Thursday, October 15, 2009

~Doing deputation all the way up in Canada.~

Have we taken time to read our Bible and pray today? =)
~Our family was happy to get to go back to Kingston, Ontario Canada for a service and get to see our dear friends there. I didn't get pictures of everyone, but here are a few of the people we got to see.
Bro. and Sis. Holden holding Elijah.~

~Bro. and Sis. Wilson and Sis. Wood and Elijah.~
~We were so happy to get to meet Joseph and Clarissa Krohn. This is when my back was OUT and I was in bed a lot while we were there. (I want to THANK THE LORD again for touching my back!! I didn't know HOW I was going to keep traveling around the world with a bad back. =) The Krohns were so kind to our family. We really enjoyed our stay with them.~
~We then went on up to North Gower and stayed a couple days with our long time friends the Reg Wilsons. We had a service in their home on Friday night. Our kids loved being on their farm and seeing all the animals.~
~Trying to pet the sheep.~
~It was fun riding around on their 4 wheeler too. =) The Wilsons came to our service at Pierpont Manor, NY on Sunday morning, to bring us some things that we had left at their house. =)~


lila said...

I'm so glad you guys are having a good time. I'm still so thrilled about the motor home. The pics are so cute of the kids. love you tons

Anonymous said...

How wonderful to get to see so many of our friends from Canada. When Darla saw your post, she said,"Awww, I miss Canada."(meaning all of our friends and the parsonage memories!) We love you guys, the Hausmans

Greg and Tasha Q. said...

My Uncle (Terry Newman) used to pastor the church that the Wilson's went to in Canada. I have been to the Wilson's farm myself- a long time ago. I will be praying for your family as you continue on deputation.
God Bless,
Tasha Q.

Anonymous said...

Just talked to Laura this morning and she informed me of your Canadian post and I just had to take some time this Saturday morning and go to see. How delightful it is to see the folks again but I was sad you could not get pictures of everyone. It has going on three years since we saw everyone and that is a long time. So grateful for the kind pastor and wife that helped you heal and rest when you so needed it. All the rest of the pictures of your travels are so interesting especially of those four little ones. I love you, Moma

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