Tuesday, October 10, 2017

~My niece Kelsea's wedding, Mary's Birthday, Singspiration at the Flings' church, Fall Hayride, Mission service, UBC's Fun Fall day~

Wow! Life keeps going by FAST.  We're having a lot of fun this fall.  Here in our House...the kids are working HARD on their schoolwork everyday, so occasionally we take a break to do a fun fall activity with the kiddos.
I stay busy as a homemaker...loving Phillip, teaching the little kids, cooking, doing laundry, etc.  Like I said earlier, Elijah, Mary, and Abigail hang out with Mommy often now, so they like to help me in the kitchen.
One day we fried eggplant...and there was flour ALL OVER the kitchen. :-) ~
 ~We took the kids to Eden park to run around the pond.  I think Noah plans to run a 5K in November.~

 ~Sarah and Noah skating.~

 ~A familiar scene at our dinning room table.  Elijah and Mary doing their schoolwork, and Abigail "doing her schoolwork too." :-D ~

 ~On Sept. 23 our niece Kelsea got married in VA. We were so glad we got to go.
The leaves were starting to turn.~
 ~We left at 4:30 A.M. so around 11 or so we stopped at Chick-fil-A to enjoy a good breakfast.~

They had a wedding in the woods. 
It was sooo cute and very "Kelsea." :-) ~

 ~We helped get ready for their reception.~
 ~They had lots of outside games for everyone to play.~
 ~Gramp and Gram ...my parents going into the woods for the wedding.~

 ~The door that Kelsea came through.~

 ~Troy Keaton married them.  Here is Gary and his Dad.~
 ~My nephew Keith bringing Gram and Gramp down the aisle.~
 ~Keith bringing his Mom... Lyn (the Brides mother too) down the aisle.~
 ~Keith's son ...Little Carson...the Bible bearer.~

 ~Here Comes the Bride...and her Daddy...my brother Lincoln!!~

 ~My brother (the Bride's Daddy) praying for the Bride and Groom.~
 ~the Kiss~
 ~Visiting after the wedding.~
 ~Gram and Gramp with Gary and Kelsea.~
 ~Gramp and Gram, Gary and Kelsea, and Linc and Lyn.~
 ~Our Whole Bryan Family~
 ~The reception.  They had a whole roasted pig.~
 ~My sweetheart and I~
 ~U. Lincoln and Abigail~

 ~Kimberly, Brittany, and Sarah~
 ~Gram visiting with my brother Lincoln and Lyn, and Daryl, Laura, and Natasha are visiting with my oldest brother Andrew.~
 ~Gramp visiting with my nephew Keith and his wife Natalie.~
 ~A cute arrangement of blankets and the sign that Kelsea made that said, "To have and to hold in case you get cold."  :-) ~

 ~The sparkles we used for them to walk thru right before they left.~
 ~Gary's parents and the bride and groom coming to the reception after their pics.~
 ~Their yummy cupcakes.~
 ~The bridal party playing volleyball~

 ~The 3 cousins that were born in 2000~
 ~Lincoln talking about Kelsea his only daughter.~


 ~My nephew Drew was one of the ones lighting everyone's sparklers...so he never got one...so he used the lighter.  :-) ~

 ~Lyn, Mother-of-the-bride and my sis-in-love...and I~
 ~Abigail and little Carson~
 ~The Father of the Bride and the Father of the Groom.~
 ~We stayed in a hotel on the lake.~
 ~On Saturday night we bought breakfast items and on Sunday morning we enjoyed a relaxing breakfast on the lake, before we got ready and went to church.~

 ~Drew, Elijah, and Matt (married to my niece Kate, sister to Drew.)~
 ~Tyler and Noah~
 ~Abigail and little Carson.

 ~Drew, Phillip, Gramp and Keith enjoying visiting after church.~
 ~Cousins being together~
 ~U. Dan and Matt visiting~
 ~Teresa (Lyn's sister), Heather, Lyn, Natalie (Lyn's daughter-in-love), and Sis. Hurt (Lyn's Mommy)~

 ~Everyone pitched in and we had a yummy Sunday dinner together~
 ~Lincoln and Lyn watching their GRANDson Carson eating a choc. cupcake.~
 ~Bryan and Dickinson Cousins...minus Grant and Tyler.~
 ~Uncle Andrew and Abigail~
  ~We enjoyed a fun evening seeing Andrew and Vonnie's farm and the barn that they have turned into an adorable home.~
~Abigail visiting with Gramp and Gram ~
~Kimberly and Abigail singing a song for Gram~
~Daddy and Lincoln and Phillip and Andrew visiting~
~The Andrew Bryans minus Drew and Kate.~
~Andrew and Vonnie have this neat old barn on their farm.~
~And a neat little cemetery that has some unmarked Old graves...maybe belonging to slaves?  It was neat to see.~
~Sunday night is when Abigail got hurt. :-(
Sarah and Noah Saying by the lake.  We enjoyed our stay at the hotel beside the Lake.~
~Saying goodbyes on Monday morning.
Gram giving Abigail some money since she got hurt.~
~When we got home I had received this NICE package of oils in the mail from a DEAR friend!! It has been a HUGE blessing and has helped heal Abigail's owies, and my back that went out.~
~Some pumpkin muffins I made one morning.
Easy Pumpkin Muffin recipe.  
Mix together a spice cake mix, and a can of pumpkin. (Can add cinnamon chips, or butterscotch chips or choc. chips and nuts.)
Bake until done....350 for 15-20 mins. or more...then Top with cream cheese icing.~

~On Wednesday after the wedding is when my back went OUT...and I could hardly WALK!! So, my family helped take care of Abigail AND ME.~
~Kimberly is playing with the GBS orchestra this semester.  On Friday morning that week she was to play in chapel, but my back was out and I couldn't go. :-(
So, I laid on the girls bed up in their room and listened to Kimberly and Emily A. practice to play in GBS chapel that morning.~

 ~That Friday was also our MARY'S BIRTHDAY!!!!!~
 ~We LOVE our sweet Mary.  Mary was one of the BIGGEST surprises of our lives.  And then just after we found out she was on the way....we nearly LOST her. :-(
Thank you, Dear Jesus, for giving us sweet little Mary.
She is very kind, thinks of others, loves to write notes to Daddy and I and others, and is a little sweetheart!
 ~Gramp and Gram came by for a quick visit.~
 ~That evening Kimberly babysat the Kline children so their parents could enjoy a date.~
 ~CUTE Abigail holding CUTE Baby Eily.~

 ~Kimberly and baby Eily~
 ~Sarah got her to giggle.  (Eily, not Kimberly.  Kimberly is ALWAYS giggling. :-) ~
 ~The girls had to make Mary's birthday party happen, for I was in BED with my back.  Kimberly made these cupcakes.
I did get up and icing them.~

 ~Mary drew on the chalkboards..."Mary is 7 yrs. old".~
 ~I was happy to find these cute little cups to put Mary's birthday cupcakes inside~

~Since Kimberly was babysitting ...Mary was Happy to have company for her birthday.
Eva and Mary.~
 ~Kimberly and Sarah took the kids to the park~

~Mary opening her gifts.~
 ~On Saturday we went to Bryon and Michele Flings church.
We enjoyed being with them on Saturday and Sunday.
~We had an enjoyable supper out on their deck that chilly night.~
 ~We enjoyed their fire pit.~
 ~Michele's yummy dessert.~
 ~Bryon and Phillip always enjoy visiting.~
 ~We enjoyed sleeping in the prophets chamber in their church.
They had nice snacks there for us to enjoy.~
 ~Sunday morning...Sammy, Elijah, and Mary sitting on the bridge.~
 ~After the morning service we were to have dinner on the grounds.
Kimberly, Sarah, and Noah helped the Flings get everything set up.~

 ~Abigail joined the kids.~
 ~Eating a quick breakfast before church.
~The Flings had asked our family to do a Singspiration that morning at their church.
We sang several songs, testified in between the songs, and Phillip preached for about 15 mins.
Per Bryon's request....Sarah played her ukulele and sang with Kimberly.~
   ~Abigail taking a selfie during the service.~

 ~Our family singing~

~Dinner on the Grounds
We enjoyed a yummy meal!~

 ~Then after we helped the Flings clean up, we hit the road and drove straight to our church that evening for the evening service.
During church Abigail drew this picture of "Sarah."
A little head with hair, eyes, and 2 legs.
Funny thing is that Sarah drew THE EXACT little people when she was little. :-) ~
 ~Abigail was Happy with the "cards and cash" she got from her accident.  She got cards from GG, Gramp and Gram, A. Carole, and U. Andrew and A. Vonnie.~
  ~Mary got this cute little Elephant for her birthday.
Abigail put Noah's bow tie on the elephant. :-) ~


 ~The Pumpkin Patch!~

 ~Kate and Sarah...with a sleeping baby Eily!
Sarah was trying to get her to lay a different way, but she liked ~
 ~They had a fun "corn box" full of kernels of corn in which the kids could play.~
 ~Abigail in the corn~
 ~There was a cow train...and the big kids road it for Fun. :-) ~
   ~Ivan, Noah, and Abigail
 ~Robbie, Eva, and Mary~

 ~Sarah, Kate, Abigail, Kimberly, Megan and baby Eily~
  ~Abigail played for nearly 30 mins. with these water pumps and little ducks.~

 ~The kids love this giant slide.~

 ~Eva, Rebekah, Mary and Elijah all made a Train and came down the slide together~

 ~And we each got a free pumpkin.
Abigail holding her pumpkin~
 ~The Kline children and 5 of ours.~

~Our Missions service at Noblesville Church.~
Last Wednesday night we had a mission service at Noblesville church in Indiana.~
 ~Mary found herself some new friends.~
 ~We were so happy that our "other daughter" Bethany came to see us.~

 ~Near Indianapolis that night there was some kind of police escort for we counted 13 or so police on the road in front of us.~
 ~Denisa packed us a yummy lunch to eat on the way home that night after our service.  These yummy chocolates were a part of our lunch/snack.~
 ~Mary got a Fun Birthday package from her cousin Natasha in FL. :-) ~
 ~A little jar of candy corn and peanuts with some cash attached that I gave to a Dear friend who has been a HUGE BLESSING to me.~
 ~My Dear friend Sherry Patton came by with a pounding the other day.  Something she said her Mother Loved to do.  She told me to consider it from her Mommy who is in Heaven.  Her sweet Mommy used to attend our church in Phoenix.
Sherry made me cry!!!~
 ~My sweet sister Laura gave me this yummy smelling cleaning spray by Mrs. Meyers Clean Day.~
 ~Last Friday night some of us met at River Front to hang out, eat pizza together, and enjoy the evening.
We hadn't been there very long when there were SIRENS ALL AROUND US.
We got the news that someone HAD JUMPED FROM THE BRIDGE.  :-(
They had a helicopter with spotlight, rescue boats with spotlights, stopped the other boat traffic, closed down the bridge, and had rescue vehicles everywhere.
As far as we know, they never found the person. :-(
It was SAD!!!  I sat there and prayed for the person in case they were still alive.~

 ~Zack and Abigail~
 ~RaeQuelle and Kimberly~
 ~Sarah and Samantha~
 ~Pizza at the park~

~Fun Fest at UBC~
Saturday morning we headed to UBC to enjoy a day.

 ~RaeQuelle, Sarah, Kimberly, Bethany, and Lindsay~
  ~Mary got to ride the horse and carriage with her friend Clarrisa~

 ~A gift I gave to a dear friend!
(A galvanized tray for Fall, and candy corn, peanuts, and M&Ms.)~
 ~A fun fall arrangement at UBC~
 ~I was so happy to see Sweet Sis. Grile.~
 ~RaeQuelle and Sarah~
 ~Kara, RaeQuelle, Katie, Sarah, and Kimberly~
 ~My Sweetheart and I~
 ~After a fun filled day at UBC...they ended the day with a fun and yummy dinner.~
 ~Standing in line to eat.  With Kevin Mason~
 ~Bethany was serving, so I had Sarah jump in with her for a pic.~
 ~Us ladies...a pic we took for A. Luann to see her Bethany.~
 ~Kevin Mason did a great job speaking
 ~Sarah Robberts (who our kids called "Aunt Sarah" back when we spent 8 months together studying Spanish in Costa Rica) did a great job telling the story, "I am special." ~
 ~Our family was asked to sing/play 4 songs at the end of the dinner.~
 ~Bethany...taking a selfie on my phone.~

~Kimberly played a song on her violin.~
  ~Abigail's bloomers were one leg up...and the other down. :-) ~
 ~Afterwards the girls enjoyed hanging out in Bethany's room and...~
  "jammin" on their Ukuleles

~Noah beating up a car ...which was a fund raiser for UBC.~

~Noah and Elijah with their friends beating on the car.~
 ~A fun pic Bethany took of her and Abigail~
~Abigail wearing Bethany's coat.~
 ~Bethany took this fun pic of her, Kimberly, Sarah, and RaeQuelle~
 ~I was trying to get a pic of my sweet friend Susanna and I...and Bethany jumped in. :-) ~
 ~We took this pic of Abigail sleeping in service on Sunday night.
God is really helping her owies on her forehead to heal nicely!!! 
(And her hair helps cover them too.) ~
 ~A fun Leap Frog phone Daddy and I got Abigail since she got hurt.~
 ~Kimberly, And I stopped by and got some coffee...
and took one to Phillip who was working nearby.~

 ~Noah playing his guitar classical style.
I loved his "prop" for his foot. :-)
 ~Every time I use this 2 handy kitchen tools...
I think of my Sweet friend Caro in Argentina that gave them to me!!~

~This poem "Overheard in an Orchard" in the devotional from Streams in the Desert spoke to me this morning in my devotions.~
 ~I surprised our children this morning and made these pancakes with an cinnamon / apple / walnut glaze on top, (and I also served sausage patties and boiled eggs.)
Enjoy this Fall with a THANKFUL HEART!!!


Anonymous said...

Dear Heather,
I always enjoy your blog posts and pics so much but I'm bad about sending a
comment. The love of God is so evident through you and your precious family.
You are such a blessing .

Just wanted to add one more thing about your sweet little Mary....she is also
GORGEOUS !!!! I know you already now it but I wanted to also point it out.
Happy Birthday sweet girl !!!

Prayers that little Abigail will heal with minimal/no scares. That was one
nasty fall.

God bless you, your husband, and sweet, sweet family.

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