Wednesday, December 10, 2008

~Sarah's birthday party~

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~I'm not really "into" cake decorating, so my kids' birthday cakes are always very simple. Sarah loves Strawberry shortcake, so we used that theme for her birthday party.~
~When we went to find "Strawberry shortcake" plates, cups, etc. we couldn't find any. So, we just used plain white and hot pink for everyone except Sarah.~
~And then as another little gift for Sarah for her birthday we bought her this "Strawberry Shortcake" real plate to use at her place.~
~Sarah with her table.(In her skates again. =)~
~Sarah with her friends Gaby, Lady (holding Elijah), and Paula, and her sister Kimberly.~
~First we took everyone to the park to play for an hour or so. Sarah with her friend Gaby and Noah.~~Kimberly, Paula, and Lady playing ball.~
~The girls swinging.~
~Noah having fun. He was feeling a little OUT-NUMBERED by the girls. He cannot wait until Elijah gets older. =)~
~What Elijah did while we were at the park. He chewed on apples through this little neat contraption which helps him not to choke.~
~Then we went home and ate pizza, chips, pop, and birthday cake.~
~Sarah opening her gifts from her friends.~

~Later when Jimmy's Parents came to pick up Jimmy's girls they had fun with Elijah and this balloon.~

~Elijah loved this balloon.~
~I told our guests that I had some sugar cookie dough already made up and asked them if they wanted to roll them out, cut them into shapes, bake them and decorate them. These girls had never baked ANY cookies before in their lives, and they REALLY were excited and WANTED to do it. To them it was like an "Edible craft." So...we pulled out the dough, flour and powdered sugar to roll the dough in, 30 or so cookie cutters, sprinkles, colored sugars, etc. and got everything set up for 6 kids (including Noah) to roll out and make cookies.
~I was VERY busy with very FLOURED hands running from person to person helping them get their dough rolled out, etc. WHEN ELIJAH WOKE UP FROM HIS NAP. HELP! I needed someone to hold Gaby held him until I could get my hands all cleaned up to take him.~
~The kids busy rolling and cutting their cookies.~
~The older girls decorating their cookies.~
~The younger girls decorating their cookies.~
~The older girls happy with the finished product. We didn't finish with the cookies until nearly 8:00 PM Saturday night. After they left I CLEANED UP...for there was COLORED SUGAR, SPRINKLES, FLOUR, POWDERED SUGAR, BITS OF DOUGH, ETC. ALL OVER MY HOUSE...but it was worth it for the girls went home with plate-fuls of decorated cookies and with VERY HAPPY HEARTS...And...Sarah had had a Happy 8th birthday!! =)
But, Needless to say after a BUSY Saturday, and 2 church services on Sunday (which includes riding 3 taxis, a bus, and walking 1 1/2 miles or more each Sunday) having company 2 times on Sunday, etc. I was exhausted!! =D


Roseanne said...

You are a VERY brave and patient lady to let the girls make all those cookies. I have a hard time letting my kids help me in the kitchen, cause I HATE a mess. May God bless you for your willingness to let those little girls "mess" up your house. It looked like a fun party. The strawberry shortcake cake is cute, you did a great job. Tell Sarah to have fun on her skates!!! and not get too many bruises.

sherryldickinson said...

I was just getting ready to write "Heather, you are one brave soul to let those girls...." Meanwhile, when Roseanne's comment popped up, here she had already written what I was starting to write to you.
Dad was telling me about this post as he was looking at it, and I was in the bedroom on the bed, reading. He told me I should see Noah acting very big and leaning sideways on his swing.
Elijah is not happy in that one picture and it sure made me laugh.
This party looks like it was pure-d-fun for these girls and Noah. I loved how cute Sarah's cake looked. It was an authentic Strawberry Shortcake and couldn't have looked any cuter!
We hope and are praying that you will manage ok with that electrical situation. Love, Mom D

Steve & Angela said...

Praying for a safe and fast fix on those electrical problems. Those are no fun and can cause a fire. We had one when we lived in TN back in 2000. There were a few people rented out the basment part of the house we rented and they left a heater pluged in and it caught fire. THank the Lord we had no major damage... The birthday party looked just simply divine and so much fun. I love to bake with the girls it is memories that will alway be there for both them and I. How big they are getting. Merry Christmas guys!

Beth said...

Hi, Heather,
We are praying for you to be safe and know how to fix the problem soon!
I'm glad Sarah had a good birthday! You are braver than I would be.. I'm very thankful for it, because of the opportunity you have for ministry (showing the love and patience of Jesus) to all of these dear young guests!
Beth Albertson

loree2000 said...

Happy late birthday Sarah! Looks like a fun time! ~Lori

Martha C said...

I enjoyed reading of Sarah's birthday. Some things can be so exhausting, and I keep reminding myself that I am creating memories for the boys.
I hope the electrical problem is quickly remedied!

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