Tuesday, October 27, 2009

~Our Christian Nation Church Congress.~

~We drove back to Ohio and our dear friends Rob and Deanna had us over for a very yummy meal!! Thanks bunches!!

~The next day we drove up to Marietta, Ohio for our Christian Nation church Congress. The Beckers, Pilmores and Ryans rode in the church van and we drove up in the mission helps van that we had been using. (This was right before the MIRACLE of us getting to use the Demints' nice motorhome. =) On the way, we stopped for a bite of supper. (They really teased us about our tall "Raspberry lemonades" looking like spiked drinks. They weren't, I promise. =)
~Someone paid for our family to stay in a motel room the night before the Congress. Here Kimberly, Susanna, and I are eating the continental breakfast provided by the hotel.~
~I was extremely thrilled to catch this pose of my good friend/"enemy" Rob Ryan riding a horse in front of Kmart. =) Used by permission. =D~
~Our kids singing during the CNC Congress.~
~Our table at the Congress.~
~Bro. Eisenhart and Phillip looking at a neat record book from CNC.~
~Bro. Justice holding Elijah.~
~Our family in front of the Ohio river which is right in front of where the CNC Congress was held.~

~This pic of Elijah cracked me up. Something must have crushed his feelings and so he just crawled up to this little chair and laid his head down and wept. After I snapped this pic I picked him up and comforted him. What a cutie. =)


Becky said...

I know Bro. & Sis Justice. They are from my hometown.

Charity said...

Rob Ryan was my 2nd youth camp counselor... Nathan was my 1st (that´s how we met). R.R. was a hoot! And thanks for the idea to use that website for a new blogskin. Your blog looks great. I´m enjoying the color addition to mine as well! Thanks for the inspiration!

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