Tuesday, December 4, 2007

~Our Saturday and Sunday~

On Saturday the kids and I went to our fruit and veggie market and bought lots of fresh fruit and veggies. Right now baby and I LOVE citrus fruit! I LOVE fresh lemon squeezed in my water, and can hardly drink water without it; and I eat oranges like they are going out of style. We had such a nice visit with the ladies at the market that we brought our LOADED cart home and went back and took a photo album for them to see and visited with those ladies for another hour or so. They were all deciding WHICH OF OUR CHILDREN they wanted to keep! Some said, Kimberly, Some said Sarah, others said Noah and others said the baby that is to be born. =D I assured them that we WANT TO KEEP THEM ALL...for they are our treasures from JESUS! Then 3 young people from one of our churches arrived and so I took them home and fed them, for who knows how long it had been since they had had something to eat. The people from our churches are so poor and rarely have a real decent meal, so I try to feed them something when they visit us. Then, those 2 of those young people, Phillip and Kimberly all left to have their Bible Study that Phillip has for 3 hours each Saturday. Later that evening I made a fun hot drink and was making some food and was WAITING for Phillip and Kimberly to come home, for they should have been home long before that. I finally called them, and found out that they were trying to get a bus to take those 2 young ladies from our church back up to their home, but the buses kept passing them and would not stop. And Phillip was nervous about sending 2 young ladies with a taxi driver. So he called me and told me that he called our friend Carlos and asked him if he could take all of us up the mountain so we could get these 2 young girls back to their mother, who has no phone, so could be pretty worried about her girls. So Phillip, Kimberly and those 2 young girls came back to our house and I fed them all. Then dear Carlos took us all up the mountain and we got the 2 young girls safely back to their Mother. Then on the way to bring us home, Carlos had to stop at a family graduation party, and we got asked to come in too. HELP! We were so embarrassed, for we were not dressed for a graduation party...but oh well. By the time that Carlos and Gloria left that party and could take us home it was 11:10 PM on a Saturday night. UGH! I knew that if I got to go to church on Sunday morning it would have to be GOD who gave me the strength to go after such a busy Saturday.
~As you can see by the photo below, God did help me go Sunday morning, and I praise Him. This is our family and our dear friend Bro. Jimmy at our church. Jimmy and his family are such a blessing to us, and dear saints of God. God gave us a good service Sunday morning and His presence was sooo close that a lot of us were weeping and praising Him.
~On Friday, Phillip had stopped into visit one of the very poor families from one of our churches, and they had just purchased some fish to fry for their supper. Since Phillip didn't have time to stay and wait until they had the food ready they INSISTED on sending 2 fish home with him. HE TRIED TO DECLINE, for they NEEDED all of their fish for their family, but they wanted to give us this gift for all that we had done to help them. But by the time he got home late Friday night, it was too late to fry fish. Then on Saturday, there was NO WAY that I felt up to de-gutting some fish, and frying the fish, eye balls and all, so I was waiting for Phillip to come home to fry the fish. But, then we got home SOOOOOO LATE Saturday night, so no fish that night. On Sunday afternoon Phillip went to fry the fish, but smelled it and it was rotten. Though we had kept it in the refrigerator, who knows how old the fish was when they bought it. Since we are not BIG fish eaters, none of our family was too sad...just sad that that family had given up 2 of their precious fish that they LOVE, for us. =( We had odds and ends for Sunday dinner and then I fell into bed for my MUCH-NEEDED NAP! Sunday night I watched Hobe Sound's church service while Phillip and Kimberly went to our 2nd church for the Sunday night service.
Thanks for your prayers for us, we had a good Sunday.


Beth said...

I am SOOOOO glad you are feeling better and able to do some things now. We miss you all sooooo much.. Love you all

Jana said...

Glad you are starting to get back to normal. That is so interesting about the citrus, I have a fridge. drawer full of oranges and grapefruit right now. YUM!! :-)

Denise said...

Dearest Heather,
I'm SO glad you're starting to feel better and get your strength back. God certainly gave you strength for you VERY busy weekend- that would have been hard on someone NOT expecting!
Love and Prayers,
Aunt Nesi

Sherry L said...

How very precious that those poor people gave you their treasured fish but you guys are just as precious giving of yourselves and your lives for them. I appreciate all you do for the Colombian people. You are my dear dear family. Love, Mom D

H.O.P.E. said...

It is so good to hear that you are getting up and out and about again. Praise the Lord! Have you heard whether your mother recieved the patterns? I was just wondering.
Have a blessed day!
God bless you today!
Love & Prayers, Eileen

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