Sunday, March 2, 2008

~A loose tooth, tea party, friends, roses, pizza and Sunday~

~I have never had a desire to pull one of my children's teeth. Daddy is a GREAT I leave it all in his hands...I just put the money under their pillow after they loose their teeth. =D I just didn't think that I ever wanted to deal with the blood, maybe hurting my child while taking the tooth out, etc. Well, last week Sarah was telling me that her tooth was VERY loose, so I just wiggled the tooth once to see how loose it was...and wouldn't you know that it fell out in my hand. So, now I can say I've pulled a tooth, whether I ever desired to do it or not. =) ~

~We went to the dollar store and Sarah found this cute little tea set and Sarah had a fun time making a tea party for she and Kimberly.~

~Months ago, I met this dear Colombian lady at the mall near our home. She was walking past where I was and had a cute long jean skirt on, so I told her that I liked her skirt. (There aren't too many ladies here in Colombia that wear skirts ...most women dress with SKIN TIGHT I always make it habit of complementing the ladies I see here with skirts on. =) Well, after I told her that I liked her skirt, this lady stopped and we had a nice long chat together. She told me that she had seen the kids and I in the mall MONTHS AGO... and she was so wanting to talk to me, but didn't have the nerve to just walk up and start chatting. She said that ever since she first saw me, she kept hoping that that one day she could have the opportunity to visit with me. We just hit it off and I was soooo glad to find a sweet friend (named Marisol) that lives within walking distance of my house. One day in December when she was at our home, I had just made my French Bread, and she ate and ate that bread and LOVED it. So, I told her that when she had time she could come over and I would teach her how to make that bread. She told me that though the Colombian ladies are good cooks, hardly any of them know how to bake. So, Marisol came over the other night and we made French Bread and a coconut pie together. She was soooo excited that I was willing to teach her how to bake! We always have a GREAT time when we are together, and I'm grateful to God for sending me this friend, she's such a dear!

~Last night my sweetheart came home from teaching at his Saturday Bible class with these beautiful roses in his hand...just for me. He knows how to get extra hugs and kisses doesn't he? =D

~Please pray with me that God will help our baby stay in "the oven" until I get to the States. As you can see by the pictures (posted earlier on my blog) baby is getting quite huge, and I just want to make it to the States before he/she decides to make his appearance. I'm not due until May 25th, but with all of the walking we have done here, I don't want baby to decide to come early. Due to the socialized medicine here in Colombia I would not feel comfortable having our baby in the hospitals here...besides I just heard the other day that here the husbands still are NOT allowed in the delivery rooms with their wives! HELP! I would DIE without my Phillip. Another thing, is that if our baby were born here...getting his/her paperwork would be SUCH a hassle...and we couldn't go back to the States until we had all of that paperwork for our baby. So...all of that to say that Phillip and I have made the decision for me to stay at home and NOT go to church during these last few services that we have here before leaving. If you know anything about living in a foreign know that even the BEST LAID plans are subject to change. Even when we plan to take a taxi to church and all the way back home, then there is a car accident or something that causes us to have to get out of the taxi and WALK quite awhile until we can find another bus or taxi to finish taking us to our destination. Phillip doesn't want me walking very much right now, so that we get to the USA (which will be soon) with baby still tucked safely inside of me. =) So, today being Sunday, baby and I stayed home and watched/listened to several services from Hobe Sound camp. In the sermons that I watched/heard...The Lord helped Marc Sankey preach. While I listened to the services, I made 3 homemade pizzas for our Sunday dinner, which my family was delighted to eat 2 of them when they got home, and we have this last one for a snack tonight.~

One of the quotes that Marc mentioned in one of his services was so good. So I'm closing with this quote.
Wesley Dewell said:
"The devil would love for us to take on more (in than we can saturate in prayer."
Let us be sooo careful to take time to be with Jesus each day.


Sherry L said...

I just read your post to Dad before we are dashing out the door to church this evening. Dad said to tell you he can't wait to see you all. (Me too!) Love, Mom & Dad D

Charity said...

Yum~ those pizzas look so tasty. My mom used to always make homemade pizzas for Sunday night after church~ always topped with hamburger meat. Regarding my previous comment, evidently Colombian military killed some FARC leader over the border in Ecuador (Venezuela's ally). So Chavez has sent military up to the border between Venezuela and Colombia to show some 'force'? Who knows with Chavez? He's so weird.

Becky said...

My JR Church girls are still praying for you guys to make it here safely. I will be emailing you the letters from them. They are so excited about writing your girls.


The Going Blog said...

I love that quote and it is so true. God is good to give you a kindred spirit in Marisol. I'm the opposite about the whole teeth pulling thing. I can't stand for a tooth to be hanging so they have learned to not let me know about it. :) Can't wait to see you in the good ol' USA

Myranda said...

Hey - posted a comment on your blog before this one...check it out.

Ronda said...

I am so glad that you can at least hear services online! I, too, like that quote...I just blogged a little bit about that on my can be so busy! Those pizzas look soooooo good! I could almost taste them! ha! Cassie's top tooth "hung" for a couple of weeks, at least...Danny finally pulled it last night! She was really happy once the ordeal was over! Have a good day!

Kim M. said...

Justin will not let me hardly touch his loose teeth! One of them actually was loose, then it seemed to re-anchor itself! I told him the other day he really needed to wiggle it some more.
You take care. I am with you on keeping that baby inside until you get to the good ol' U.S.

Kimberly said...

Will pray for your continued good health and safety!

Gayle said...

Dear Kimberly and Sarah,
This Abby and Ella on Grammys Computer. How was the tea at your tea party?We can't wait till you come back. Caleb is lost alot of teeth this year.He has alot of big teeth now.
Abby and Ella

sankey family said...

I'm glad that Marc's sermons were an encouragement to you. That quote is one of my favorites, too.
I totally understand you "laying low" until you come home to the States to have that precious little one. I'd be doing the same thing.
Your pizzas look delicious and got me in the mood to make homemade pizza again, myself. My family loves it!
Take care,

Vonnie said...

That pizza looks good enough to eat!! I'm starving right now!! I'm so glad you are staying home on Sundays. You should probably stay off your feet as much as you can on other days too. Are you having very many Braxton-Hicks contractions?? Can't wait to hear you are here!!

Anonymous said...

To have friends, one must show himself friendly! (that is my quick interpretation)... You lived that verse and reaped the wonderful benefits of a sweet friend! :)

I'm praying everything goes as planned.... God is definately in control. I know you're trusting him while you wait! :)

TTYL! Lori R.

Melanie C. said...

Mmm, yummy pizza! I want the recipe! :-) I made pizza not too long easy and so good!

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