Tuesday, March 18, 2008

~Thanks for praying for our Sunday~

Like I mentioned in my last post...with having company for supper Saturday night, baking cookies to pass out to the people in both of our churches, and attending our Sunday morning service, having company over Sunday afternoon for dinner, and then leaving around 4:00 PM for our evening service...I didn't know HOW baby and I could do it all. It looked like the uncrossable red sea for me. But...God helped and I felt y'all's prayers! Thanks bunches! We had a good Sunday; here are some pictures!
~Out of the 6 pregnant ladies in one of our churches, 3 have already had their babies. Here is one of the new precious babies with Kimberly, Sarah, and me and my baby bump. =) This is one of the little outfits we got this baby!~

~The new Mommy and her precious little gift from God!~
~In Kimberly's Sunday school class the kids made "wiggle worms" (Gusanitos) out of egg crates.
~The 3 little boys with their little worms!~
~Our Sunday morning service...God gave us a nice and encouraging service! After dismissing, when Phillip announced that I had made cookies to pass out, the people were so happy that they clapped! =)~
~If you'll remember the couple that lost their little baby boy last April...this is that couple on our couch. She is due to have another boy this April! They and their little girl Angie, and another friend had Sunday dinner with us, and we had a nice visit!~
~Little Angie, and Noah and Sarah playing!~
~Our Sunday night service, again God helped! These people were happy with their cookies too!~
~Phillip leading the service!~

Since we are to fly very soon we would appreciate your prayers, for a safe, uneventful trip. And if you have ever flown international, you know the headache it can be to collect all of your luggage and go through the long customs line, and then try to get to your connecting flight...with 3 children and a VERY PREGNANT LADY! =) SO...IF YOU COULD PLEASE HELP ME PRAY THAT THE CUSTOMS IN THE AIRPORT IN HOUSTON, TX WILL BE CLOSE TO OUR NEXT CONNECTING FLIGHT TO INDIANA...for I can hardly walk, let alone RUN to catch our next flight on time! THANKS TONS!!!


Rob and Deanna said...

Thankful that you had a Good Day on Sunday! We are looking forward to seeing you on Sunday. ALREADY!! Seems like the time has flown by, but probably not as fast for you all. ;-) Can't wait 'til your dr. visit on Mon. to hear all your baby's details!! :-)

Sherry L said...

Can't believe you actually posted your Sunday activities but thankful you did. We CANNOT wait to see you guys. I will mail a couple of things to Laura's address, so you will have them if you need them. Happy Easter to my favorite missionary family! Love, Mom & Dad D

The Going Blog said...

Can't wait to be having you state side for awhile. As nice as that will be for you I can just imagine that you are leaving a big part of your heart there in Columbia. We will be praying for smooth travel both in the air and on the ground. :-)

Leah said...

Heather - so very glad that things worked out for you on Sunday! I am sure that you are going to enjoy your visit home! I hope that you will be able to keep your blog updated while you are in the states!!!

sankey family said...

We will be praying and watching for news that you've arrived safely in the good ole USA - yay!
Love you guys!

Vonnie said...

So glad to hear you made it through Sunday. Can't wait to hear you are here and all the details about the baby!!

Eileen said...

I pray for your safe trip. Wish that we could see you. But I understand that you will not be in our area. May God keep you in His care through the trip to the states. I am anxious to for the news that baby bump has arrived. Have a Blessed Easter.
Love & Prayers, Eileen

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