Monday, July 14, 2014

~Baby Update and fun times!~

~THANK YOU for your prayers for Baby and I.  
Like I mentioned last week, my midwife was concerned about what she thought looked like extra fluid that I was carrying.  So she scheduled me to go to the hospital for a more thorough ultrasound to make sure I wasn't high risk.
So, Today baby and I had that ultrasound.
~The ultrasound lady said that my fluid level is NORMAL!!!! YEA!!!!  Praise the LORD!!!
~I'm due to have baby around Aug. 19th.
~She weighs around 5 lbs. 2 oz., and I'm 34 weeks along.
~You can't tell it so much in this picture, but she has the CUTEST chubby cheeks.  
We are getting EXCITED to meet her.  We are working hard on getting her nursery and clothes ready.
~In case you aren't used to looking at ultrasound pics, this is her profile pic of her precious little face.
~She's lying on her back and her little forehead, nose, lips, and chin are facing upward.  
Her chest is to the right. =)~
~Fun times with family.  The boys' cousin Bryan had a birthday, so we joined his family at the park for a fun evening together.~

 ~Out for a YUMMY supper and a fun evening with our DEAR Pastor and Grammy.~

 ~I ordered a Spinach salad, and Shrimp Scampi...and then only ate the shrimp and tomatoes (since I can't eat the pasta.)
It was DELISH!!!~
 ~Such a fun evening and WONDERFUL fellowship.  We LOVE our pastor and wife!!  They've been our pastor since we were newly married.~
 ~I ordered this mini cheesecake, ate 3 or 4 bites then let my family enjoy the rest. =) ~
 ~Phillip has been working on our 3rd floor, getting it ready for Kimberly, Sarah, and Mary to move up there.
Right now Mary has no bed to sleep in and sleeps on the floor. =(
The girls let her sneak in their bed sometimes, but it's an antique 3/4 bed, so is pretty SMALL for 3 people, and the girls don't rest well when she sleeps with them.
So, it will be nice for Mary to have a BED when she gets moved up to the 3rd floor.
Phillip tore out a closet on the 3rd floor and is putting a bathroom with a shower up there.
Right now we only have a tub, and so he's trying to get that shower in before I have baby.~
Please pray:
1. For God-speed on our 3rd floor project!!
2. That God will continue to keep His hand on baby and I!
3. Pastor Jimmy from the Bogota, Colombia church requests prayer for a family in the church.
4. Please pray for the other 2 pastors and congregations in Colombia.
5. Please pray for those we left behind in Argentina.


Sherry L Dickinson said...

Dear Heather,
Thank you for this INTERESTING post of you, baby, Hausmans, Eisenharts, and black Phillip.
If baby girl is as cute as your other babies have been, she'll be a keeper! I love it that you get to spend time and have fun with the Hausmans. It was such fun seeing you all together. The Eisenharts are getting better with age, aren't they? Our entire family is so privileged that we've had their friendship in our lives. I wish Daddy could be there to help filthy Phillip do that dirty work. Instead, Dad has been painting our living room and our bedroom. It looks like white folks live here now, instead of 'white trash'. It looks beautiful!
Love, Mom D

lila said...

Thankful for the good news on you and baby!!! Can't wait to see that doll baby!! Bless you dear husband for all his hard work he truly loves God and his family!! Glad you had a nice outing with the dear sweet Eisenharts!! Praying for you all and your precious people you had to leave behind. Love to all

RicKaren said...

Thankful for the good news about you and baby girl! Keeping you in my prayers. Can't wait to see pictures of your little dolly!

Dorcas said...

Glad to hear you and baby are doing well! Try to pray for you everyday. And I'm sure you'll all be happy when your remodeling work is finished.

Martha S. Bryan said...

Dearest Heather, The baby is darling! Daddy and I are praying for you every day. I love you, Moma

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