Saturday, October 3, 2009

~Some deputation pics~

~Shortly after we got back to the USA, we were thrilled to go to Yummy Skyline Chili with the Eisenharts and the Hausmans.~

~When Phillip got up from the table, we all laughed when we saw that he had an oyster cracker stuck on his shoe. (It had evidently dropped when he was feeding Elijah.)~
~Our first deputation service was with this sweet family...the Mark Schmelzlens in PA. We really enjoyed our visit with them!!~
~Our 2nd service was with the Stutzmans in Goshen, IN.~
~We were privileged to get to have a wonderful snack with the Jonathan Edwards after having a service at their church.~
~We had a service with Bro. Ronald Justice and his sweet wife and their congregation. We appreciated God's sweet presence that met with us.~
~On the way to one of our services we loved getting to go by and spend time at Michael and Beth's house. Phillip and Michael were going to make Cheese crisp. On the left is the one that Phillip made...for he is used to not being able to afford to use much cheese in Colombia. Michael LAUGHED at Phillip's "3 pieces of cheese" and said "This is how you do it" and commenced to throw on some handfuls of cheese on his tortilla. =D~
~Michael grilled us some yummy chicken.~
~The kids when we were still using the van.~
~We enjoyed getting to have a service and visit with the Don Nichols and the Greg Burleys (Which is Phillip's cousin) in Lima, Ohio.~


Margaret G said...

Enjoyed all of your pics of your travels...may God give you all safe travelling mercies and bless and encourage you all!

Anonymous said...

Dearest Heather,
Thanks for sharing more pics. We sure miss you all. Praying you are having a GRAND time though with Phillip's family out west.
Love ya, your sister, Laura

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