Tuesday, December 9, 2008

~Sarah had a Happy Birthday~

Thank you all for your sweet birthday wishes to Sarah. She had a "Happy Birthday weekend"!! =)We celebrated as a family on Friday on her birthday, and then had a small fun Birthday party with 3 friends and her brother and sister on Saturday. ~Here Sarah is eating her birthday breakfast, which included "Gallo Pinto" (Painted Rooster), one of our favorite Costa Rican dishes that is made of spices, rice and beans.~
~While Sarah was eating breakfast 2 of her Colombian friends called and sang "Happy Birthday" to her.~

~Sarah with her brother, sister, and her gifts.~
~Sarah with her gifts AFTER she opened them. Her favorite gift was her pink and white skates!! (As you will be able to tell for she is wearing them in nearly every picture after she opened them. =)~
~Sarah in her new skates. She had a fun time skating with Kimberly, and Noah TRYING to learn how to use his skateboard. =)~
~Sarah talking to her Grandma Dickinson on the phone.~
That night our kids and I enjoyed watching Hobe Sound's Singing Christmas Tree. I will post pics of Sarah's Birthday party soon.


Dorcas said...

Looks like she enjoyed her special day ~ especially her new skates!!

lila said...

I,m so glad Sarah had a nice birthday. We just returned from a nice visit with your parents.

sherryldickinson said...

Sarah makes me laugh so much! While I was talking to her on the telephone, after we had talked quite some time, I asked her if she wanted to keep talking or to hang up. She said, "Oh, let's keep talking, then I won't have to fold clothes!" I am laughing even now as I remember what she said. Dad was so happy to talk to you on the phone last night. We love you all very much. Love, Mom D

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