Friday, October 23, 2009

~Meeting more of the Family of God in PA!~

Please help us remember in prayer Pastor Jimmy, Sis. Farly, Lady and Gaby in Colombia, that God would encourage them in Him today.
~We spent 2 days and 3 nights at Penn View. Their rooms are so nice and comfortable! Our kids enjoyed playing on their playgrounds.~

~We were privileged to speak in chapel at Penn View. Bro. Mowery took this picture of our family after our service.~
~Bro. Mowery and Elijah. We were in Bro. Mowery's office to hear the song "Faces" by Greater Vision. That song made me cry and encouraged me about what we are trying to do for Jesus in Colombia.~
~Wednesday night we had a service in a part of PA that was new to our family. We were glad to meet the nice church people and pastor Brandon Byler. This is Elijah inside the camper that we stayed in that night.~
~We thought that our host and hostess had a beautiful home, so we snapped this picture. Several ladies from this church gave me a gift bag full of nice Creative Memories scrapbooking things. It was very sweet and thoughtful of them!!~


sherryldickinson said...

I am loving hearing about your travels on your blog, Heather. Even better than hearing of your travels, I loved my visit with you six. I am still basking with happiness from the joy of your family being with us. It meant so much to dad and I to have you come to our house. Thank you for your love! Sincerely, Mom D

Stephanie said...

Enjoying the pics! Love, love, LOVE that part of PA! I have tons of family there in the Penns Creek/Mifflinburg area, and it is so beautiful!

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