Sunday, December 16, 2007

~Christmas company and our Sunday~

~Last year some of my friends gave me some money to get these fun Christmas dishes for my birthday! I surely am enjoying having them to use.~

I LOVE to have company over. I love to set my table pretty using pretty dishes, cloth napkins folded in a fun way, pretty place cards with everyone's names on them, etc. and then I love to make lots of yummy food and sit back and watch my company and family enjoy my labors of love. However, since I'm pregnant and have been sooo nauseated and exhausted for the last 2 months, I've not gotten to do that much until now. On Saturday we invited our friends Jimmy, Farly and their 2 daughters (ages 11 and 7) and their parents over for dinner. I had a blast setting my table all pretty, and the Lord, and my family helped me get the house and all of the food ready. On the menu was:
Chicken Cordon Blue
Mashed potatoes
Buttered noodles
Spinach, Almond, Strawberry salad
64 of my homemade rolls served with honey
Creamy apple cake
milk to drink with the cake
Now...all of that probably sounds like a normal meal to you, but you have to remember that I was serving 6 Colombians that are not used to eating any of that food, so as I prepared the food, I was in hopes that they would like it. They arrived around 3:15 PM bearing a nice gift of Christmas cookies, some Colombian Christmas pudding, and a can of yummy peaches.
~Jimmy and Farly's youngest daughter is the same age as our Sarah and they both had lost their top 2 front teeth.
~Sarah, Noah and Gabi at their little table.~
We had a GREAT visit with all of them during the meal, and Thank the Lord they Loved my food, and before they left they asked for some of my recipes! =D Now if you have never had a lady from another culture ask you for a recipe, you don't know what a good feeling it is to know that they want to repeat something that you made. =)
~Jimmy, Farly, Lady, and Jimmy's parents, and Kimberly, Phillip, I (and baby) at our Christmasy table.~
After dinner and and the 2 ladies and I washing up the TONS of dirty dishes, we all sat by the Christmas lights, burning an apple/cinnamon candle (you know that I have to be feeling better to be burning scented candles) listening to Christmas music and we all really ENJOYED visiting and they LOVED looking through my 3 scrapbooks of pictures. (I didn't force them to look at my books, they wanted to! =) It is nice for their 2 daughters are near the age of our girls, so they have a blast playing together. Before they left it was requested that I play some songs on the piano and then we all sang some together too. We really enjoyed them being here...but all good things have to come to an end, so they left around 9:00 PM. =( Needles to say after walking nearly 5 miles (a mile to my grocery store and back...twice on walking tons inside the huge store) and then working so hard on Saturday to make it all happen, I fell into bed exhausted! But...sleep never came. I saw every hour on the clock Saturday night. The tea I used was not caffeine free and it must have been chucked full of caffeine for I got no sleep. family headed off to church without me Sunday morning, and I sat in my robe and enjoyed Hobe Sound's service via live streaming. After a quick nap I was able to go to church Sunday evening with my family and a couple that are friends of ours that picked us up in their car. We had a good service with a good crowd. ~Phillip in the front of our church Sunday night~

Then as they were bringing us home we had a small wreck with a taxi. UGH! Thank the Lord He helped us and the taxi didn't ask for too much money, so we paid him and left to go to our house for we had invited that couple in for a snack when we got home. We had a nice snack and visit together, and then baby and I got to go to bed for the night. I have been feeling baby make slight movements for about 2 weeks now, BUT LAST NIGHT PHILLIP GOT TO FEEL OUR BABY MOVE!!! HOW SPECIAL! We are quite sure we only have one baby (and not twins, BETH...although Phillip was hoping for twins) for I'm the same size I was with all my other babies. =D
I trust that all of y'all are having a Wonderful Christ-filled Christmas Season!


Rob and Deanna said...

Your Meal & Home looks So Festive & PRetty for Christmas! So Glad you were able to Enjoy a good meal with friends!

Eileen said...

Heather I am so glad that you are able to be up and around, to enjoy the Christmas Season. I am sure your family is too. I am one that likes it when having company to dress up the table I have snowmen dish setting. I love them I would take a picture ofthem to show you but I am not at home. Then last year before Christmas someone had given me a set of Christmas dishes for 16 each, dishes, tea cups and saucers,also mugs, stemmed glasses actually there were more then 16 of the glasses. The setting had poinsettia's on them. They are so pretty. Well, again I am glad to see that you are able to enjoy the surroundings again. Thanks for sharing.

Michelle said...

That is great that you were feeling better and able to enjoy some of the things that you love! God is good! I cannot wait to get to see you all! I love you guys and praying for all of you and your ministry there. Michelle J

Beth said...

I'm so glad you are feeling better. That's so neat that you are feeling the baby. But you know the other baby my be hiding behind the left All I hope for you is a Healthy baby. We all love you very much.

Merry Christmas

kayla said...

Thank God it was only a small wreck. Your safety is in our prayers.
It is always a special moment when Daddy gets to feel the baby move for the first time no matter how many you have.
Merry Christmas!

Gayle said...

Everything looks beautiful! Sounds like you all had a wonderful time.
Your meal sounds delicious!

Amy said...

Heather I have to agree with Beth the other baby is hiding behind the left kidney. ;) You all are great sounds like you are starting to feel better I am happy for you all. Hope you will have a Merry Christmas
love you all

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