Monday, October 19, 2009

~Traveling in New York~

~We got to have a service at Pierpont Manor, NY and enjoyed getting to know the Perry Case family! Bro. Case is so funny he had us howling laughing the whole time. Here they were peeling potatoes for Sunday dinner. Since they wouldn't let me help, I took their picture. =)~
~I thought this was a fun pic of Elijah pulling a wagon full of toys.~
~A family picture in front of our missions display.~
~Eating dinner after our service.~
It was fun getting to see my good friend Juanita and her family at our service in Northville, NY.
~It was so nice spending time with the Merle Hock family in Northville, NY. Here the kids were doing homeschooling together on Monday before we left their home.~
~The Hock family and ours having family devotions together.~
~Our kids loved this tire swing.~
~The Hocks took us by to see this lake on our way out of town. We really enjoyed getting to spend time with their family.~

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sherryldickinson said...

I just now got to look at the last seven posts on your blog. It is neat seeing dear friends from Bob's Gobble School that we haven't seen since we left there. Thank you for your pictures and reviews of your travels across the U.S. How tiring to travel non-stop, but such blessings have come to us, others, and to you for doing this job. Bless the DeMints for their absolute kindness in loaning you their motorhome. God has the best people scattered across his big world.
We love you!
Mom D

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