Saturday, March 14, 2009

~Hungry anyone?~

The other morning Elijah who had been playing in the back yard with Noah came crawling back into the house. Phillip was going to give him a bite of banana but noticed that he had something in his mouth. When Phillip went to see what was in his mouth...IT WAS A DRIED UP WORM...BUT HE HAD SUCKED ON IT LONG ENOUGH THAT IT WAS NO LONGER "DRIED UP." UGH!
We love our little Elijah to pieces...but he surely keeps us hopping! He still wakes up nearly every 2 hours all night long to eat. I think he takes after his Uncle Andrew and his Grandpa Dickinson who feel that they have TOTALLY WASTED THEIR DAY if they aren't up by 4:00 AM! =D The other morning after quite the night with Elijah Phillip told me, "It's a good thing that we didn't have Elijah first, or you might not have wanted to have anymore kids." Hee! Hee! =)
I wrote these words about Elijah to the song "I saw a wiggle worm."

Elijah's a wiggle worm, as wiggly as can be...
He wiggles here, he wiggles there, he wiggles right to me.
I put him in his bed, "SLEEP RIGHT THERE I SAID"
But then he looked at me and cried, "I want in Mamma's bed."
He couldn't do it, even though he tried,
So Mommy got him out of bed and laid him by her side. =)

We trust we can channel allllll of his energy to do great things for God some day!


Sarah Cook said...

Yucky! Why do children put such strange things in their mouths?!
I liked Elijah's version of the wormy song... I told little Hope yesterday that she was done with nursing... we'll see if I am right... I just nursed her yesterday morning, and I haven't since... but, last night was a little hard for her. She turned 15 months yesterday, and is very clingy, and into EVERYTHING!
I enjoyed your previous post... that was rich!

Charity said...

ewww! I reminded Kathryn the other day when she told me how gross Alex's 'tastes' were that when SHE was a baby, she played in a dirty diaper ~ we'll leave it at that. THAT shut her up.

Beth said...

EWWWWWWW!!!!!! that makes me gag

Sound like you are having fun ;-)

love you all

emily said...

He sounds so much like Levi:) I sure wish I was there for more than one reason:) I'm sorry you have to do all the work. Don't overdue it! Tell Philip to give Paul a hug from me:) Susanna

sherryldickinson said...

Such a busy boy, and such a cute poem!
Mom D

Klunders said...

Dear Heather,
I hope you can get your camera to work soon! I just love that song about Elijah! And I Totally love the skirts you made. It inspires me to try sewing again! Love and Prayers,
Hannah Klunder

Klunders said...

Hi Phillip and Heather.
I could maybe help you with your computer problem. Email us with any info you have. What you were doing.
Any error messesges. How does the computer act? Does it boot without errors, if so at what point do you have the errors? Have you tried to reinstall the drivers that came with the camera? Are you able to post any pics to the web? I'll do whatever I can.
Sincerely in Him

Klunders said...

I'm sorry that I posted before I read all of your posts. I am wondering if you have tried to reformat your camera's memory card. If not put it into the card reader on your computer and then go to the My Computer window where you are able to see the Memory Card. Right click on it and then click format. Make sure you don't have any pics on there you don't want to loose. If that doesn't work see if you can get another card to test the cameras abilities. Is the camera able to take pics and can you see them on the camera? There is a way to reinstall the software inside the camera (it is actually called firmware) that it uses to communicate with the computer. I'd try that after the driver reinstall if you haven't done that.
Oh yeah, check the USB cable if you are using one also. Wow there is so much I could try to say. I will just wait to see how you reply. Email us if you'd like
Sincerely in Him
Chad and Hannah

Lisa said...

That is yucky...our youngest Addison (soon to be 3 ) keeps us busy too! Happy parenting it does get better doesn't it!!! :)

Kim M. said...

My boys love playing with worms. I even posted about it on my blog

I haven't caught any of them eating one yet, but I am sure plenty of gross things have gotten in their mouths!
That's too funny!!! And I love your poem!

Kim M. said...

Charity, My sister (who is now 21) did that when she was a baby. It goes a LONG WAY when you need to blackmail! ha! ;-)

Ronda said...

Oh dear! Wonder just how LONG Elijah had enjoyed his worm?? :)
I nursed all my babies(all through the night), so I can relate...I loved the little poem...precious! Such a sweet time in your life...even though it IS exhausting at times! You are a wonderful Mommy! :) Blessings!

Tammy said...

LOLOL! I love your wiggle worm song!

I totally relate to babies finding gross things to stick in their mouths... but I'm not offering any anecdotes this time, lol!

Roseanne said...

Completely disgusting and hilarious. Not as bad as some things Zak put in his mouth though. Neat poem.

Roseanne said...

Completely disgusting and hilarious. Not as bad as some things Zak put in his mouth though. Neat poem.

Roseanne said...

Completely disgusting and hilarious. Not as bad as some things Zak put in his mouth though. Neat poem.

Roseanne said...

Completely disgusting and hilarious. Not as bad as some things Zak put in his mouth though. Neat poem.

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