Tuesday, November 4, 2008

~More on "a Young girl's purity"... and my Honey whole wheat oat bread recipe

This being election day in our country...our hearts are concerned and PRAYING for God to HAVE HIS RIGHT AWAY with who HE WANTS to be President. In the midst of it all...May God help us each one to be what HE WANTS US TO BE, and to be ready for His soon coming.
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My Aunt Libby wrote the below comment on another blog and gave me permission to put it on my blog. God has turned her sorrows and scars into Joy...but I'm sure that she would LOVE IT if God could use her testimony to PREVENT some young girls/ladies from ever even having scars and sorrows!!

Aunt Libby said:
Honesty is the best way to show God’s purity to our young people. I was not raised a Christian, in fact I didn’t come to Christ until I was 37. By that time I was married with 3 beautiful children (two of which were as tall as me at the time). For most of my life I was taught that I can be as “independent” as a man, that women should have the same opportunities as our male “counterparts”. Yes I grew up in a liberal, feminist, selfish society (better known as the “world”). I was taught by most of the adults who had influence over me that my generation would try, but fail at purity so our lifesaver would be Planned Parenthood where we could obtain birth control, condoms, and yes even that procedure that cures every mistake, abortion. Without going into my whole story in this teeny tiny spot I’ll just tell you of my failure. I made a lot of wrong choices from the age of 12 on and found myself in a crisis pregnancy around the end of my 14th year. Someone told me of a little procedure that would take care of my problem before it became a baby. I found a doctor and lied about my name, age and social security number, gave the nurse my $150.00 (yes this was a looong time ago) and went in to have my first child murdered. From that moment on my life just began to spiral. In health class a couple of weeks after my abortion I watched a movie presentation of life in the womb. I was devastated. Instead of turning to God (which I didn’t understand) I turned to drugs, alcohol, and promiscuity. I married a man just a messed up as myself (the father of my three living children) and we almost destroyed each other.
Then God stepped in!! My husband was touched by God and I watched. That got me curious and eventually I gave my heart to Christ. There are so many things I want to say, but will try to keep this to one page and not a book. When God lead me to a group of women and a bible study I began to walk through the trauma of my past abortion. During this time I decided to tell my children of their brother I had aborted and ask them for their forgiveness. It was the most amazing moment of my life to open up honestly with them and tell them of my failures and have them forgive me. So short story long:), having my kindergartener ask for prayer for her oldest brother and her mommy during prayer time in class pierced right through to my now heart of flesh.
My children are fearless champions of the right to life as defined in the Bible. Every life is sacred. So yes I do believe that our children can handle the truth about abortion, premarital sex, STD’s, STI’s and the evils of substance abuse. They just need people like us to tell them honestly about the consequences. ~Libby~

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Thank you, Aunt Libby for your honesty! We love and appreciate you and Uncle Scott and are sooo happy that y'all are serving Jesus today!!!
Now...here is ~My Honey Whole Wheat Oat Bread Recipe~

Microwave for about 2 mins in a VERY LARGE BOWL:
1 1/2 cup water
1/2 cup honey (or brown sugar)
1/2 cup oil
1 Heaping Tablespoon salt
Add, using mixer or stirring by hand:
1 cup oatmeal
1 3/4 cup warm water
2 eggs
1 heaping Tablespoon yeast.
2 eggs
3 cups whole wheat flour
5-7 cups white flour (I prefer unbleached, but haven't found it here yet.)
Stir flour in a cup at a time...until it's time to knead in the last of the flour.
Knead in a large bowl with your hands until the dough is not sticky to touch, but don't put too much flour or your bread will be heavy. (I'm assuming that you know what "kneading bread" is. However, I have TRIED to put a definition here for someone who may not know. Kneading is the action of "massaging" the dough by pulling in a side of the dough with your hand and pushing it down into the middle of the dough, turning your bowl, grabbing another side of the dough and continue until you have a nice round smooth "ball". The bottom of your bowl is FORMING the TOP of your dough.) When finished kneading, turn your dough over and place the rounded smooth side up. Cover and let raise in a warm place for an hour or so.
Knead with a little more flour on the sides and bottom of bowl, and then divide into 4 equal sections. Grease 4 bread pans (and if you want you may sprinkle oatmeal in the bottom and on the sides of the pans. It makes your bread look pretty. But it is pretty without it too, and the oatmeal DOES make more of a mess on your table, on the floor, etc. so I normally DON'T put the oatmeal on the outside of my bread. =) Knead each section in the bottom of your floured bowl until the bottom (Which will be the TOP) of each loaf is smooth and round. I always knead each section into an oval loaf and then place BOTTOM SIDE UP in your greased pan. Let rise for another hour or so. (If you want you can brush the top of your loaf with a beaten egg and 1 Tab. of water mixed together and then sprinkle oats on top of each loaf. Again, it makes such a mess, for the oatmeal always falls off, so I don't do the oatmeal..but I butter the tops of my bread AFTER THEY COME OUT OF THE OVEN. =) Bake at 350 for about 20-25 minutes or until golden brown. Test for doneness: when you "pound" on your loaf it sounds hollow. If you did NOT put oats on top of your loaves, then take a stick of butter and rub across the tops of each hot loaf of bread.
Four 20 oz. loaves.
~1 to give as a gift
~2 to freeze for...."Oh Dear...company is coming...what do I serve?" =D
~1 to eat while warm! =D
(Note: to "de-freeze" the frozen bread...just place out of freezer (leaving wrapped in the plastic) on a counter or table until it is room temp. Right before you are ready to serve it...you can slice it and wrap in aluminum foil and heat it in a 350 degree oven for about 15-20 mins. then place the foil wrapped bread in a basket and serve with butter, honey, or jelly. YUMMY!! Or it's delicious room temp. too.

I will tell you that it is VERY HARD to write down a recipe without being able to explain it in person. So, if you have any questions about this recipe, just leave me a comment, and I'll try to my best to answer your question.


Scott and Libby said...

Miss Heather:)
Thanks for the post. Just knowing that God uses my sorrows for His glory is so humbling. I am indeed thankful for this abundant life in Christ Jesus. I know where I came from and I know where I'm headed. "The world behind me, the cross before me".

Aunt Libby

Anonymous said...

Dear Heather,
I loved what your Aunt wrote. It gave me an idea. I recently had two uncles come to the Lord and a girl I met at church whose story is remarkable! Very encouraging to hear about. I am going to see if they will write it down so I can put it on my blog to encourage others! When do you guys get to come home again. I would love to be somewhere where you guys might speak. Love the writings on purity. It's such a vital and important topic to discuss nowdays. One of my concerns is how we don't have a conservative church to go to and I hope this doesn't make them wish they didn't have to be conservative. Sometimes I think about the future and I get so bogged down with worry I have to stop myself, pray and start reciting verses to get my mind where it should be. Well we haven't left America but it feels like we are missionaries.

Ronda said...

Great post, Heather! If only more young people could hear her amazing story...It touched my heart!
Thanks for sharing your delicious looking bread recipe...can't wait to try it! You have inspired me! :)

Lori said...

Thanks for sharing the recipe, I'm anxious to try it!

Margaret G said...

Heather, I always enjoy your blog and catching up with how you all are doing. I just have one question...do you think there is any hope for someone who is not so hot at baking break to actually be able to make some that taste good? I want so bad to be able to make but am afraid to try now due to bad experiences :)

Margaret G said...

Heather, I always enjoy your blog and catching up with how you all are doing. I just have one question...do you think there is any hope for someone who is not so hot at baking break to actually be able to make some that taste good? I want so bad to be able to make but am afraid to try now due to bad experiences :)

Aunt Ellen said...

Hi again...

I'm so glad Libby gave you permission to post her story of her life before Jesus changed it; who knew she had lived a life of drugs, alcohol and abortion? She is such a sweet lady--I've only met her one time in Phoenix when she and Scott came down to visit Bud and Sherry, but I felt drawn to her and recognized she was a good person. Even though I actually hardly know her, I've felt as though she is a friend and part of our extended family.

I imagine Scott did not even suspect what a gem he had at that time -- even when he was trying to be as bad as he wanted to be, God gave him a wonderful woman whom He knew would someday be a Godly wife and helpmeet to him. We truly have an Awesome God!

Love to all,
Aunt Ellen

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