Tuesday, December 11, 2007

~Our busy weekend~

Where or Where do I begin? On Friday I was sooo exhausted that I stayed in bed most of the day. In the evening, Phillip went to have the house service that he has every Friday night and the kids and I eagerly awaited 7:00 PM to come so we could watch Hobe Sound's Christmas program, "The Singing Christmas Tree". We really enjoyed watching their Christmas program, and the Lord helped them. On Saturday I got up early, took the kids and went to the fruit and veggie market and loaded our cart full of fresh fruit and vegetables, then came home, dropped off our cart, and then walked the mile to get our groceries. Walked the mile home hauling our full cart, then started putting things away, when the doorbell rang and there stood 3 young people from one of our churches. They were here to go to Phillip's Bible class with he and Kimberly. So, I quickly fed them and my family lunch, and then the 5 headed out the door to pick up some more young people for the Bible class. While they were gone, Sarah, Noah and I worked and made a jello shaped into a fun Christmas tree, straightened the house, prepared a snack for when Phillip, Kimberly and the 2 young girls came back. We had invited the 2 young girls to spend the night with our girls as a way to reach out to them and try to touch their lives for Jesus. I sat the table pretty using my Christmas dishes and pretty cloth Christmasy napkins and when they arrived they were happy to see the fun table, and enjoyed the snack. ~Sarah put together this 100 piece puzzle of the United States by herself!
~Our dinner together~

~Us at a colorful mall here in Bogota~

~Those 2 girls wanted to put together that puzzle that Sarah had put together, so here they and our girls are. They had a lot of fun doing that and playing other games. Notice all of the mandarin oranges behind the girls....baby and I eat those like crazy right now!~

~Right before we went to bed I served our fun Jello Christmas tree, hot choc. and marshmallows, and popcorn. (The marshmallows in their hot choc. was new to them, for here they don't put marshmallows in hot choc. here...they put in chunks of bread or of white cheese!!) We all enjoyed our Christmasy snack by the Christmas lights, and had a fun evening together as a family and with those girls!~

Our dear friends, Jimmy and his family, got this adorable doll for Sarah for her birthday. She LOVES IT! Muchisimas Gracias, Hermano Jimmy, Hermana Farly, Gabi, y Ledi por este regalo tan especial para Sarita! =D~

So, needless to say after such a busy Saturday, I knew that it would take God to help me to get to church on Sunday morning again. He did help me, and we had a good service, walked the mile home in sprinkling rain, and then the minute we got inside it POURED the rain! We had a quick lunch and then I slept for 4 hours that afternoon! Phillip and our kids went to church Sunday night and I watched the last performance of Hobe Sound's Singing Christmas tree...and my family joined me when they got home from church.
On Monday we went shopping for things that will work for costumes for the little Christmas program that Kimberly's Sunday school class wants to put on soon. So, after running most of the day on Monday, Baby and I are pretty exhausted today, but happy because God helped us to have a good weekend and He helped us to try to touch lives for Him. Thanks for your prayers!


Vonnie said...

It's so good to hear that you can even do this much now. It does make me tired just to hear of all you do though. Sounds like a really nice weekend.

Leah said...

Heather - I am so glad that you are feeling better. I love to read your blogs about your lives there!!!!

Kelly S said...

You work so hard to provide a happy home for your family. I love your Christmas tree. We did colored lights for the first time last year and loved it so much, that we'll probably never do white lights again! It makes it fun for the kids. We have a tradition that the kids get to buy an ornament each year to remember someplace special that we did, such as vacations, etc. It makes it so fun for them when we put the tree up. There are so many memories in that tree!

Anita said...

I read your blog often and rarely comment. But, I thought it would be interesting if you did a post about how Christmas traditions in Columbia. I've done a post on English Christmas traditions and had a lot of fun doing it.


The Yates said...

Hi Heather, Enjoy stopping by and finding out what's happening in Columbia. You inspire me. Trust you are encouraged in Jesus and want you to know that you are often in our thoughts and prayers. Let's continue to be faithful!

Ronda said...

You are a busy lady...and a real blessing to your family and to those around you! Be sure to take good care of yourself! Your Mother brought up an interesting thought...What if you are having twins?(I am sure that has crossed your mind! ha!) I told her that she could probably get a doppler to bring over to listen to the heartbeat or heartbeats! (smile)Hope that you all have a wonderful Christmas!(I posted some pics of your dear Mother...Thought you might want to know!)

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