Saturday, July 30, 2016

~Kimberly and Sarah got to go to band camp~

Jesus worked it out for our Kimberly and Sarah to go to Band camp.
Someone paid their way!!!!  That was a huge answer to Prayer!!
Kimberly and Sarah really ENJOYED band camp and learned a lot!!
Our dear friend Bethany came home with the girls from Band camp, and spent a few days with us before the girls and her went to Athens Youth Camp.

Here's some pics from their concert on their last day.

 ~Megan from our church and Sarah.~

 ~Kimberly was so Happy that she got to play under the direction of dear Bro. Garen Wolf.  She's heard her Daddy and I talk so much about him from our GBS choir days.~

 ~Sarah and a new friend Kayla from the Cayman Islands.~
 ~Sarah and her dear friend from deputation Cheyanna.~
 ~Saying Goodbye.~

 ~Phillip helping put the chairs back after the concert.~
 ~Mary missed her big sister Sarah.~
 ~Abigail slept during part of the concert.~
 ~Abigail missed her Kimberly and Kimberly missed her Abigail.~

~Elijah pushing Abigail on the Merry-go-round at Band camp.~

 ~Lunch with friends at Cracker Barrel!~
 ~We stopped by and had a nice visit with Daddy and Moma on the way home after band camp.~

 ~Abigail snuck some cheese.~

 ~A Patriotic table for our Sunday dinner with Bethany here.~

~A fun breakfast table for Bethany and the family.~

 ~Then Bethany and the girls and I ran and picked up a few things for the girls to go to Athens.~
~This is so TRUE in my life right now..."I'm TOO TIRED TO CARE", if my hair isn't done...don't judge me, pray for me. :-) ~
 ~Someone gave us some treat money so we got to take the girls to Grater's icecream.  It was the first time our girls had been there. 
 ~Bethany enjoyed hers.~
 ~We all LOVED ours too.~

 ~Abigail is half Argentinan...she loves her Mate.~

 ~Look at the cute little foot (Abigail's) hanging out of her crib.~

 ~Butterbraid for breakfast the day before the girls went to Athens Youth Camp.~

 ~The night before the girls went to Athens Youth camp, they were practicing baseball with Daddy and Sarah got hit in the eye with a baseball.  :-( ~
 ~There was some TREAT MONEY left over from a TREAT $ gift someone gave us, so we took the kids and Bethany to McDonalds before Athens.~

 ~Colombia's Independence day was July 20th!!  WE LOVE OUR COLOMBIA AND OUR COLOMBIAN FRIENDS!!!~
 ~While the girls were at Athens I got the kids some clay to play with.  They loved making lots of things with it.  This is Mary and her snail.~
 ~Elijah and his lion.~
 ~And our dear fellow-missionary Michele Fling was in the US from Peru, so one Wednesday night we ran for ice cream with her and the Beckers.~
 ~Love these dear great friends~

 ~My centerpiece on the table when the girls came home from Athens.~
 ~Can you spot ABIGAIL...she's hiding behind the couch cushion...and you can just see her little feet.~
 ~Bethany loves her SUGAR...and when she was with us in Argentina and we would serve her Chinese tea...she would always sneak some sugar in it....much to U. Charlie's dismay.~
~We loved having Bethany with us!~
~One day while the girls were gone, someone knocked on my door,
And to my SURPRISE...
It was my dear cousin Martha, and a couple of her kids.~

 ~It's a good thing we got pics of all the kids made (Above) from the clay that I got them from DOLLAR TREE...for we put them on a pan, to HIDE THEM away in the oven....BUT FORGOT...and turned on the oven...and this is what we found later. :-(~
 ~My chalkboard..."If These walls could talk"~

 ~The other day I tripped and fell at Kohls!
I killed my big toe...but THANK THE LORD that my fall wasn't worse!!~
 ~On Bethany's last breakfast I wrote her this chalkboard.~

 ~I made biscuits, gravy, baked oatmeal, and sausage.~
 ~And we had some Chinese tea.~
 ~Then we ran Bethany to the Dayton Airport to fly home.~
  ~And afterwards, we drove up to Troy to see Michael and Beth and kids.
Here they are running to meet us.~

 ~Kimberly and Baby Ava~

 ~Beth served us yummy Skyline and brownies.~

 It was so fun seeing Michael and Beth and their kids.



lila said...

So special that girls got to go to band camp. Lots of fun picks on this post. The kids are so cute. That Abigail cracks me up. Love you all tons

Sherry L Dickinson said...

This has so many good pictures, Heather. I enjoyed looking at them. Sarah's poor eye-how come baseballs always go directly to a person's tender part of their body? It was fun to see your children at Gram and Gramp's house. I was sad to hear how tired you are, and it was sad that you hurt your big toe. There is a lot on here to comment about, and I enjoyed seeing all of it. I love you. Mom D

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