Wednesday, September 27, 2017

~Aug.-Sept. Happenings!~

This past weekend we went to VA for my nieces' wedding.  We had a wonderful weekend....but it ended very SADLY when Abigail had an accident on U. Andrew's farm and had to get 13 stitches in her forehead.  She was outside with the other kids who were playing hide-and-seek in the dark.  Though the kids were close by, No one was with her when she got hurt, so we are still trying to figure out what happened. :-(

 ~Kimberly went with Daddy and Abigail to the emergency room. ~
 ~Once they got the blood cleaned off, it was quite deep.  So the doctor ordered a Cat scan, to make sure that everything was ok inside. :-(
 ~I stayed in the hotel with our other children...helping dry tears and calm sadness.
As the night wore on and they were still working on Abigail at the ER, I got more and more SAD and wanted to panic.
So, THIS IS THE VERSE that I kept quoting to myself...

Psalm 56:3~
 Phillip, Kimberly, and Abigail got back to the hotel at 2:00 A.M.  Abigail was "asleep" but kept Crying out every 10 mins. in her sleep.  :-(  Finally, I gave her some pain meds. at 3:20 or so and she slept pretty well after that.
 On Monday we drove back home from VA.
 ~Elijah, Mary, and Abigail Monday morning.~
 ~Aunt Laura brought over this fun "sweet" candy-filled butterfly for Abigail yesterday.~
Prayers appreciated for little Abigail to heal well 
and with little scaring. 
Also, I would appreciate prayer since the stress of this, lack of sleep and sitting for hours while traveling has caused my back to go OUT!! I can hardly walk.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Wow!  Our lives have been super BUSY! Nearly Every day has been blog worthy. :-)
So, here's happy happenings from the months of Aug. and Sept.
~Abigail put on her own headband. :-) 
 ~The 3 littles having a tea party with Abigail's new Tupperware dishes.~

 ~Phillip helped the children make "pinhole boxes" to "look at" the eclipse with.~
 ~Looking thru the holes in the boxes to see the light from the eclipse.~
 ~My Sweetheart being CRAZY and ACTING LIKE he was using Sarah's sunglasses to look at the eclipse.  Don't panic HE WAS NOT LOOKING AT IT. :-) ~
 ~Showing the boxes to the cousins.~

 ~Aunt Laura and Abigail~
 ~Enjoying using my Summer decor for a little longer.~
 ~Yummy fried eggplant.~
 ~Yummy squash and hamburger~

 ~We took supper to Bryon, Phillip, and Bro. Becker one night.~
 ~Mary wearing her blouse from Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay....that says something like,
Every day I wake up cute, but today I outdid myself. :-D~
 ~One day we enjoyed some Argentine Choripan and Mate.~
~We were happy to find Chimichurri sauce in the Argentine section of Jungle Jims.~

 ~Our Elijah LOVES to make things out of cardboard, tape, glue, etc. Here's his shield, helmet, sword, etc. he made.~

 ~We finally got my fun LA painting from Mr. Willard hung.~
~Ponchatoula, LA used to be one of the if not THE Strawberry Capital of the USA.
 This wooden strawberry picking crate was handmade by Mr. Davis.

 ~Mr. Willard painted this adorable pic of a strawberry crate and painted Ponchatoula on it too.~

 ~Enjoying some of the yummy red tea that Stacey gave me while I was in LA.~
 ~Flint our Dog and the nice fire pit that Phillip and the kids built out of rocks from AZ!!~
 ~Phillip was so happy to get to use fun rocks that he had collected in AZ for our fire pit.~

 ~Kroger had red raspberries on sale, so I bought some and made raspberry freezer jam.~
~We took the kids by a train store.  Abigail was enjoying seeing the train which blew real steam and talked.~
 ~Little Abigail's tennis shoe...beside Noah's big one. :-) ~
 ~Enjoying the record player some one gave us.~
 ~Fun around the bondfire in our back yard~
 ~This cute little basket came from one of the SWEET older colored neighbor ladies that lived on our street and went to Heaven. We use it daily to collect the eggs from our chickens.~
 ~Quiche for breakfast.~
 ~Abigail showing you she is 3.~

 ~Abigail was in great NEED of a new we were HAPPY that the Lord helped us to find one for $20.00~
 ~We were thrilled that our good friend from our Colombian days Jonathan brought his wife Natasha and little girl by to spend the evening with us.~
 ~Natasha, Isabella, and Jonathan walking together.  We took them to river front and took a picnic to eat.~

 ~Abigail and her friend Isabella!~

 ~Phillip and I, Natasha and Jonathan.
(My purse is what is behind Phillip's leg. :-) ~

 ~Those of us that love Reese's will agree with me that they fit right in with my vintage decor. :-) ~
 ~Reuben sandwiches for lunch.~
 ~Fresh veggies and canned goods from my sis-in-law Beth.~
 ~Iced coffee that I made for Sarah and I~
 ~Flint lying in the tires where Phillip planted our potatoes. :-) ~

 ~Sweet little Abigail~
 ~Sarah and I got a public Library card.~
 ~Sarah got her eyes checked for the first time since 2015 and THEY HAVE IMPROVED!! Praise the Lord!~
 ~This sign is so true...
 ~Elijah dressed Abigail up.~
 ~Elijah grew this beet...and so we threw it in our stew.~
 ~We were praying right along with you for those who were suffering thru the storms!!~
 ~Yummy Stew with veggies from our garden and others.~
 ~The Friday before Labor day we went over to Rushville exit and met Daddy and Moma at Wendys.  We enjoyed a yummy supper together and then they took our Sarah and her cousin Darla home with them for a few days.~

~The rest of us ran home and had an eventful Saturday.~
 ~Mary and Abigail helped me bake 70 brownie bites.~
 ~This IS part of helping, isn't it?! :-) ~

On Saturday, the 2nd of Sept. we had the first reunion of local Cincinnati former choir members who had studied under Bro. Garen Wolf.
We got together, ate together, and sang lots of songs we used to sing.
~Here are our brownie bites.~
 ~Dear Bro. Garen Wolf and my Dear Sweetheart!!~
 ~Rob and Matt visiting~

 ~Dear friends Brenda, Joy, Lisa, and I!~

 ~Eating together~

 ~Sis. Gwen, Steff, Heather, Joy, and Sis. Clemens~

 ~Sunday afternoon after attending our own service at Christian Nation Church, we hurried over to IN to have a missionary service with our dear friends the McKnights.
Here Abigail's is praising the Lord!~

 ~I was playing the piano and Kimberly was still in TN!~
 ~Gramp and Gram came to our service.~

 ~Abigail taking selfies~

 ~It was so fun to see my sweet friend Dorcas again~
 ~After service we had a nice meal and visit with everyone.~
 ~Sidney, Sarah, and Darla~
 ~My sweet friend Roseanne!!  We haven't seen each other for 3 years or so...and I was HAPPY to see her again!!~

 ~Then since it was Memorial day weekend and we were already in IN, we spent the night with Daddy and Moma. :-)
Here we were having Family Devotions together!!~
 ~Gram's yummy fruit to go with our breakfast on Memorial day~
 ~Abigail playing with the CUTE little barn that her Great Grandma Bryan (who is now in Heaven) made for her great grand kids.~

 ~Together we made Great Grandma Bryan's potato salad.  Elijah is cutting the onions.~
 ~Daddy pushing Abigail on Gramp and Gram's swing~

 ~We had a fun Memorial day grill out together at Gramp and Gram's house....Complete with S'mores.~

 ~Cute little watermelons~
 ~Getting ready~

 ~Heather, Moma and Penny.
Penny and her family came over and joined us.~
 ~Phillip did the grilling~
 ~Penny's boys and our kids and Darla.~

 ~Praying for the food~

 ~Sarah and Darla...they had a great few days with Gramp and Gram!!~
 ~The kids playing Croquet.~

 ~Penny's boys, Noah, Darla, and Sarah~

 ~Thank you, GRAMP AND GRAM for the wonderful few days.  Sarah and Darla Loved their time with y'all!!!~
 ~Abigail buckling up in her new car seat~
 ~Flint using his dog house. ( He NEVER wanted to use it...but is starting to use it more now.)~

 ~Audrey B. from Afton Wesleyan asked me if I would come and do a 2 night series for her ladies on Why We Believe What we Believe.  Here I was... stuck in traffic... driving to her church.~
 ~We served snacks at the ladies meetings.
My brownie bites and strawberries~
 ~Pimento cheese sandwiches.
 ~Dunkin donuts...youth night out!!~

 ~Trying to snag a pic of Abigail and her 2 shy friends.~

 ~I took the kids to the park for break.~

 ~Our "2nd little family" of children.  Now-a-days Kimberly stays busy with violin lessons, playing in the GBS band, violin practice, piano lessons and practice and preparing for her Colombian missions trip in October, etc.
Sarah and Noah stay busy with schoolwork.
So, just these 3...Elijah, Mary, and Abigail HANG OUT WITH MOMMY A LOT NOW!!~

 ~The school year is going good for Elijah and Mary.  The Lord is helping them!!
I snapped this picture of Mary holding on to Elijah while they listened to an Odyssey or Patch the Pirate or Your Story Hour Story.~ :-)
 ~Morning time with JESUS...I Dare NOT start my Day without it. #STREAMSINTHEDESERT  #KJV~
 ~Elijah wanted Pancakes for he helped me mix them up and cook them.
He asked me to Please write down that recipe to WHERE HE KNOWS WHERE IT IS...
"because I want to be a chef...and I could make these for the family someday when you aren't home." :-D ~
 ~Elijah opened Abigail's bike seat and found OLD biscuits and sidewalk chalk in there. :-) ~
 ~Natasha came home because of the storm in FL so Laura and family invited us over for a bondfire and snacks.  I made a pudding pie.
 ~And pretzel bites.~
 ~Natasha and Kimberly visiting~

 ~Noah, Elijah, and Phillip~
 ~'Tasha and Daryl~
 ~One Saturday Phillip took our family on an outing.
First we ate a lunch buffet at Pizza Hut.~
 ~Then he took us to where we had planted the little Oak tree in memory of our Baby Mercy, a year ago in June.~
 ~Phillip and Sarah clearing out around our little Oak Tree for Baby Mercy~
 ~Then we all gathered around it, held hands, and Phillip prayed that God would help our CIRCLE be unbroken in Heaven.  There were lots of tears shed!! :-(
 ~As we left there we saw a wild apple tree.  So, Noah stood on top of our truck and picked us each a yummy apple.~

 ~Then Daddy took us to Fort old place where it was believed that the American Indians using the Hope Well culture...did their ceremonies or something.
We did a 2 mile hike.~

 ~Phillip thought that he would have to carry Abigail, but she led the way most of the time!~

 ~Noah carved his name in a tree.~
 ~Someone else had carved this neat cross.~

 ~Kimberly and Abigail~

 ~Phillip carving his and my initials in the tree.  :-) ~

 ~We found several Paw Paw trees and the fruit was yummy.  The taste was a mixture of banana, Jack fruit, and mangos.~

 ~I saw this somewhere and typed it up and framed it in my home.

 ~Abigail with her new little umbrella...this would make anyone smile on a rainy day. :-) ~
 ~A nice rug we found at a re-store for Kimberly and Sarah's room.~
 ~One morning we invited Emily A. in for breakfast.  We served eggs, sausage, fruit and fruit dip, puffin pastries from Butter Braid, and coffee.~

 ~This was the 2nd night that Audrey and I spoke to the ladies at Afton Wesleyan on Why we Believe what we believe.  The Lord helped Audrey and I.  The ladies were great listeners and we enjoyed food, fellowship, and a great discussion.~

 ~Sweet Audrey and I~
 ~Megan, Sarah, Shannon, and their sister had fun visiting together.~

 ~The next morning Abigail was THRILLED that we let her go to PIANO LESSONS with Kimberly, Sarah, and Mary.~
 ~Sweet Mrs. Martha let Abigail play the piano for her too. :-) ~
~That Thursday our family, the Pilmores, the Hawns, and the Stampers went camping for a couple days.  Here's Mary and Abigail playing together.~

 ~Mary was so happy when Clarissa arrived to play too.~
 ~Around the campfire.~
 ~Elijah and Levi...2 peas in a pod.~
 ~The teenage girls~

 ~Pastor Paul, David, and Phillip around the fire.~

 ~Breakfast the next morning.  David and Kelly cooked up a whole box of bacon and some fresh veggies.  Phillip made 2 dozen eggs.  And of course there was yummy coffee, and we brought donuts and muffins too.~
 ~Little Andrew and Emily and baby bump...both sitting in children's chairs. :-) ~
 ~Sarah letting Abigail play her ukulele.
 ~Phillip and the Stamper kids and ours playing Spot it.~

 ~Jacob and Elijah playing together in the woods.~

 ~Emily and baby bump, Andrew, and David.~

 ~Phillip laid down in Elijah's hammock.~
 ~The young people went on a walk before we left.~

 ~Abigail wanted to hold Andrew...who is about her same size.~
 ~The kids fort.~


 ~We could not camp Friday night...for on Saturday we had to get up at 3:30 A.M. to drive to Bob Evans to meet Pastor and Grammy, the Beckers, Nate Becker, the Hoopers, the Flings, and later the Carters for breakfast on our way to Christian Nation Church congress.~

 ~The Lord gave us a wonderful Christian Nation Church Congress.~

 ~Our family sang~

 ~And the Ryans sang~

 ~My sweet friend Lila and I.~

 ~The "massaging" line.~
 ~Then on the way home the Ryans and our family met up for coffee.~

 ~A fruit salad for Sunday dinner~
 ~Sweet Laura sent rolls over for our Sunday dinner.~
 ~We got to church early one Sunday, so Phillip took the kids on a walk around the church property.~
 ~And then played a game of "Mother May I" with them.~
 ~Little Abigail snuggling with Eva in church.~
 ~On Monday morning I took my friend Jackie to Carabello coffee.~

 ~My Sweet friend Jackie and I.
We had a nice heart-to-heart.  We even prayed together right there with everyone around us.~
 ~This was a cute sign we saw...
"Almost Everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes...even you!"
 ~Kimberly was a jewel and watched Jackie's little girls while she and I went out for coffee.~
 ~Elijah, Mary and I made chocolate chip pumpkin scones for brunch.~
 ~Kimberly reading a Spanish book to our 3 they keep hearing Spanish.~
 ~Elijah made Abigail some wings and a hallow and had her be the "Angel" that told Mary in the Bible that she was going to have baby Jesus.~
 Thank you for visiting my blog!

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