Monday, August 9, 2010

~Comargo Camp, and WHO IS THAT GIRL?~

This week we get to attend our DEAR Comargo Campmeeting! We cannot believe that we get to be here for it again this year! (Thanks to the Lord sending us our surprise baby girl. =) We all LOVE coming to camp! We love the services, the Spiritual uplifting and help we receive, the kids' services and activities, the youth services and activities, I get to cook in the kitchen with some wonderful and hilarious ladies, and get to learn from Grammy the cook! (And many other things we love about camp!)
The other day our Noah said, "Mommy, I don't know which is funner to be at...Gram's house or Comargo camp! (I'm SURE I know what my Moma's answer would be to that one! GRAM'S HOUSE...of course! HA!) Since it hasn't worked out for us to get to go to IHC for several years (THANK THE LORD FOR LIVE STREAMING!!!) I'm sooo glad that our kids have gotten to attend our Comargo camp!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
For some weeks now, our dear Sarah has complained about headaches. We were unsure as to what could be causing them. A friend happened to mention that maybe we should get her eyes checked. We did and she has 20/20 vision! However, she has a astigmatism, which causes her eyes to have to work extra hard when she is working on the computer, or reading, and thus she gets headaches! So, she got to pick out some cute pink glasses to wear during these activities. She was/is sooooo excited! (I think she might even have prayed that she could get glasses. =D) She did NOT want me to post this on my blog with her picture, until her most of her family and friends could see her in her glasses in person! =) So, I was a nice Mommy, and waited! =D


Kim M. said...

Glad you all made it safely and were able to go to camp! Sarah looks adorable in her new glasses!

Sherry L Dickinson said...

Oh! I am so happy for you guys because you are at Camargo Camp Meeting!
Noah's comment sounded just like him, and it was so adorable to this Grandma's heart. It is WONDERFUL that he loves both Camargo Camp Meeting and Gram's house so much that he doesn't know which is better! Cute!
How nice that there was solution to our Sarah's headaches. I know she is very excited about her new glasses. I wish this old grandma could be as excited about her glasses. Ha!
Pure-d-love from,
Mom D in Phoenix

Doug and Kim Hoffman said...

Sarah is sooo cute in those glasses! So glad for ya'll that you got to be at Comargo camp. We really missed our home camp this year. It's good for kids to be in holiness camps. Love you all and hope you have a wonderful time in the U.S!

~Regina~ said...

Aww...she looks so cute in her new glasses! :) Glad you made it to the states safely and are enjoying camp!!!

Kimberly said...

so glad to know y'all are safely back!...i love Sarah's glasses: so adorable!

Linda S said...

Sarah looks cute in her glasses! I started wearing glasses when I was nine for the very same reason. God bless you all as you wait for the little one.

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