Tuesday, July 8, 2014

~Our 4th of July weekend!~

 I went to my midwife appointment yesterday and they took an ultrasound.  They confirmed that our baby is a GIRL.
The midwife did say that I'm carrying some extra fluid.  I told her that I was SHOCKED for I haven't been eating bread, pastas, rice, or potatoes for months, my sugar numbers are great, and I only weigh 130 at 33 weeks pregnant.
(I weighed 128 in January at 10 1/2 weeks pregnant, lost down to 125 in Argentina due to not eating a lot of carbs and walking, and now weigh 130.)
She told me that unfortunately extra fluid and gestational diabetes just go together.  =(
So, I'm supposed to have another ultrasound next week at the hospital just to make sure that they aren't concerned about the extra fluid.
She said that baby girl and her heart look great!
PLEASE PRAY that God will help my extra fluid to not be a problem, and that God will continue to keep His hand on Baby Girl and I.  
Thank you!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
I hope that each of y'all had a Happy Fourth!
As I told you we got to go and spend the 4th and 5th of July with my SWEET Daddy and Moma!  We had SOOOOO MUCH FUN!!!
~Here's my patriotic brownies I made and took over to Indiana.  The white choc. on top sort of looked like the Chevron design. =)~
 ~And I made Rice Krispy treats and cut them into stars.~

 ~Moma had given me this patriotic tub, so Phillip bought some Sprite, Coke, and healthy Root beer, and Gingerale and we put those in ice.  I really enjoyed getting to use Moma's tub.~
 ~My sweetheart grilled hamburgers and hotdogs.~
 ~Our table full of yumminess!~
 ~Moma made some YUMMY green beans and Sweet tea to go along with the hot dogs and hamburgers, veggies and dip, chips and dip, and desserts and drinks we brought.~

 ~Gram and 2 of her 18 Grandkids. (19 including Keith's sweet wife Natalie! =)~

 ~Diggin in.~

 ~God gave us such a cool NICE day for a picnic. ~
At a doctor's check-up last January, the nurse wanted to know how much little Mary knew, so asked her if she knew her full name.
Mary replied, "Mary Quite Contrary."  =D ~
 ~Gram made yummy coffee to go with dessert, and even little Mary got a cup. =)  Can you tell she was raised in Colombia? =) ~
 ~My SWEET Moma and baby and I.
It was just over a year and a month ago that she had her stroke.
We THANK THE LORD for how well she is healing!!~
 ~I had a tiny cup of coffee (no sugar added) along with my 2 little Rice Krispy Treat Stars for my 4th of July treat. ~
 ~A funny little picture showing you that my BABY BUMP is a little built-in shelf to hold my coffee or tea cup. :-D~
 ~Noah, Mary, and Elijah in front of Gramp's NICE raised gardens.~

 ~Then we took a walk down to see the man-made lake across the street from Gramp and Gram's house.~

 ~While Gram and baby and I took a nap, Gramp, Phillip, and the kids worked on building a fire pit in their front yard.~

~The finished product!  It's such a cool fire pit.~
~It was so FUN sitting around the fire pit, and.... ~
 ~making S'mores.~
 ~Gram eating a S'more.~
 ~Then Phillip did fire works with our kids and the neighbors' kids.~

 ~Gramp explaining to Noah about the sheep hanging on his wall...and then we had family devotions.~
 ~Elijah ....after a VERY happy and eventful 4th of July.~
 ~At breakfast the next morning...Gram gave Elijah the money that she and Gramp had found while fixin' up their house.~
  ~Counting it out.  It came to 83 cents....Thanks to Uncle Andrew dropping some extra money out in the yard to add to Gram's collection for Elijah.  =) ~
 ~Moma in her very pretty kitchen!!  It was so fun for us to see her kitchen all fixed up with her fun stuff.~
 ~We came back home Saturday night so we could attend our church on Sunday.
My Sweetheart and I on Sunday.~
 ~Daryl and Laura had us and another family over for a YUMMY Sunday dinner!~
 ~Their table was so fun and festive.~
 ~Final preparations.~
 ~Laura and baby and I. ~
 ~Laura's beautiful and delicious pie.~
 ~Our kids...all dressed in Red, white, and Blue. =) ~
 ~Mary and her fun blue and white blouse and shoes.~
 ~We had a wonderful 4th of July weekend and thoroughly enjoyed being Daddy and Moma and the Hausmans.
We are trying to make each day count as we get the house and nursery ready for baby girl to arrive.
We are moving Kimberly, Sarah, and Mary up to the 3rd floor before baby comes as well, which involves quite a bit of work.
Baby is due to arrive in 5 to 6 weeks.
EEEKKK!  We don't have much time, so your PRAYERS mean A LOT.~


RicKaren said...

Great pictures! Glad your mother is healing! The fire pit is awesome and I love all your 4th decor and yumminess! Adorable quote from Mary! Still praying for you and baby. I never had even close to high sugar, or any signs of gestational diabetes, and still had severe polyhydramnois (high fluid.)

Martha S. Bryan said...

Dearest Heather, It was so good having you over to our house. Your pictures are so nice. I love you, Moma

Sherry L Dickinson said...

I have to laugh because your desserts always include chocolate! I have been WAITING for this post because I wanted to see pictures of you all with your mom and dad, and I was not disappointed! So cute of Gram giving Elijah that money. She knows how to make a little event be so special for a person! I was happy to see the bit of scenery around your parent's house, and there is even a lake!
Mary's blue and white shoes are so cute on her! I love your children in their red, white, and blue clothes for 4th of July Sunday. You have the most beautiful girls, and the most handsome men in your family. I love seeing each one of you in these pictures. Love, Mom D

lila said...

What a lovely post!! So nice you could be with your dear parents!!! The celebration looks wonderful!! What a nice fire pit! I know your Mom and Dad will really enjoy it. So glad you all could be of help to them!! Love all the patriotic outfits! Love and prayers

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