Saturday, February 20, 2016

~Abigail is 18 months!~

Our little dolly, Abigail, is 18 months. 
She has to be the MOST LOVED little girl...since our little Mary (who was the MOST LOVED little girl since our Sarah...who was the MOST LOVED little girl since our Kimberly. :-)
This little precious girl keeps us laughing and gets MORE THEN HER SHARE of hugs and kisses! 
I posted all of these, for they show you her fun personality!  (Thank you, Darla, for helping Abigail smile while I took these pics.)

Thank you, Dear Jesus, for sending us Sweet Baby Abigail!
PLEASE help us as we guide her in the path you have planned for her!


Anonymous said...

Such a darling little girl. I love the woven bottom chair, so unique looking.

Nicki Woodard

Amy said...

Abigail is just adorable (and I love her sweet dress and hair ribbon)!

Hannah Avery said...

Happy 18 month old birthday Abigail! These are such precious pictures! She is growing up so much. Love her pretty dress and huge bow! The cute rustic door is so cute behind her too. Love reading your fun blog!


lila said...

Such a cutie! Nice job on the pics. Love her bright beautiful pink dress and bow. I hope we get to see you all soon!! Love and prayers

The Dickinsons said...

Thank you to each of you sweet Ladies, for your sweet comments!!

Amy, I forgot to give you my email address, so we can stay in contact. :-)

dickinsonfam(at)gmail(dot)com (Obviously I typed it this way so some robot doesn't steal my email address. Just type it like a normal email address.


Gram said...

What a dolly! I think that all of your family needed her! I loved her pretty pink dress and big bow. Happy 18 months. our littliest girl. You are right about all your other girls being special! And I could go on to say that all our granddaughters and DAUGHTERS are very special. Gramp and I pray for them all every night that they will make Heaven! I love you all, Gram

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