Wednesday, July 6, 2016

~Our 4th of July gathering!~

I hope that each of you had a wonderful Fourth of July!! 
Since I'm still not quite myself, I asked my good friend Dee if she and Rob would mind hosting a 4th of July get-together at their house.
My plan was to basically use their yard, and not have to enter their house...but the rain sort of nixed that idea. :-(
But Later in the day God helped things to clear up and we were able to play games outside.  :-)  Thank you, Dear Jesus!!
A HUGE THANK YOU to Rob and Deanna 
for letting us gather at their lovely place!!  
It was a fun filled day...filled with Food, laughter, stories, Food, fun, fellowship, FOOD, Flags, games, FOOD and Fireworks!!! (Did I Mention FOOD? :-)
~Sarah took this Fun 4th of July snap!~
 ~ I REALLY wanted just BLUE M&M's, but probably would have had to order them, and had no time.~
~Jars of Red, White, and Blue.~
 ~There was a lot of Fun Patriotic decor between Dee's and mine. :-) ~
 ~And a lot of Red, White, and Blue clothes too.
(I had fun going to Goodwill and finding a little girl's mini skirt, then adding the anchor material to it, to make Mary's skirt. :-)
Mary and her sweet cousin Sophia.~
 ~And A Lot of adorable smiles and kids! 
There were 27 kids between our 5 families. :-)
This is adorable Baby Ava!!~

 ~Fun "bandana bowls" from Kroger.~
 ~Fun plates from Hobby Lobby.~

 ~Fruit, Brownie, and Marshmallow Kabobs.~
 ~I didn't realize that I was to melt choc. and drizzle on them.  
So,we used choc. syrup, but it was a tad messy.~
 ~Beth's delicious turtle brownies.~
 ~Dee's pretty dessert.~

 ~Abigail and her little frien-emy Reagan. :-) (They are Friends one moment, and enemies the next.:-)
~Her top says, "All American Cutie."~
  ~Her Cheese cracks me up.~
 ~Little Individual fruit pizza cookies.
You are supposed to use sugar cookies, but Sam's didn't have any (seasonal item) and I didn't have time to make cookies, so just bought their choc. chip cookies.
It was good with Choc. chip cookies. (maybe a tad more rich tho.) ~
 ~The cream is 8 oz. cream cheese, 7 oz. marshmallow creme, and 8 oz. Coolwhip. (I doubled that recipe for our crowd.) ~
 ~The dessert table.~
 ~Love the "Star and Stripes Forever" sign I found at Big Lots.~
 ~Lots of delicious food!!~
 ~Some of the girl cousins.  Brittany, Kimberly, Sarah, and Darla.~
 ~The LADIES were going to take a pic...when GOOFY RANDY jumped in. :-) ~
 ~There...that's better.  Ha.~
~Yummy dessert plate.~
 ~The Ladies. (Kimberly and I are drinking ROOTBEER!!! (No es cerveza!)~
 ~The men and kids ate outside.~

 ~Brownies on her little face.~
 ~"Uncle" Dave's company was loved by the little girls. ~
 ~Now, it's Abigail's turn to sit beside "Uncle" Dave."~
 ~Dee, Beth, and I.
We were so GLAD that Michael, Beth, and family could come down to hang out with us!!!~
 ~Kiana has the touch with Baby Ava.~
 ~Loved the Flags on their house.~
 ~Scott helping Abigail "Dunk the volleyball."~
 ~The Trampoline was pretty popular!~

 ~Adorable Baby Ava.  She was most content just lying down.~
 ~Abigail All worn out.~
 ~Then Randy and Skip finished off the night with GREAT fireworks.~

 ~Mary, NiKayla, and Elijah watching the fireworks.~
 ~The last one they did in a field...cause it was a FANNING Firwork.~
 ~Our Blackberries in our backyard...are getting ripe...and look quite Patriotic. :-) ~
 ~This American enjoys her Argentine Mate. :-) ~
Thank you, Dear Jesus, for a wonderful and SAFE 4th of July!



lila said...

I see food and more food!! What a lovey gathering with lots of fun décor. So glad you all could get together. Much love and prayers

Moma said...

Wish we could have joined you, but with a busy Lord's Day we would have been too weary. We had a wonderful afternoon and evening with Ron and Diane taking us out to dinner! Your fourth looked like lot of fun for you and the children! Love, Moma

Moma said...

I just noticed that there were 27 kiddeos and from just five families involved! HELP! Someone just didn't know when to quit! :) Love to you all, Moma

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