Sunday, July 3, 2016

~Happy Fourth, y'all!~


~I had planned to decorate our home for Memorial day...but that is the weekend I miscarried our precious baby :-(, so we were having our OWN MEMORIAL DAY! :-(
So 6 days later,though I was still weak, I asked 2 of our children to help me gather my Americana decor from the basement so that I could decorate.  
It really helped my heart while I was resting on the couch during those days... to see my 
Red, White, and Blue decorations.~

~On our buffet in the dinning room.~
 ~I love my little wooden bike from Argentina.~
 ~I had Fun writing these words that remind us of summer on my chalkboard.~
 ~Our antique stove in the dinning room.
The big wooden flag came from The Christmas Tree shops.  Super love that store!!~

 ~On the front porch.~

 ~On the front door.  I found this fun star at Big Lots for a great price.~
 ~Since Kimberly is a "Free girl"...and graduated from High school now....she and I have been doing more shopping together. 
And it works out great...for she buys me goodies with some of her FUN gift cards she got for her graduation! :-) ~
 ~Several friends...and even ones I've never met ... have sent us nice sympathy cards...which have meant so much to me/us!!~
 ~Aren't these "American flag canning jar platters" adorable?  I got them the recently at Hobby Lobby.~

 ~On the old wooden ice box.~
~I love our flag.  Something about the colors red, white, and blue make me happy.~
 ~On the mantel in the L.R.~
 ~Our Elijah LOVES to go digging in the woods behind our house and finding treasures. 
Most of the things he finds, I don't consider to be treasures.  :-)
But the other day he found this ROCK WITH AN ANCHOR in it back there.
I was instantly in love and asked him if I could PLEASE decorate with his treasure. :-) ~
 ~Pretty neat, isn't it?!~

 ~Our sweet little Abigail all dressed up in her red patent leather shoes, white eyelet jumper, star sweater, and "big girl" hairdo. ~
 ~We enjoyed a wonderful Lord's day at our church on July 3rd. 
God's presence was close both services.~
 ~Kimberly, RaeQuelle (our "other daughter" :-), and Sarah.~
 ~My Sweetheart and I.~
 ~Love this man to pieces!!~
 ~A TIRED Abigail...wasn't tired in the afternoon....but fell asleep while eating her supper before we went to church Sunday night.~

Thank you, Jesus, for our country's Independence. 😊 ❤️
And for us Christians ...may we always have our DEPENDENCE ON YOU!!! 




Moma said...

I enjoyed your Fourth of July post! Hubby got on his websight to let me read some of your posts, I thought it very interesting that Aunt Carole thought it was me with Kimberly and your man that you posted. You and your Man looked wonderful in you 4th of July outfit. But the cutest was your Mary and Abigail! They looked like such "big girls". I loved all your decor items, the stars and stripes canning jars were cute, the star from Big Lots was really special. But the cutest was Elijah's find in your back yard! What a find!!!!! I enjoyed your post of the 4th! Love, Moma

lila said...

Your 4th décor is so cute. I love how you do the whole house for all the holidays. You are quite the gal!! Love and prayers

Sherry L Dickinson said...

Hi Heather, I was so happy to see you had a new post tonight! I love the décor you put up for almost every single month of the year. This is the first time in a long time that you've been home for the fourth of July, isn't it? (Not sure.) Anyway, you made up for lost time with all of these cute little red, white, and blue decorations. Abigail is such a dolly. She is so cute when she is all fixed up, which is most of the time but the picture of her asleep in her high chair is cute too; she reminded me so much of Mary in that pose. Kimberly looks so pretty in the new outfits she is wearing in some of her pictures. I assume your mother is speaking of the picture of you and Phillip facing Kimberly, and Kimberly is facing the camera, where your Aunt Carole thought it was Martha and Phillip, instead of Phillip and you. Bud said to me regarding that picture, Boy, the back of Heather sure looks like the back of her mother! So, I guess that Bud wasn't the only one who thought that you and your moma looked alike. I LOVE YOUR BLOG! Love, Mom D.

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