Saturday, December 13, 2014

~Sarah has a birthday!~

Our Sarah recently had a birthday. We had a special birthday breakfast for her and then later that night we had a fun girly party!  Here are a gazillion pictures for you to enjoy!  =)

~We did a fun blue snow flake table complete with blue candy canes.~

~Fun coffee with a candy cane.~
~A few weeks ago Deanna talked to me about combining her Kiana and my Sarah's birthday's party. It sounded like a fun we started making plans!  She told me that she wanted to keep it a SURPRISE to Kiana!  I think we were able to keep Kiana from guessing about the party!  She knew SOMETHING was up...but I think she didn't guess about a party for her.  :-)  The evening turned out so FUN, FESTIVE, and Girly!!!  Lots of fun, good food, giggles, and good times! =D
The kids and I made a fun treat for each girl that came.~
~And these fun cupcakes.~

~And Oreo cake pops!~
~Sean was such a great babysitter to Abigail!~
~I also made pepperoni rolls and dip and then Dee made fun Jalepeno poppers, veggies and dip, and yummy potato wedges!~
~And Dee and her kids decorated their home so cute and colorful!~

~The hot chocolate and coffee bar!~

~Lots of yummy food!~

~Dee made a delicious punch!~

~My little snow man held the cards for the girls.~
~The girls~

~Dee made this fun birthday cake!~

~Sarah and Kiana~
~Dee and Kiana~
~Dee, Kiana, Me, and Sarah.~
~Sarah and I.~
~Precious little Abigail~

~Mary and the twins got to be at the party too.~

~And of course SWEET Baby Abigail gets to go everywhere Mommy goes for the present.  =) ~
~Love this sweet little outfit I found for Abigail at Once Upon a Child!~

~Singing Happy Birthday in front of the cake!~
Thanks, Dee, for the idea, for opening up your home, and for all you did to make the party special!
It was a very FUN evening and the girls loved their evening they will remember for a long time!!  :-)


Kim M. said...

How nice!

lila said...

Happy belated birthday to Sarah!! What a nice birthday celebration!!

Sherry L Dickinson said...

This birthday party was absolutely stupendous! The decorations that were everywhere, the snacks and the food that looked so beautiful, and the girls looking so adorable-all cleaned up like they were-made this party seem just really special. Bless Deanna's heart for letting you all come to her spacious house! Yes, I believe this b-day party will be remembered for a long time. Love, Mom D

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