Sunday, January 13, 2008

~Noah and Kimberly having a birthday~

~Today, our Noah turned 4!~~And today, Our Kimberly turned 10~
~Our children on Sunday.~
~On Saturday, we knew we would have a more enjoyable birthday celebration (due to not having much time on Sunday) so we went to a Rotisserie chicken restaurant that has a play ground and we all had an enjoyable meal and our kids had a BLAST!~
~Yummy chicken!~
~Daddy taught in Phillip's 3 hour Bible class, and Phillip interpreted into Spanish. They said that God helped them and Phillip was excited about how the class went!~
~Their Bible class students!~
~While they were gone, my Moma made 2 blackberry pies for our Sunday dinner and I decorated our table with snowmen and snowflakes, made a cake and made a snack for Kimberly and Noah's birthday. I did a fun centerpiece with REAL Colombian coffee beans that I had heard of, and then my sister reminded me of too (and I put snowmen in it for the party!) THANK YOU to my dear sister Laura for the yummy choc. cake mix, we are enjoying it, since we cannot get them here! After our men and Kimberly came home from class, we had a nice birthday snack, cake and ice cream, and our kids opened their birthday gifts.~
~I got these fun snowmen cloth napkins on sale last year!~
~The cake I threw together right before they came home from the Bible class!~
~Their birthday snack!~
~All 3 kids with their cake!~
~Ready to open gifts!~

~The Cassady family bought nice gifts for our children (and us) and they got to open them with their birthday gifts. THANK YOU CASSADYS for all of the wonderful gifts, we LOVE all of them!!~
~This Sunday morning Daddy taught Sunday school and Phillip interpreted into Spanish!~
~During church this Sunday morning! Daddy and Moma do a good job reading the Spansih hymns and singing the Spanish songs. Moma remembers well singing a lot in their Spanish classes at GBS many years ago.~
~In our church there are 5 of us pregnant ladies, here's 4 of us!~
~Our family after church this morning!~
~The 5th pregnant lady and me. She was having a baby shower today, but we couldn't stay for it, because of needing to eat lunch and then having another service Sunday night. So, we brought her a gift, and she gave us a cold drink, and we visited for a few minutes then we caught our bus, then walked the mile home. Moma and I hurried and got our "Christmas dinner" ready but by the time we got it ready, there was only 25 minutes for Phillip, Daddy, and our kids to eat and run to our evening service. Our "Christmas meal" was BEYOND DELICIOUS!!! Turkey, gravy, homemade dressing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and green beans, then blackberry pie for dessert. After they left for church, Moma and I fell into bed and baby and I slept for 2 1/2 hours!! =D~
We had a good weekend. These next few days we will be busy running around with Daddy and Moma, so I may not be able to post. I'll post more pics and news as soon as I can! Thanks for your nice comments and prayers! We're having a blast together!


Linda S said...

Enjoyed the pictures. Happy Birthday to Kimberly and Noah. I didn't dream Kimberly is 10!!!! Won't be long until she is 20 like Christa will be next Sunday.

Eileen said...

Heather I see that things are going well with your Mother and Father. It is so good that you are able to enjoy it too. Looks like you are all having a great time. Happy Birthday Kimberly and Noah. May the Lord bless you with a lot more years to come. Phillip don't work you Father in law to hard. It is good that he is able to help. Then Heather it is good that your Mother is willing to help. God bless each of you. And thank you Heather for sharing.

snakesnailsbuttonsnbows said...

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! To Kimberly and Noah from a Birthday Twin!!It Looks like you had a nice birthday! I didn't know if I could send an e-card to you'all? I had a very different birthday...but it was quite restful :) I was SICK! ugh!!
Heather, Remember that scarf you tried teaching me? The one you make using your fingers. (You are gonna laugh) I asked my sister-in-law if by chance they teach you how to make them at the MK training. Just thought I'd try...No go.. I keep doing something wrong. Maybe you can show one of my sister-in-laws, and they can teach me if I don't see you'all when you come back. By the way are you sure your not having TWINS!! Just thought I'd ask... Every mother needs to be asked at least ONCE!! You'all are in are thoughts and prayers even if we didn't send you a Christmas Card!! Thankyou for the Bible chart. It got put to use!! Don't worry about answering me soon. I can't Blog very often. EnJoy the precious moments you have with your parents! Love,Becky

Vonnie said...

Happy Birthday Kimberly and Noah! Wish we could give you a big birthday hug from your auntie and uncle and all the cousins from up here. I hope you had a marvelous day. Christmas dinner sounded delicious. Neat that there are so many ladies pregnant at the same time.

Leah said...

Heather - I am so glad that you are enjoying your visit with your parents!! It looks like you are having a blast and I am glad that you are sharing your pictures with us!!

julie f said...

I'm so glad your parents can be there with you for awile! I know how visits like this can give you strength emotionally.

Thanks for sharing all the fun you have been having!

Happy Birthday, kiddos!

Roseanne said...

I'm so glad you are getting to have fun with your Mom and Dad. And I'm glad you finally got your Christmas dinner. Yum, Yum, It sounded great. Happy b-day to Kimberley and Noah. Kimberley you are growing up so much, Noah is also getting soo tall. Heather, my hat is off to you for even trying to blog at all with so much going on. BTW you are looking great.

Florida Bozone Bunch said...

It was good to take the time to read your post. I am glad your mom and dad are able to be with you. I know you treasure this time with them. I am sure the pies were good. I have some fresh strawberries that I am going to try to put up tomorrow. Have a great day.

Gayle said...

Happy Birthday Noah and Kimberly!
Looks like you are having a great time with Grandparents.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kimberly and Noah!!!!! We are so glad that Gram and Gramp got to be with you all for a while! I know that they were really looking foward to it! We are enjoying having G.G.Bryan here with us.
Natasha H~

Ronda said...

Enjoyed seeing all the memories you are making with your parents there! I know you all are having a wonderful time! I really enjoyed seeing how you made your parents so welcome with the candy, guest towels, etc. I always enjoy doing that when company comes...I think it is fun to make them feel "special"! Looks like you did a great job! Happy Birthday to your little ones, too! Have a wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

Dearest Heather,
Thanks for all your news! Grandma Bryan says if I'm talking to you to tell you that she sends her love TOO! Our prayers are with you all and hoping you are having a wonderful, wonderful, time together! Lots of love and we miss you LOTS, Laura and family

Susanna Pilmore said...

I'm so glad your mom and dad are there to visit with you!!! I'm sure you are having a Blast!! That will make the time before you come home go so much faste!! We can't wait. Sarah and Kimberly will be here for Anna and Emily's birthdays! They are so excited about that! We wish we could have thrown another surprise party this year, but please wish them a Happy Happy Birthday!!!

Kimberly said...

I can't believe Kimberly is 10!!!
What precious kiddos!
Happy Bday...Love, Kimberly!!:)

Making Memories 1999 said...

Happy Happy Birthday to your little ones!! I've enjoyed reading and looking at your pictures this evening. So glad your parents are there, and I'm sure you all are having a WONDERFUL time!!! God bless you, friend!! Take care of yourself and baby!! :-)

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