Tuesday, March 24, 2009

~Day Two...USA company~

Friday, March 13th. We woke up exhausted from our late night, but happy that our visitors were here! =) Noah's cousin Bryan sent him some bugs so that he could have fun scaring his Mother and sisters with them. =) ~Elijah grabbed one and put it in his mouth and started crawling away. UGH! It looked too real.~

The men (except Daryl) were happy to see that I had a coffee maker and promptly made them some Yummy COLOMBIAN coffee...Then we had a breakfast of Breakfast burritos, my homemade salsa, muffins, and fresh cold banana milk (if you've never had it, it's good. =)
After cleaning up dishes and visiting some we all jumped into taxis and went and rented a truck for the few days our visitors were going to be here. We then dropped off (to the official government translator to get them translated into Spanish)some of our important papers that we need to renew our Colombian visas and then came back home. I took a much-needed nap while Phillip finished up the last of the translating and compiling our church manual for the Christian Nation Church here in Colombia. After I woke up we took it to the printers (it was to be done by Tuesday morning, the first day of our Christian Nation Congress) and we all got a bite of supper at the mall, came home and visited some more and went to bed.
We Thank God for helping the men and their luggage to get here safely, and for helping Phillip get the manual to the printers. Stop back by soon for day #3. =D


The Going Blog said...

That bug does look real. He is one cute little guy. For a moment I was excited for you to see a picture on your blog but then I recognized the pic from your brother in laws blog. I enjoy your blog even without pics but I know you are anxious to be able to put them on. You all know how to fill up a day :-)

sherryldickinson said...

Elijah is ADORABLE! I wish I could squeeze his chubby little body! In this picture, he reminds me of your brother, Lincoln.
I don't know how you guys keep up with everything that you do. I get tired just reading about all you do but don't stop-just because I am tired!
We loved hearing all about what is going on in your lives when we talked to you on the phone last night. Thank you for calling. I have been missing you guys so badly lately, so I was delighted to hear Phillip's and your voice.
We delight in every single thing you are doing for Jesus in Colombia. Love, Mom D

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