Tuesday, August 24, 2010

~Our Home Sweet Home!~

Hello! Hello! Hello! Thank you for your prayers and comments concerning our trip back to the USA. The Lord gave us a wonderful trip! YEA! We also had a wonderful Comargo camp...pictures to come later! For now, I'll post some pics from our last few days there in Colombia...and a couple pics from our fixer-upper house that the Lord helped us to get to live in when we are in the USA!
~Since Kimberly was still working hard at getting her schoolwork done, Sarah was my right hand lady in helping me pack all of our suitcases. =)~
~Right before our last prayer meeting in Colombia we went out with Jimmy, Farly, and girls. We gave them some early birthday gifts and another gift. We had a nice time.~
~I scrapbooked a page of the pictures from when Pastor Jimmy was ordained and had it matted and framed. He was ordained at the first Christian Nation Church congress that was held in Colombia. Pastor Eisenhart, Pastor Pilmore, Bro. Becker, and Bro. Hausman all came to visit Colombia for that week. Bro. Jimmy and Sis. Farly really liked the gift.~
~Saying those hard goodbyes! Sis. Farly said lots of nice words about our family and prayed such a sweet prayer our last Sunday. She was weeping so hard she could hardly pray. Talk about making this pregnant lady weep too! =) Thankfully, it is just going to be for 5 months or so and we should be back in Colombia again, Lord willing!~
~Our last Sunday there in Colombia, the ladies used the Betty Lukens Sunday School material and they and the kids loved it.~
~Finally, the day arrived for us to fly to the USA. The Lord gave us a great travel day, one of the best we have ever had. This time we only had 2 planes to catch instead of the 3 we had last January. Thankfully, Elijah slept on our first plane.~
~Our girls and I on our first flight. (I've learned to just braid my hair when I travel so that all my hair pins don't set off all of the detectors and delay us while I get Wand-ed to find out if I'm going to high-jack the next plane. ) =D~
~Daddy and our boys eating our yummy full breakfast that we got fed in route from Colombia to Atlanta, GA. ~
~Here we are that night outside of the Columbus, Ohio airport with all of our suitcases. =)~
~Daddy and Moma were there to greet us, but I was too tired to get pictures. (Now you know I was TIRED if I didn't take pictures. =) Bro. Becker picked us up in the church van. Daddy and Moma and our family each got a guest room at God's Bible School for that first night. The next morning we had a delicious breakfast at my sister Laura's house. Then they took us on our first tour of our house we bought while we were in Colombia. Here we are standing in the living room. From this picture things don't look too bad. But, now the walls and ceiling are all torn out and there is LOTS of work to do before our baby comes!
~Here we are on the front porch of our home!~
~Our Home Sweet Home!~
~We arrived in the USA on Monday night. On Tuesday my dear Daddy went with Phillip to PA to pick up a Mission Helps van for our family to use. Moma stayed with the kids and I and we had a nice time. This was taken Wednesday night during church at our Christian Nation church. (Because I realized that Daddy and Moma were leaving after church and I hadn't taken any pictures with them, so I snapped this one. =)~
~Thank the Lord we are getting to use that friends' home again while we work on our home to make it live-able. (This same friend had let us use her house the last time we were in the USA.) What a blessing her house is being to our family.
We had Laura and her family over for a quick snack that first Wednesday night.~
Lord willing, Phillip plans to visit our Colombian churches in November and then after we have our baby's passport, we plan on going back to Colombia in January. Please keep our Colombian people in your prayers. Thank you!


Mindy said...

Glad you're back safely! The house looks like it will be a nice one when you're done. It looks big! Thanks for letting us have a peek! Can't wait to see your new little one!:)

lila said...

I love your house. I will happy for you all when it is done. I'm asking Jesus to send in the right workers to help. Praise the Lord Mike goes back to work tomorrow. I'm so thrilled that you all are reaching out to so many in Columbia. They look so precious. Love you tons. Thanks so much for calling Sat. It was sooo nice to talk to you!!!!!!!!!!!

Sherry L Dickinson said...

You are beautiful, Heather, even with your 'locks' in a braid hanging down your back. I can imagine you get more attention with your braid, than you get when you 'beep' and get 'wanded' at the airport! Smile.
It is wonderful that you are here with your family in Ohio. I know you are happy to be together.
Oh, the picture of the tree, on my blog was taken by me, and was in Wittmann, AZ. The other picture of the range of mountains was by Hoover Dam (pardon the language. Ha!). Love, Mom D

George Gardei said...

Phil, Heather

Why have you not contacted me yet. You know where I work LOL

-- Cousin George

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