Tuesday, September 5, 2017

~Our First Day of the 2017-2018 School year!~

Click here if you want to see Phillip's birthday post.
Today was a Happy Start to our school year!
~First off, we were SOOO GLAD to get our Kimberly safely home to us last evening.  She was gone for nearly 3 weeks taking care of her Great Grandmother (GG.)~
 ~Kimberly helped me make a special breakfast for the kids this morning.  She made the biscuits, and coffee, while I sat the table (then I fried the bacon and made the soppy chocolate!)~

  ~Complete with Gold chargers and gold and white napkins. :-) ~
 ~Kimberly's yummy biscuits.~
 ~Yummy Soppy Chocolate~
 ~Mary, Elijah, Noah, and Sarah are our Students in our Dickinson Home School this year!~
 ~Mary is our Favorite 2nd Grader~

 ~Elijah is our Favorite 3rd Grader!~
 Noah wanted his picture with our Dog named Flint.
But, it's hard to get a dog to pose...and to get him to "look at you with the background you want behind him." :-)
~Noah our Favorite 8th Grader!~ 

~Sarah Our Favorite Junior in High School!~

Mommy's Lil' Helper.
 ~I felt like this BEFORE the day had even started.  HA!~
~ Hey, she looks tired, maybe I can sneak in a nap!! :-D ~

 ~Mary reading to Abigail~
~We got a new pencil sharpener at Sams, that we love.  It's called Ipoint Orbit. A friend of mine said that you can find this on Amazon.~
 ~The Teacher, her Students, and her Lil' Helper!!~
 ~Our oldest student...holding our little Helper!~
  ~Kimberly and I had to run to Sam's and Abigail insisted on pushing the cart...more like "RUNNING behind it" ....at a great speed. :-) ~
 ~The Lord helped us to get a new car seat for Abigail on SALE for $20.00!!
 Thank you, Dear Jesus, for a good Start to the school year.


sherryldickinson said...

I LOVE THIS POST !!!! I WANT TO SIT AND STARE AT EACH BEAUTIFUL CHILD IN EACH PICTURE but it is late and I have to go to bed before it is time to get up. I'll try to post again another time. With so much love and admiration, Mom D in Las Vegas

Moma said...

I loved the post on your first day of school, from the breakfast that Kimberly helped to make to viewing each student. Noah was a classic with your puppy! Of course your little helper looked just about "helped out" laying on the porch, I am not sure who needed the nap most she or her Mommy. We loved having you all over with the Alexanders on Monday! Love you all, Moma

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