Sunday, March 22, 2009

~Day one ...USA company~

On Thursday, March 12th our family was working our heads off getting ready for our company who was flying in from the USA that evening. Phillip (with some help) was painting one of our churches, and then that afternoon he had a service in that same church. He got home at 7:15 PM and he and the kids and I did all the tons of last minute things that needed done and then ran out the door to pick up our company from the airport. They were arriving at 9:00, but we knew that it would take them some time to get through customs, and we had SO MUCH to finish before we left the house. We finally finished up and left the house at 9:45 and PRAYED that God would help them to have not come out of the airport yet. When we got to the airport, they hadn't come outside. We waited only 10 mins. and they came out of the airport. God is good!
~We were so happy to have our pastors Bro. Eisenhart, and Bro. Pilmore, our Missions director Bro. Becker,~
~and our very own brother-in-law Daryl here in Colombia with us.~

We rented a taxi van to go home. As were loading all of their luggage in the van, I went to take some pictures and asked Sarah or Kimberly if they had my purse? Kimberly said, "Oh no, I left your purse on that bench over there where we were waiting." Phillip took off running and PRAISE GOD my purse was still there and my cell phone and our camera were still in it. =) We brought our guests home and I fed them a quick snack and they gave us our "Christmas in March" gifts from our friends and family back home. We LOVED all the nice gifts. Thank you very much to EACH of you for the all the sweet things that you sent to us. We went to bed late that night due to enjoying visiting with our visitors and enjoying all of our fun gifts.
I plan to write about each of the 7 days that they were here with us.
I have tons of pics to post, (I borrowed these 2 pics from my brother-in-law's blog) but we still haven't had time to work on our computer to get it to upload pics. I hope to be able to post my pics soon.


Rex and Missy McDowell said...

It is always great to have visitors when you are on the field. Hope that you all have a wonderful and blessed time. Tell the brothers that we said "hi".

separate-holy said...

Great that they 4 could come and so wonderful to hear of the blessing of God on the meetings. Praise the Lord.
We wait to hear more - Moma has not had time yet to "fill me in" on your Sat. phone call.

Vonnie said...

Good to hear about the "guys" getting there. I'm praying you can figure out how to get pictures uploaded to your computer! I know that has to be frustrating!

Ronda said...

Have fun with your company!!! :)I know that you are the perfect hostess! :)

momzalwayzhere said...

What a Mighty God we serve! He cares about our every situation. i had a similar case with my purse, only I left mine in a busy restraunt in East Gate. I was with Daddy and we had driven to another part of East Gate when I remembered. I automatically prayed and my God answered my prayer. Someone had found it just where I had left it at my table and turned it in. I do not know what others do without Him.

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