Thursday, December 20, 2007

~Kimberly and Sarah's violin concert~

Our girls got the privilege to play with a group of students that their teacher teaches at a music school. They all had a violin recital (concert), and the Lord really helped them. Their teacher, Adriana is in the black playing the violin, and her husband, who also plays the violin, was accompanying the group on the piano. I thought it was nice that Adriana had her violin ready in case a student forgot where he was, or made a mistake, she would join them and help them get back on track. If only I would have had that for all my piano recitals I have played in through the years....HA!~

~Here, they don't warn you what solo you might be playing at the recital...just tell you DURING the recital. So Kimberly's teacher surprised her by calling on her to play 2 solos!!! This was her 1st solo!~

~This was her second solo. God helped her with both of her solos!~

~Here both girls are playing. It was soooo cute to watch our Sarah play, she's doing good too! The girls' teacher has really taught them a lot this year...they've come a long way, not only in violin, but in reading notes too. The song they were playing their teacher taught them to sort of rock back and forth front-wards to help them keep the time of the music, thus the position of their feet.~

~Our family after the concert was over. Kimberly was VERY relieved that it was about stress...playing 2 solos with no warning! Though she told me that she did enjoy playing during the concert too.~

~Afterwards we took the girls (and Noah) to an ice cream/fruit shop to celebrate God helping them with their concert! Daddy, Moma and Baby enjoyed a treat too!~

~3 Happy kiddos!~


The Going Blog said...

They got some good experience. Sounded pretty :) Michelle, our pastor's wife, would be proud. ha Violin is her heart.

Gayle said...

That is great that they got to do a concert! That ice cream looks very good!

Les said...

How exciting! I love to see children use their God given talent.

Janette said...

Great job, Kimberly & Sarah! I'm glad you are still playing the violin and are doing so well! Keep up the good work!

Sarah Cook said...

Thanks for all the kind notes on my blog. Your children are so precious! I would love to get my children more involved in music! That ice cream does look good!

Susanna Pilmore said...

Wow Kimberly and Sarah we are so proud of you!! Kimberly didn't even look nervous! They both looked so cute!

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