Tuesday, July 19, 2016

~Catching up...part 1...My trip to TN, Kate's wedding, Natasha's graduation.~

Having been on the mission field for the most of the parts of the last 10 years, we have missed being at a lot of family events. 
So,we were excited to get to attend my niece Kate and her man...Matt's wedding in VA on Friday, MAY 20th!
If you'll remember, I had asked you to pray for me as I made a trip to TN...on my way to VA for Kate's wedding.
On Monday, May 16th, Abigail, BABY and I rode down to Tennessee with my Daddy and Moma.  Then after seeing Kimberly for the first time in 3 weeks, and a nice visit with my Grandmother for a couple days, we drove down to VA on Wednesday for the Wedding.
Kimberly, Abigail, baby and I got to attend the rehearsal Thursday night, while Phillip, and the rest of our children and our niece Brittany were on their way down to VA.
The wedding was on Friday evening, May 20th.
After the wedding our family and Brittany drove ALL Night long to get home to Cincinnati for Natasha's special Graduation from College at God's Bible School.
Here's LOTS of pics for you to enjoy.
~Abigail sees Kimberly for the first time in 3 weeks.  Pure happiness.~
 ~My sweet cousin Susan and I.~

 ~Trying to reach GG's candy dish.~
 ~I love the tippy toes.~

 ~GG and Abigail~

 ~My sweetheart was back at home working on the house.~
 ~Love this pic.~
 ~In VA we stayed in a beautiful Hotel on this lake.  This was our view from our room.~

 ~Cousin Kelsea, Kimberly, and Abigail~
 ~The Rehearsal~

 ~My sweet brother Andrew and the Bride...sweet Kate.~
 ~The Rehearsal dinner...yummy cajun food.~
 ~The slide show of Kate and Matt when they were growing up.~

 ~After we left the rehearsal...we met up with my nephew Drew and his cool car at the gas station.~

 ~God provided a nice place for the girls to stay thru friends of my brother Lincoln.~
 ~Elijah and Mary with Sock monkeys at the Bojangles chicken restaurant.~
 ~Grabbing a quick meal before the wedding.~

 ~The Grandparents...The Sankeys, and my Daddy and Moma, and Bro. and Sis. Keaton waiting to be exhorted down the aisle.~
 ~My niece Brittany and Julia Keep did a great job playing the violin before the wedding.~

 Kate's twin brothers Taylor and Tyler pulling the aisle runner down the aisle.~

 ~The cute flower girl.~

 Kate stopped in the middle of the aisle to hug her "little" twin brothers.~

 ~The family all gathered to pray.~
 ~Dad Sankey praying for the bride and groom.~

 I captured the Bride and Groom, between Kate's parents' heads.~
 ~Visiting afterwards.~
 ~Gramp hugging the Bride and Groom.~
 ~My 2 DEAR brothers Lincoln, and Andrew.~

 ~Phillip, Matt, Kate, Heather and our baby bump. (It's SAD for me to see these pics of my PRECIOUS baby bump...now that baby is in Heaven!!) :-( ~

 Kate had wanted an out-door reception in a tent.  But the forecast was rain and chilly, so they had to move inside.  But they made it have a very Beautiful romantic tent-like atmosphere.~
~Drew played a song on his guitar.~

~The Mr. and Mrs.~

 ~Heidi giving some advice to Kate and Matt.~

 ~Uncle Carson and his namesake...little Carson...and Mary.~

 ~Father-Daughter time.~

 ~All the cousins that were at the wedding...EXCEPT WE FORGOT ...
How could we Forget her?
She was running around helping in every way she could.  She was a great BLESSING to Kate.~
 ~Then we went out to light the lanterns...which didn't go as was expected...but were fun!
They gave us some laughs and made for some MEMORIES... as some of them caught on fire and burned out on the ground, or scared us that they were going to catch the church roof on fire, but some of them successfully made it into the air. :-( ~

 ~Phillip and Kimberly with our lantern.~
 ~Marc and Melodie Sankey with Becky Keep trying to get theirs in the air.~
 ~And it's OFF!~
 ~Melodie trying to help Phillip with another lantern.~
 ~Last minute Mother-Daughter chats.~

~We got Home at 7:30 A.M. and Natasha's graduation at God's Bible School was at 10:00.  So, Baby and I took nearly a 2 hour nap, then scrambled out of bed, got everyone ready and we RAN to Natasha's graduation.
We were so GLAD that Jesus kept Phillip awake and helped us to be able to 
attend Natasha's graduation.~

 ~Josh Avery spoke and did a great job.~
 ~All ready to celebrate Natasha.~

 ~And The Graduates are OFF...To do their best to Light the World For Jesus!~
 ~We were happy that my cousin Christa could come.~
 ~Long time friends Duane and Valorie Quesenberry and their family.~
 ~It was fun to see our good friend Emily Albertson.~
 ~Natasha and her siblings.~
 ~And her Dear parents.~

 ~Natasha and her family~

 ~It was so nice that her Grandparents could come.  Sadly my parents couldn't be here, due to the wedding being in VA the night before.~
 ~Our family~

 ~Afterwards, we ran home and I got another nap, then in the afternoon we went to Applebees to celebrate Natasha!~

 ~They brought Natasha a dessert since she was the graduate!~
 ~Abigail "helping Mommy sweep." :-) ~
Since we had driven all night the night before, we went to bed at 5:30 on Saturday night!
We had to get rested up for Sunday, and to go camping on Monday, May 23rd, and Tuesday May, 24th.
Stay tuned....Those pictures are coming next!

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Sherry L Dickinson said...

Have mercy, you all had quite a celebration week! I loved the pictures of each of these events! It is nice to see all of these beautiful young people, as they are growing up. It was good to see the grandparents together at Kate & Matt's wedding. It was interesting to see the names of the graduates on the Graduation Program. I see that "Virginia is for lovers" still, by the looks of that lake and the trees around it that you stayed by, while at Kate's wedding. It was such pretty scenery. It was so sweet to see Phillip, you, and our beautiful grandchildren together. I LOVE pictures of you guys! This was such an interesting post with all of the people, all of the relatives, and all of the places represented in these pictures. Love, Mom D.

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