Saturday, August 14, 2010

~Scrapbooking pages~

The Lord really helped me and I got all of 2008 and through Aug. 4th, 2009 scrapbooked while Phillip was gone to Argentina (and I worked a couple days after he got back as well.) Thank the Lord, I got about 215 pages scrapbooked in the last couple months. Here are some of my pages.
~Our family in Medellin.~

~Kimberly's birthday~
~Noah's birthday~
~Some skirts I made and sewing that I did.~

~Celebrating Abraham Lincoln's 200th birthday.~
~My flowers and note that Phillip gave for Valentine's 2009.~
~Our Sunday dinner when the 4 preachers from our CNC church in Ohio were here for the First Christian Nation Congress in Colombia, March 2009.~

~When I had the ladies' meeting at my house.~
~Easter 2009~
~Bro. Jimmy's birthday, 2009~
~Elijah's 1st birthday.~
~Our family visits the church in Cartagena. (a coastal city, 24 hours away from Bogota.)~
~I did a ladies' meeting there too. Here we are getting the food ready.~

~Our family visiting the ocean there in Cartagena.~
~A triple wedding that we held in the church there.~
~Downtown Cartagena~
~We took a boat ride and visited an island for a few hours.~

~Last year our dear Kelly Becker came to Colombia to be with us a month. She was an ANGEL sent straight to us from Heaven! I would have NEVER made it without her. (In the last 12 days before we flew to the USA, we had to pack, move all of our stuff over and up 3 flights of stairs, unpack and organize, go back and clean and paint the old house, and pack for the USA. All of this with little Elijah coming behind us and undoing what we had just done. =D) Here Kelly is making us delicious Indian Fry bread, for Indian Fry Bread tacos.~
~Our last Saturday in Colombia. The church had a special go-away dinner for our family. It was a very neat time....lots of tears flowing, sad goodbyes, but we were happy to see how God is working here among our dear Colombian friends!~
~Flying to the USA!~


Sherry L Dickinson said...

Heather, these scrapbook pages look so interesting. You made them very attractive too. Smile. I would like to see close up the page of Elijah's first birthday.
What a blessing that dear Kelly Becker came to help you guys while you were moving!
Life would be so much simpler if there were NO GOODBYES!
Mom D

Eric and Hannah Avery said...

Awesome scrapbooking pages!

~Lori Roop (loree2000 SCS) said...

You have been very busy! Having a creative hobby is so fun! Soon you will be adding a baby girl to those scapbook pages. :D

Last week I received a 26 lb box of paper from a company I work for. I will never be able to use it all. I would be happy to share it with you. Stop by if you are ever this way.

Dorcas said...

Wow!! You sure got a lot accomplished. I need to do that but it seems since we moved to Cayman I just don't have the time to do it :o(

lila said...

Very nice. I think of all the wonderful places God has sent you and all the gracious people you have met.A little heaven to go to heaven in. Hope to see you soon. love you tons.

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