Friday, January 11, 2008

~Showing Moma and Daddy Colombia!~

Our bedroom ready for Daddy and Moma to come to see us; Tuesday, Jan. 8th! Phillip bought them fresh Colombian roses, we had a fun Colombian basket filled with fruit and coffee candy, and then we had a heart shaped box of chocolates and their towels and wash clothes on their bed. We were sooo excited that they were coming!
~Waiting anxiously for Daddy and Moma to arrive!!
~They are HERE!! YEA! =D
~Gramp holding Sarah and Noah after our snack Tuesday evening!
~Gram holding Kimberly!~
~Dear Nicole Cassady and her family sent us some goodies with Daddy and Moma! I had told her that we cannot get Cheerios here and that we LOVE them and she sent us some REAL CHEERIOS!! We REALLY enjoyed having a bowl of Cheerios with fresh Colombian strawberries. YUMMY!! Thanks Cassadys!!
~Our Christmas on Wednesday morning from Daddy and Moma, my sister Laura and family, and the dear FRIENDS at the Union Friends Church in Westfield, IN, where Daddy is privileged to pastor! THANK YOU TO ALL WHO SENT US THOSE WONDERFUL GOODIES!!! We truly are BLESSED by your thoughtfulness and Love that you have shown us!!! May God RICHLY bless y'all!! =) We had a FUN CHRISTMAS!!
~Sarah with her new little doll baby from the Union Friends Church. She plays with it ALL of the time and has hardly laid it down since receiving it! THANK YOU!!
~Noah playing with the roadway rug and truck that was given to him by the Union Friends church.
~Gramp and Noah "Playing" with Noah's Thomas the Train!~
~Eating at a nearby restaurant. There is where they serve a huge meal for about $2.50 for the food and juice!~
~We had Daddy busy his first full day here...preaching in English in Jimmy's church Wednesday night, and Phillip translating into Spanish. God helped them both!!~
~After Church Moma passed out candy bars to the people, and this little baby surely was enjoying hers!~
~Thursday morning...still Christmas! This is when we received our Christmas stockings from Daddy and Moma/Gramp and Gram!~
~FINALLY...we get to open our stockings! =) What treasures and yummy candy we received.~
~My Moma used Phillip's clean socks for our stockings! Our kids had never seen real socks used for stockings and got a real kick out of it! =D We went to our Thursday evening service, and God gave us a good service. Daddy and Moma got a little taste of walking and waiting to catch the crowded bus, taken the 45 minute ride up to church, having church, riding the 45 mins. back down the mountain and then walking the mile home...walking a total 2 1/2 miles! =)~
~Today, Friday we took Daddy and Moma to an indoor market for them to see some of Colombian culture, and then we ate together. (Sadly, The older lady that took the picture cut out our men!)
~Daddy and Moma with the cook from the restaurant that cooked our lunch. She and the ladies in her restaurant are our dear friends and love us to pieces. Any time we come to this market we always eat at their restaurant!~

We are having a BLAST having Daddy and Moma here! Other than being tired (for we stay up talking late and catching up almost every night,) Daddy and Moma haven't been sick or had trouble with the altitude. THANKS FOR PRAYING!
Tomorrow (Saturday) we will celebrate Kimberly and Noah's birthday (their birthday is actually Sunday) and then Daddy will teach at Phillip's 3 hour Bible class and Phillip will interpret! Then of course, Sunday will be a BUSY day with 2 services! I'll try to keep y'all updated as I can! It's hard to stop and do a post when you are having a BLAST having your parents here! (and cooking meals, etc.) =D Thanks for all y'all's nice comments!


Linda S said...

That was lots of fun to see the pictures.....Aunt Linda

Steve Hight said...

Hey, great to see my friends' (Edgar & Martha) pictures as they visit a daughter and her family. I looked at those two bearded guys behind that pulpit and thought to myself, "What a pair!" We've been friends a long time and cherish the amistad of the Bryans.

Karen Walden said...

Have fun with your parents. I can imagine how excited you are to have them with you! Just enjoy your visit and we will wait for your posts to come later!! Have fun visiting!

sankey family said...

Oh, Heather...I know you are just thrilled to have your parents there - your smiles give you away! I hope you all have a truly wonderful time together. Would love to hear Philip translate - that's great that he's doing so well.
Thanks for your prayers for us and your kind, uplifting comments on our blog.
Our love,
Melodie and family

ps. a special hello from us to your parents!

Rob and Deanna said...

Heather, your room for your parents looks so Pretty & Cozy!! You think of the neatest things. Really enjoying "being there"(with your pics) while you enjoy their visit. It is always So Much Fun to show Family your new Life in a Foreign country.

LaDonna said...

Please say hello to your parents for us! It looks like you're having a blast and "wearing them out!" Joe and Paul did a tree job for Grandmother this week and Joe says "she's still fiesty, just like Grandmother!" Have a great time.

Vonnie said...

Looks like fun! I would love to try some of the Colombian food. Glad you're having such a great time!!

Kimberly said...

It made my heart happy to read this...can only imagine what an encouragement this visit is!! Have fun!!

Anonymous said...

Dearest Heather,
HOW WELL WE REMEMBER WHAT A BOOST it was to us to have Moma and Daddy get to come to Russia. Keep the pictures coming for our Century old dearest Grandma in the world is SURE enjoying staying caught up with her kids over there. We are loving having Grandma here and feel so honored to get to lift Moma and Daddy's load so they could come. Grandma sends her greetings! Happy Birthday Kimberly AND Noah!!!! We miss you and hope you have a special day and time with Gram and Gramp! I love you, Laura & Family

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