Saturday, January 26, 2008

~Our last week with Daddy and Moma~

Those of you who know the laid back Latin American culture where things are promised "tomorrow" but usually end up being days or WEEKS later...will enjoy this from our Noah. The night that my parents arrived here in Colombia Noah asked my Daddy when they were going to unpack their suitcases...for we had told them that "Gram and Gramp" would be bringing lots of nice gifts with them for he and his sisters. My exhausted Dad looked down at Noah and said, "We'll unpack those "Manaña"...and then he asked Noah if he knew what "Manaña" meant. Noah shook his head YES and said, "Manaña means LATER!!!" My Daddy HOWLED laughing...for he knew that Noah was RIGHT ON TARGET with his Latino definition!!
~After coming back from Medellin late Friday night (Jan. 18th) Moma and I worked hard on Saturday to unpack all of our suitcases, wash clothes, clean up the house and get ready for Sunday. Daddy had to get ready to teach the Bible class on Saturday, and Phillip had to get ready to interpret for Daddy. Here is a picture of the good group of students at that Bible class.~~After the Bible class, Jimmy and his dear family gave Phillip 2 birthday gifts to give to Kimberly and Noah. Our kids were very HAPPY with their gifts.
Muchisimas Gracias Hermano Jimmy y familia.~
~Sunday we all went to our morning service and Daddy preached and Phillip interpreted. Then we came home and had a yummy HAM dinner. You see we had seen ONE ham here and it cost 179.000 pesos = $90.00 for a small ham! So Daddy and Moma brought us a yummy ham from the USA and we surely enjoyed it and plan to have the leftovers tomorrow! =D After dinner my Moma and I were about to CRASH, so we took a nap and Phillip, Daddy and our kids went to our evening service where Daddy preached and Phillip interpreted. Moma and I watched some of Hobe Sound's evening service after we got up from our naps. After church Phillip called me and told me he was bringing a couple of our good friends home with him for a snack. (We had told him it was fine to invite them if they showed up.) So Moma and I quickly put a snack on the table from the leftovers of our dinner and we had a nice snack and visit with our friends. I stayed up late writing Thank you notes to our supporters while everyone else was visiting.

~On Monday we drove past this...Colombia's "White" house where the president lives.~
~This is a bust of Simon Bolivar who helped free Colombia...and his house is behind our family.~

~We took Daddy and Moma to see one of our favorite parks here in Bogota. Behind us is a neat concrete map of Bogota with raised mountains, etc.~
~We took Daddy and Moma up to see Monserate.~
~Daddy and Moma with Bogota in the background.~
~The restaurant we had wanted to take them to was closed so God led us to this one. They had good service and we really enjoyed the food too.~
Our silly Noah LOVES to "dip" his crackers, bread, chips, or whatever... in his juice or drink. Here he is dipping his bread in his papaya juice. UGH!~
~On Tuesday we just rested and got all of our pictures developed from the 2 1/2 weeks that Daddy and Moma were here so I could send some back with Daddy and Moma. On Wednesday Daddy was going to take us to McDonalds, but their playground was out-of-order, so we found a Domino's pizza and then after we ate we took the kids to this little park.~
~"Gramp", Phillip and our kids at the park.~
~On Wednesday night we went to Bro. Jimmy's church and Daddy preached and Phillip interpreted one more time. On the way to church Kimberly showed us how her tooth was soooooo loose it was about to fall out by itself, so when we got to Jimmy's church, Gramp (per Kimberly's request) pulled her tooth out, and then that night she got money from Gramp and Gram and from Daddy and Moma too. =)

My parents left on Thursday morning, Jan. 24th, and God gave them a safe trip home. We had such a WONDERFUL time with Daddy and Moma and surely Thank the Lord that He allowed them to come and visit us. =D All of their grandkids call my parents "Gram and Gramp"...but somehow our Noah cannot hear the difference in those 2 names so he calls my Dad "Gramp the man" and my Moma "Gram the lady!" =)
Like I already mentioned God gave my girls and I the strength to take down all of our Christmas decorations and clean up the house on Thursday.
On Friday evening I started scrapbooking all of the 153 pictures from when Daddy and Moma were here (there were a few from before they came) and I finished scrapbooking them this afternoon. (Saturday). I'm happy for I got 30 pages scrapbooked, and then I got my house straightened up and my ironing done. I wanted to get those pics scrapbooked for I don't have too many more weeks before we go to the USA and our baby will be coming. YEA! =) Kimberly started school today (for 2nd semester) and Lord willing I'll start Sarah on Monday.
Now, we have a busy Sunday ahead of us, trying to touch lives for Christ here in Colombia. Thanks for your prayers...and Have a WONDERFUL Lord's day!


Beth said...

I'm so glad your Mom and Dad got to come see you. Looks like you all had a great time. Miss you all

Vonnie said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful time. We talked to Mom yesterday. I think they are recovering from the trip back!!

Kelly S said...

So glad your parents had a nice time and made it back safely. I can't imagine how sad it must be for y'all to have to say goodbye. My parents are only about 3 hours away and my children cry whenever we leave them. Can't imagine how lonely it will be for you for the next few days. We love you and are praying for you!

lila said...

Heather so sorry your mom and dad had to leave, but praise the LORD some day there will be no more parting. Thanks for sharing your day to day experiences with us. Love you tons lila

sankey family said...

I love all the neat pictures of Bogota. We would like to visit there someday, si Dios permite.
So glad you had such a good time with your parents; I know the being together was like a balm for lonely hearts.
We'll be praying for you as you prepare to go to the States.
~ Melodie

Kim M. said...

I enjoyed all of your pictures and updates! Glad your parents made it home safely!

Lenita said...

I was so happy to hear from Laura that your momma and daddy got to visit you. I talked to Laura several times while she had your Grandmother. Great memories for her family to have her w/them.
HOpe your doing well.
Maybe we can stay in touch more.
I am now on blogspot permanently!!
love you bunches

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