Tuesday, July 22, 2014

~Our baby bump family pics!~

Last week we went to Portrait Innovations and got our baby bump family pics taken.
Our Kimberly will be gone this week, and I didn't want to take the chance of going into labor while she was gone and missing getting our "baby bump" pics with this baby.
(I had quite the night last night with LOTS of contractions...so today the girls are helping me pack the diaper bag and my suitcase, and finish baby's nursery...just in case baby decides to show up early. =)
Baby and I went for an ultrasound and check up this past Monday and all is going great.  
I'm 35 weeks along and we hope to meet her when I'm 39 weeks along.
(With my last 2 babies and with her I plan to get induced at 39 weeks, so as to AVOID having another Noah who though I did EVERYTHING natural I could think of to get him to come...he was 12 days late and weighed nearly 10 and 1/2 lbs.
His was a VERY DANGEROUS birth...and We both could have died.)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
 ~And now....our baby bump pics.
We had never used Portrait Innovations before...and were very HAPPY with how they turned out.  The nice thing is the cd we got saved us money, 'cause we didn’t have to order all these poses. :-)
Here we are..."At the Ocean." =) ~

~"All Framed In."~

~Mary, Mommy, and baby.~
~My Sweetheart and I..."Out in the field."~

I'd love to know which pose is your favorite...if you care to leave that in a comment. =)
We are getting VERY excited to meet our new little SWEET girl!   =)
Thank you for your prayers!!!  Baby and I need them...and We also need them as we continue to work on the 3rd floor!


Emily Grace said...

Beautiful pictures! My favorites are 3, 4, 9, 13, 14. Praying for you all! <3, Emily

lila said...

Oh Heather!! they are all so beautiful!!! I picked 1,3,12,15. I love them all!! Praying all goes well and baby doesn't give you any trouble coming into this world!! Love and prayers

Dorcas said...

All the pictures are beautiful! Couldn't decide which was the best other than all :o) Hope all continues to go well.

Shania said...

Dear Mrs.Heather & family,
My favorite ones are 3,6,8,9,15
They are very nice pictures!!!
We are praying for your family, and for you Mrs.heather & the baby, and for a safe delivery. =)
Hope you all are doing well!!

Love& prayers,
-Shania WIseman

RicKaren said...

I like the family picture on the beach and the one of you and your husband in the field. My favorite of the children is the one where they are laying on the beach. They are all really great, though--I am impressed with Portrait Innovations. I have wondered how they would do and seen both good and bad work from them. Hang in there--my experience was recent enough that I really feel for you and am excited for you! New babies are such a wonderful blessing!

Anonymous said...

Dearest Heather,
Beautiful!!!! They are all so nice! It's hard to decide which one is my favorite... But I would have to say number 2, 13 and 15!!! So glad all is going well baby! Praying for a safe delivery! Your baby is due the day after my baby's birth... They could share birthdays!!!
I always enjoy your posts! Have a great day! love and prayers, Hannah condor

Anonymous said...

Oopps Klunder not condor! I'm tired and my iPod typing funny! LOL!

Sherry L Dickinson said...

I wonder how it is that one can love each family member so intensely? I just wish I had time to spend individually with each of you.
I was surprised by the picture with one of everyone's hand on your tummy. It is really a neat picture, in my opinion.
I particularly like these pictures: #4 - children at beach with two on the backs of big sisters. #5 - Two brothers at the beach. #6 - The three sisters standing on the beach. #13 - The family in the field in the grass. #16 - Everyone's hand on mom's tummy.
I am blest to be one of your relatives. Smile.
Love, Mom D in Phoenix

Family on the Prairie said...

Heather, just loved catching up on your blog this evening. And thanks for leaving a comment on my blog a couple weeks ago, too! You've inspired me with my own blog at http://prairielucasfamily.blogspot.com. It's fun seeing all the creative ideas you have for making a home and table lovely and attractive. And just your unashamed love and pride in your beautiful family.

I liked best the photo of your family in the field, and the one of you and your hubby in the field, too. But the one you picked for the top of your blog is very, very nice, too.

Our sixth and seventh babies were big surprises, too, but they have been so precious. I pray all will go well for you.

Anna Lucas

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures and your sweet family! Keep up the good work! You are a great blessing!
Love, Janette C.

Brittany said...

Hi, Heather! You've been on my mind recently, and I had to come to your blog and check on you and that baby =)I've been so busy lately that I haven't blogged much, and I haven't been keeping up with my friends' blogs either, and I've missed it. So glad to see that you're doing well, and we will be praying for a safe arrival of the little one, so exciting! I LOVE your pictures - they're all so good!

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