Thursday, December 11, 2008

~A bit of Christmas baking.~

I want to wish each of you a very Merry CHRISTmas! Can you believe that Jesus left the splendor of Heaven to come down to this earth to be born in a very lowly manger surrounded by the smell of farm animals...and then to grow up to be misunderstood, beaten, and crucified for our sins?
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~One night we were in the mood to do some fun holiday baking. Here Sarah and Noah are helping me stir the fudge. (I believe Noah may be licking the measuring cup...that is his way of "helping!")
We cannot find eggnog here, so wanted to make some...but did not want RAW eggs in it. So we found a recipe for cooked eggnog and made it this night too...and it turned out pretty good. Especially with 1/2 Coke, and 1/2 eggnog...which then tastes like a Coke float. =D~
~This is what Elijah did part of the time while we were baking.~
~The Lord helped us to make DELICIOUS peanut butter fudge with no candy thermometer.~
~We made these Meringues snowmen.~
~It was hard to make them look like snowmen, they were turning out more like ghost...maybe they were the Ghost of Christmas past. =)~
We are missing our family, friends, and traditions there, but God is helping our little family to make our own traditions, rejoice in our blessings and in the TRUE reason for the season...Jesus!


Sarah Cook said...

I love your "ghosts"! You made me laugh... actually I thought your snowmen were cute. The fudge looks yummy! I absolutely LOVE fudge!!!
It is wonderful that you are there to share with others the JOY of Christmas. I am sure that you feel a bit homesick... I was glad to get to go home for Christmas the year I was doing missions in NM(before I was married), of course I had a young man (Ron) waiting in Ohio for me to return so he could propose :-)
Keep encouraged. Love reading your blog, and LOVE the picture of your children at the top!

lila said...

You will make the Christmas season so special to all your friends there. I know they are glad you are going to be there for Christmas. The snowmen are cute. I'm glad your fudge turned out. love you tons

Danny,Liz,Becca,Ben, Abby and Caleb said...

Another EASY peanut butter fudge recipe for you that does not involve a candy thermometer is 1 lb of almond bark or melting chocolate, 1 cup of creamy pb, 1 tsp. of vanilla. Melt choc. in microwave in 2o sec. intervals until almost melted and then stir in pb and vanilla. Melt and stir until smooth. Pour into a foil-lined pan and alow to harden. It yurns out smooth and creamy. :o)
I am not sure if you can get all these ingredients there or not? Hopefully , you can! If not, I am sure you can use your very creative mind to come up with another idea! ;o) Let me know how it turms out...
I LOVE this time of the year and will be baking this coming Saturday at my mom's all day..what fun! ;o)

Danny,Liz,Becca,Ben, Abby and Caleb said...

I forgot to tell you to use white chocolate if at all possible. You could probably use dark but your pb fudge will be very dark as well!

Livin' Life and Lovin' It! said...

Your snowmen are soooo cute!! They're little chubby bellies look tempting. haah... Feliz Navidad!!! :)

Livin' Life and Lovin' It! said...

Funny thing about the wedding dress... it was mine! Remember when I purchased it?? I think it was like 8 or so years ago. That's right, I remember, I talked to you and Phil about it... I think I even tried it on at your house... wow, funny what the mind will remember.

Yeah, that was the one I bought for me some day... as you see, someday came sooner for my sister-in-law. She looked beautiful!!!
I'll admit it was a little weird seeing someone else in what would have been 'my' dress. :( Haha!

That day was sooooo long, I was only back home for less than 72 hrs and got so little sleep. It was so fun though, I did her hair also, which was very cool.

Thought you'd enjoy knowing all of that.

Valerie said...

Heather, I can't imagine what it must be like to be ALL those many miles away from family during the holiday season. My heart hurts with and for you. Please know that you are not forgotten and are very prayed for! Love seeing what you do with your little family to make your times together extra special. You are not really far away for you are in our hearts!! Merry Christmas to you!!

Kim M. said...

We have been baking around here too. I am hoping to get my blog updated soon with pictures and recipes.

Your snowmen and fudge look yummy!
I love the snowmen. That is so cute!

I wanted to share a really neat website with great ideas for home-made gifts.

I am FINALLY learning to use my sewing machine and have found some great EASY ideas here:

HOpe you enjoy it.

Also have you seen the idea where you make purses out of old blue jeans? You cut the legs off and sew the bottom and then add a pretty scarf for the belt. I made some of those for girl relatives. I am not a seamstress but they still turned out adorable.

Your girls might also enjoy sewing them since they are so easy.

Kimberly said...

HI, Heather! Thanks for the note :) It was good to hear from you. Hope things are better with the electric problem. We've been praying for you all here at church! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

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