Wednesday, December 17, 2014

~God Spared our girls from a stray bullet!~

The Angel of the Lord Encampeth round about those that fear Him, and delivereth them! 
Psalm 34:7
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Last Sunday night we had just crossed our street to come home at 11:30 or 11:45 P.M. when just 15 minutes later 5 gun shots went off right outside our house!!!!
Phillip ran to check on the boys, and they were asleep.
He hollered up to the girls on the 3rd floor to stay away from the windows and not turn lights on.
I then went up to Kimberly, Sarah, and little Mary on the 3rd floor and Kimberly said,

"Mommy, that 2nd bullet HIT our floor!!!"

Later I asked Phillip if he thought that they really had felt a BULLET HIT THEIR FLOOR!  He said that he doubted it, but that maybe their floor had creaked at the same time that the shots happened.
The next day Phillip was in his office...the room right below the girls room...and he found...
a bullet hole through both panes of glass in the window, through the curtain, through the top of the wall and headed up into the girls floor...just 3 inches away from where the girls were standing!!  

Even when we are in our USA home ...we are still on the MISSION FIELD!
(We are checking ticket prices and waiting on God about when to go back to S. America!)

How we PRAISE Jesus for protecting our girls (and all of us) from that bullet!   
~Our Sarah, my college roommate's daughter RaeQuelle, and our Kimberly at our Church Christmas dinner!~



Roberta said...

Praising the Lord with you for His great protection from that bullet!

Jennifer Grissom said...

Thankful for God's protection!

Keith and Crystal said...

So thankful with you, Heather!!! Such a scary thing!!

Sherry L Dickinson said...

Have mercy, sake's alive, who would'uv thought of such a thing happening? It seems you could have had more fear of bullets, while you were crossing the street late that night, and here the bullet came right into the most private place in your home-the girl's 3rd story bedroom. I can't even imagine such a horrible thing as that bullet coming into their bedroom, right beside of your three helpless girls! Boy, someone must have been really drunk to be shooting so erratically! Such absolute stupidity and irresponsibility that was! Yes, that Jesus is watching over your little family is obvious! Praise our dear King Jesus for his watch care!
Well, it looks like you can celebrate a wonderful merry Christmas in the States, maybe? Wherever you are on Christmas Day, Dad & I hope your Christmas is filled with the joy of baby Jesus' birth, and filled with gratefulness that King Jesus keeps you and protects you! We are so thankful that you are staying true to Jesus and trying to live carefully for him! We love each of you dearly, and I am still pondering the delightful visit that Dad & I had in your cute 3 story house in November. Thank you so much for letting us come there to spend time with you all. I loved it with all my heart! Love, Mom D

lila said...

Wow!! That is a crazy happening!! So thankful for God's tender loving care over you and your precious ones!!!

Tori Leslie said...

Praise the Lord for his protection. I just found your blog and from one missionary to another, Merry Christmas!

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