,
Mom and Dad D

kira said...

Just 16 days !!!

Super excited for you all and you will be in my daily prayers . I also pray that your home will be ready to move into before baby ??? is born .

Keep us posted please when you can .

Kim M. said...

Loved this post. Your kids are growing up!

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