Tuesday, September 19, 2017

~Our trip to AL and LA!~

Our lives are so Crazy Busy!!  I thought the other day, that nearly EVERY DAY we do something that is BLOG WORTHY.  :-)  So, I want to post these FUN pics from our AL and LA trip then I'll post our recent happenings!
Back in July after our Road trip to FL we headed to Alabama and then to Louisiana.  I didn't get a chance to post these pics yet, so here goes.
~The night before we left U. Scott and A. Libby, they gave us this super sweet card and a love offering!!!~
 ~Abigail sleeping.~
 ~Heading to Pell City, AL to have a  missionary service.~
 ~Traveling companions~
 ~My dear friend Melinda made us yummy iced coffee and then we got to go to her good thrift stores to find my boys some jeans.
Melinda and I go back to College days.  She's a dear and I love her.~
 ~On the Sunday we were there they were having a going-away-to-college party for Warren and Melanie from their church.~

 ~Cute flip flop cookies.~

 ~On Sunday A.M. they asked our family to provide the special music and offertory and then P.M. We had our missionary service at their church.
Sunday evening after church Don and Melinda had another family and us in for a yummy snack.~
 ~Enjoying a snack with the Cooks and Shirks.~

 ~Don and Phillip have been great friends since college days as well.~
 ~Then on Monday we headed to our beloved Ponchatoula, LA!!~
 ~On the way...this HOUSE pulled onto the road and took up BOTH LANES.  I thought that it was going to STAY THERE...but eventually the HOUSE moved over to it's own lane. :-D~
 ~Popeyes chicken for supper~
 ~Cute little milk jugs in the little 'fridge in the guest cottage there in Ponchatoula.~

 ~The yummy snacks in the cottage.~
 ~It was so fun to be with our dear friends David and Brittany.  They are now pastoring our dear people there in Ponchatoula.  They had us over to eat a Yummy supper with them and David's Sweet Mom.  Brittany has the parsonage and guest cottage so Cute!!.~
~David and little Abigail.  It think she pretty much had him wrapped around her finger. :-) ~
 ~On Wednesday we got to meet our dear friends Kimberly, Mrs. Naomi, and Mr. Paul at Cracker Barrel.  We go back a long ways...and have LOVED and Prayed for these 3 for years now!!!  Such SWEET FRIENDS!!~

 ~We looked over and there stood Abigail at someone else's table chit chatting with them. :-) ~
 ~Then we ran over Cafe Du Monde to enjoy some YUMMY coffee and beignets!!~

 ~WONDERFUL BEIGNETS...that Kimberly N. bought for our family!!~

 ~The kids Loved them...
 ~and the powdered sugar stuck to their faces....
 ~Especially since ABIGAIL LICKED IT UP!!~

 ~ ~My Sweet friend Kimberly and I!!~
 ~Bro. David had asked our family to sing a special Wednesday night, and to have Kimberly play her violin, and Phillip to preach.~
 ~Then, since Sonic was On Kimberly's way home....and because they had them half off or something...we all ran to Sonic.~

 ~The kids wanted to see "Old Hard Hide" the alligator on our way home.~

 ~On Thursday we got to spend some time with our DEAR friends Ms. Nellie and Ms. Cleo. They have really been suffering recently and we sang them a song and prayed and cried together!!!~
 ~Then our Dear friends Danny and Stacey invited the Fogelmans and our family over for a grill out.~
 ~Danny cutting up the yummy meat!!~

 ~Jackson and Noah~
 ~The kids' playing games.~

 ~Stacey and Danny~
 ~Brittany, Mrs. F., Heather, and Stacey~

 ~Brittany and Abigail~

Then we headed to Crowley, LA for Matt and Brooklyn's wedding.~
~Matt's Sweet parents....our great friends Steve and Luann.~
 ~Bethany was one of the bridesmaids.~
 ~It was a pretty, simple, and God-honoring wedding~

 ~Luann and Steve played for the song that Matt and Brooklyn sang to each other.~

 ~Abigail 'melling the candle at the reception~

 ~The reception was in a NEAT old warehouse.  It was YUMMY!!!~
 ~Abigail listening to the pretty guitar music that these guys provided.~
 ~The Cake Table~
 ~The girls waiting to catch the bouquet.~
 ~My sweet friend Luann and I.~

 ~Super sweet friends!!!
Bethany, Mary, Sarah, Kara, Abigail, and Kimberly!~

 ~Grandpa Charles with Abigail~

 ~Bethany and I~
 ~Breakfast at the hotel the next morning before we parted ways.~
 ~The guys~
 ~Sweet Sito and I~
 ~Fun trees and water in LA as we were traveling home to Cinci.~
 ~then we "Drove like the Dickinsons" to get to a Culver's before it closed...and got a treat.~

~There was a wreck on the other side of Lousiville...so we were stopped for 45 mins. or more.  We used that time to SLEEP!!! then woke up at traveled HOME!!~
 ~And....there she is....Cincinnati!!~

 ~Our dog Flint was HAPPY to see our kids again!~
 ~This was on our street when we got home.  
My niece Natasha's UHaul as she was moving to teach at Hobe Sound.  
She left the day we got home.~

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