Tuesday, January 29, 2008

~Happy Belated Anniversary Dad and Mom D.~

My in-laws just celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary on Jan. 20th, but that is when my parents were here, and I was running to fast to be able to post anything for them. CONGRATULATIONS Dad and Mom D. on 35 happy years together. We love y'all TONS and are so happy that you are our parents! We trust that y'all have many more happy years! We appreciate y'all's godly example to we kids. We love and miss y'all, and hope to see y'all soon!


Lisa said...

Nice picture Heather. You look great and so cute pregnant. I'm enjoying your blog!


Sherry L said...

Thank you Sweetheart Heather. We had a very nice anniversary and Dad brought me 3 dozen roses!! We had flowers everywhere! Love, Mom & Dad D

~Heather~ said...

Happy Anniversary, Dad and Mom. Keep racking up the years together; what a blessing. We love you all dearly. Enjoyed talking to you all on the phone.


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