Thursday, November 20, 2008

~Some more Scrapbook pages~

Whew! I had sort of a rough day yesterday. I'm still fighting this cold and could not breathe. Phillip was going to preach at Bro. Jimmy's church and Sarah and Noah wanted to go with him. Well, while I was doing Sarah's hair...I found a louse!! HELP! With our girls being around the poorer kids of our churches we fight this quite often, but we hadn't had trouble for awhile. So...that meant I had to strip the kids beds, wash their bedding, put the special home remedy on their hair that KILLS THE LICE AND EGGS INSTANTLY, leave their hair in a shower cap for about 30-40 mins. and then re-wash their hair. Last night I was miserable and NEEDING to sleep, but it's HARD to sleep when you cannot breathe. ={ Since I'm a nursing Mom, I didn't want to take drugs to help me, so I prayed and did some home remedies and God helped me be able to sleep well last night for which I'm very Thankful!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Last week and this week God helped me to scrapbook 56 pages from Jan-April are some of my pages. Some of them I had already put the plastic protective page over them when I took the picture, so they are a little blurry. =(
~Feb. 2008. Our little 4 year old Noah learning to ride his bike without training wheels, while his sisters cheer him on.~
~In Feb. 2008 we invited Jimmy and Farly and their girls, his parents, and Farly's Daddy over for a meal. Little did we know that this was the last time Farly's Daddy (Don Dario) would be in our home. In July he was hit by a taxi and killed!! =(~
~Before we left for the USA we took this picture of our kids visiting the nice dentist that God has helped us find here in Colombia. And a pic of our goodbye meal with Carlos and Gloria.~
~Our trip back to the USA on March 19th, 2008. This quote that I put at the bottom of my page by Mark Twain cracked me up.
"I have traveled more than anyone else, and I have noticed that even the angels speak English with an accent." =)~
~Our kids and their Easter basket from Daddy and Mommy.~
~Our family on Easter Sunday. It was our first Sunday to be back in the USA...and we were SOOOOO HAPPY!!!~
~Our dear Christian Nation church Jr. Church presented our family with sweet gifts that Easter Sunday. Thank you, Church, for all you do for us!!~
~On Easter in 1999 we took this picture of our little Kimberly on the left and Bryanna Shirk on the right. This Easter (9 years later) we "re-in-acted" the picture and took one of them again. I think that both pics are so sweet!~~Someone had asked me to register for what I needed for baby Elijah, so here Laura is pushing me around in the wheelchair in Target. I had fun making this sisters page. I love Laura to pieces and am so GLAD that God gave her to me for a sister.~
~Deanna gave me a NICE private baby shower and invited some of my GBS college friends. I almost didn't make it to this baby shower for I was in the hospital for 5 HOURS that day with contractions. I kept in contact with Laura all day as to whether we were going to have the baby that day, etc. (I did NOT want to have a baby that day, for I was only 33 weeks along.) Finally, it was decided that I could go home, they moved the baby shower to one hour later and to Laura's home, and I got out of the hospital and rushed home and got home a half an hour before the shower started. Stephanie Ryan did a GREAT job making the little duckie cake. It was a very beautiful and special evening. THANK YOU, DEE and friends!~
~We were privileged to hold a short revival for our Dear friends the Kemps. Here the Kemps, the Roops and our family were eating yummy pizza and having fun visiting together. Thank you, Kemps and Roops for the wonderful time we had with y'all!~
~The Hausmans and our family took a fun picnic to River front in Cinci, OHio in April. It was a fun Spring day, pretty sunshine, and nice green grass and beautiful flowering trees. We so enjoyed getting to be with the Hausmans and our other family members while home for those months.~
~I have ALWAYS LOVED IHC! When I was a kid, I would have rather gone to IHC than to have Christmas...and that is the truth!! I STILL LOVE going to IHC and was sooooo GLAD that we got to go to IHC this year since in 2006 we were in Costa Rica studying Spanish, and in 2007 we were in Colombia.
My Daddy's 3rd book came out this IHC and so in these pictures he is seeing it for the first time with we family members gathered around him.~
~This is the first time that Nicole Cassady and I met. We had been "friends" by email and our blogs, but finally got to meet at IHC. Just as I had thought before I met her, she is a dear. Also, here our Noah and his cousin Bryan are enjoying using my wheelchair that I had to have at IHC due to being sooo LARGE and having sooo many contractions, and still having a month and a half till my due date. I was supposed to be on BED REST...but the wheelchair SAVED me, and I was able to come to my beloved IHC!!! =D ~
~The cousins enjoying IHC together. What fun memories they made. =)~
~My sweet sister and I, and our family at IHC. The Kemps, Daddy and Moma, the Hausmans, Paula Sproles and our family went out to the Spaghetti Warehouse on Thursday of IHC.~~Some cute pics of Sarah and her cousin Darla in their matching dresses at IHC.~
~After IHC, our family was privileged to have a mission Deputation service at Daniel and Angie Edwards church. Since I was having soooo many contractions, I didn't know if I would get to go with my family to their church. But, Thank the Lord I got to go, and we had a great time visiting with Daniel and Angie, Angie made us a delicious Sunday dinner, and Daniel showed our kids his farm...which they Loved! Our kids really enjoying playing with their kids.~
~Sis. Kennedy, Martha Goin, Rhonda Kennedy and the other ladies from the Greenfield, IN church gave baby Elijah and I a nice baby shower!!! It was VERY thoughtful of them!! Thank y'all BUNCHES!!~

~The Shirks, Pilmores, Hausmans, and our family went to McDonalds and had a fun time visiting. I was getting sooo big with Elijah that I was getting miserable.~
~Some cousins and friends enjoying being together at McDonalds after church on a Wednesday night in April.~

Thanks for stopping by. I feel like I've sat down with y'all and let you look at my scrapbook...and I enjoyed the visit with you. =)


Dorcas said...

I hope you're feeling better soon, Heather! There's a lot of that going around here, too!! As for your scrapbooking ~ it's beautiful. I love doing that, too, but am so far behind :o( I hope to catch up after the holidays and everything slows down. Thanks for posting pictures of your pages!

Rob and Deanna said...

I wish I could scrapbook as fast as you can. I am still stuck on Kiana's 1st day basically. :-) Your pages turned out so cute, plus your little ducky. :-) Rob just called said he was getting sidetracked on his way home to our "T-giving" meal from Aunt Nesi. Said there were lights flashing behind him on the side of the road!! :-/ Just what we need another way to throw some money(a fine) down the drain. Here it was just a deer that had just been hit & he is bringing home for the meat. I am going to "CROWN" him when he gets home for making me sick to my stomach when he let me think he was getting a ticket! ;-)

emily said...

You do such a great job scrapbooking. They sure bring back alot of good memories. Did you ever get any good ones of Philip Skiing? I think Emily has some if you want them. Love, Susanna P.S. I sure hope you get to feeling better. I'll be praying for you.

Joy said...

Where do you find the time to scrapbook? You must be one busy lady. I know how busy my days are with 4 little ones and it's all I can do to keep the dishes and clothes washed and house reasonably presentable. I love to scrapbook, too, but am way behind. I seem to do better with a theme or occasion like a vacation. I did do one last year of our precious Nathaniel and it helped in the healing process. I am really pleased with how it turned out. God's presence was so real during that time and He helped me with it, I'm sure. You have inspired me to start back at it. It is such a fun way to be creative. Thanks for sharing your pages. I enjoyed looking through your scrapbook! LOL

lila said...

You have to be the busiest women I know but I,m so glad you take the the time to share all the wonderful things with us here in the U.S. The scrapbooking turned out great. Hope you feel better soon. love you tons

sherryldickinson said...

I don't know which is worse-the way the word louse sounds-or finding one in your hair. How sad all the work that stupid louse caused!
I am glad you had Farly's daddy over for a meal before he passed away in July. What a bittersweet memory of Don Dario.
Scrapbooking is one neat way of saving space and not having so many pictures of one event, and yet making it a special memento.
I love you busy people!
Love, Mom D

kayla said...

Great job! Glad you got caught up, now you can come help me.

Vonnie said...

Those are all awesome scrapbook pages!! It's great that you can get so much done!!

Anonymous said...

Can you get Suave "Coconut" shampoo? It smothers lice and they cannot breathe; also healthy for your hair, no harsh chemicals!

Martha C said...

Heather, I was so sorry to read of your "creatures." :-( I remember that happening as a MK. Love all your pages though. I always enjoy browsing your work.

Ronda said...

BEAUTIFUL scrapbooking pages...I feel like we just shared a little time together! :) I truly enjoyed all of your pictures!
Your parents just invited my parents over for dinner...Your Mom served dinner "in style" with a beautiful table and delicious food! They are such wonderful people...I am thrilled that our parents were able to spend some time together!
Happy Thanksgiving!!! Blessings!

Charity said...

Long time, no comment- sorry!!! I found your scrapbooking amazing! But then I scrolled down and saw the baby pictures you did~ just gorgeous!!! They turned out so beautifully!! I hope you have a blessed (and well ;o) Thanksgiving...

Aunt Ellen said...

Loved your scrapbook pages--don't know where you find the time to do such a lovely job. God has certainly blessed you with many talents.

Living in a poor neighborhood doesn't mean one is more apt to get lice...anybody can get them--it only entails close contact with an affected person, such as sitting shoulder to shoulder with someone (bus, church pew or even our couch at home) or laying a garment next to (or on top of) an affected garment.

Another common misconception is that only dirty people get lice--lice only care about being warm and having a food source (blood). {Shudder}

Back to a happy subject...I recently purchased a scrapbooking kit so am planning to begin the slow process of organizing our photos. I only hope I can be half as creative as you when designing the pages! :>)

Aunt Ellen

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