Saturday, January 19, 2008

~Our days in Medellin~

Our family and Daddy and Mommy went to Medellin (the 2nd largest city in Colombia) last Monday and came home Friday night. It is a 9-11 hour CURVY bus ride, but God helped us and we had safe trips both ways and we weren't too sick. YEA! We had a blast while we were there. I'm going to be posting a lot of pics, so I'll keep this short. Hope you enjoy this story in pictures of our trip!~The bus only stops one time in the 9-11 hour ride. So this was our lunch when we stopped.~
~At the bus stop.~
~The Lord guided us to a nice apartment to stay in in Medellin with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, a kitchen, living room and dinning room all for a GREAT price. And this pool, playground and nice mountain to walk and climb was behind our apartment.~
~Our family at a little old town up on the mountain in Medellin.~
~Daddy and Moma and our family with Medellin in the background.~
~Our 3 treasures.~
~One of our yummy Medellin lunches.~
~We found these HUGE concrete slides and our kids had a blast sliding down them...AND EVEN MY DADDY AND MOMA SURPRISED ME AND SLID DOWN THEM!!~
~Our family with a TALL cacti behind us!~
~That night we snuck our kids into that nice pool and let them swim. Our kids enjoyed their swim.~
~Waiting for the metro rail (train).~
~We rode up the mountain in the gandolas, and here are Daddy and Moma, and our children with the gandolas behind them.~
~Our friends Frank and Gloria had us over for a nice meal.~
~Then we went up the mountain to have a service in this humble shack of a dear older couple. Noah and Sarah sat on this bed during the service and Noah fell sound asleep. Daddy preached and Phillip translated into Spanish.~
~Daddy and Moma on the pretty mountain behind our apartment in Medellin.~
~Some of the more popular buildings in Medellin...3 libraries that were donated by Spain to Medellin.~
~~Our kids playing in a park.~
~Another yummy Medellin supper.~
~On our bus ride back to Bogota, when we stopped, Noah slid down a slide, and landed in mud. These were the only pants we had for him (in the bus with us),...
~So thankfully he had some red shorts on under his pants, and that is how he had to come home. I plan to pack some extra clothes in the bus with us...the next time we take a long trip. =D ~
~Moma and I on the ride home to Bogota.~
~Daddy and Phillip in the bus coming home.~
~Our 3 kids listening to "Gram" (My Moma) tell a story...trying to pass the LONG 9-11 hour trip back to Bogota.~

Thanks for stopping by and for all your nice comments. We have a busy Sunday tomorrow, filled with traveling to and from services and having a morning and evening service, with just a quick lunch hour in between. Daddy is to speak for both services and Phillip will interpret...Thank you for your prayers!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the pictures! You know THEY do speak more than a 1,000 words could. How we loved getting to see your BEAUTIFUL Medellin! How GLAD we are that Daddy and Moma were able to come over and spend these days with you all. God bless and encourage your hearts! We love and miss you ALL much! Praying for your busy days yet together! Love your sister, Laura in OH

Vonnie said...

So glad you were able to do this trip to Medellin. It looks wonderful and fun (except for the bus ride :(). Really nice that you found an apartment to stay in, it all looks really beautiful!

Sherry L said...

Dad has asked me every day last week if we have heard anything from you guys by way of computer, so he (& I ) were delighted when there was a new post on your blog of the beautiful people(you all) and places in Medellin. Thank you for this run down of your experiences. Your kids are adorable, your tummy & baby are getting huge, and it was wonderful seeing pictures of all of you. Love, Mom & Dad D

Eileen said...

Heather, it is so good to get to be part of your trip to Medellin. All the pictures are great. It sounds like you are keeping very busy. We are praying for you and your family. Thanks for sharing.
Love Ya,

Martha C said...

I enjoyed seeing all the pics. What a blessing a loving family is!

Ronda said...

I really enjoyed all of your pictures to Medellin...Looks like ya'll are having so much fun with your parents there! You do a great job at blogging your events...very interesting! Thanks for sharing!

A Moment in the Life of a Mother said...

I love the pictures and the scenery you have posted. It seems like your parents are having a great visit. I had read in the news that Bogota was a pretty wild place. A lot of fighting going on. I know that you are surely a light for Jesus in such a dark place. God bless and keep you.

Making Memories 1999 said...

Thanks so much for sharing the pictures! God bless!

lila said...

Your blog is awesome! Jim and I enjoy it. I'm so glad the Bryans are there. It is so fun to see you all and beautiful Columbia. "BLEEEEEEEEES YOUR HEARTS." LILA

kayla said...

So glad to see you are having a great time with your parents. Tell them I said "HI".
These pictures gave me the urge to make a trip to S America. It looks like a beautiful city.

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