Thursday, July 31, 2014

~Baby update and some pics.~

 ~Baby and I went for our weekly ultrasound, non-stress test, and midwife appt. yesterday.
~Baby passed her non-stress test with a 10 out of 10.  =)
~My technician said that my fluid levels look great!
~My midwife sound that my blood sugar numbers are wonderful, and whatever I'm doing, to keep doing it! Praise The Lord!!!
~Last week my ultrasound technician changed the heads on her ultrasound machine and got this FUN 3D pic of our baby's face.  (see below)
~She has her hand up to one side of her face, and her FOOT up to the other side of her face.  =)
I LOVE her little eyes, nose, and lips in this pic.
Sooooo precious.
We're getting excited to meet her about 3 weeks or so.
THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONTINUED PRAYERS, we've got LOTS to do before then!~
~Recently Michael, Beth, and family came down on a Saturday and spent the day with us.  We had a lot of fun being together!~
 ~We've been doing LOTS of sorting of kids' clothes and toys, so the kids enjoyed playing with the empty boxes.~
 ~Mary has been WANTING a ROBE like Mommy wears.  Jesus helped me find one on Clearance, and she is thrilled.  Mommy added a LARGE ruffle, so no matter how fast she grows... she won't out-grow it any time soon.  =D~
 ~My sweetheart helped me "frame" one of our family pics for our mantel.  =) ~

 ~ I just bought a piece of foam board at Dollar tree, we glued some brown paper to it, then we glued our picture to it, and tucked it into this frame.  =) ~
 ~Kimberly was VERY happy that the Lord worked it out for her to go with a group of young people from our church to Athens Youth camp in Michigan.~
 ~She came back with all kinds of fun stories to tell us of her days at youth camp....~
 ~But the most exciting story she had to tell ....was how GOD CAME IN SUCH A SPECIAL WAY IN THEIR SATURDAY EVENING SERVICE.  Altar service after altar service, young people minding God, out in the aisles praising God, their services lasted for hours.  How we PRAISE THE LORD for meeting with our young people in such a wonderful way!!!!~


Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog and
seeing your updated stories and
pics about your family.
Thankful that the Lord is answering prayer and helping you
and baby. It may just be me but
I think this little one looks like
your sweet Mary. I know you all
can't wait for her arrival.
I hope the room remodeling is
going well and you will be ready
when baby arrives.
Hugs from Arkansas

Keith and Crystal said...

So nice to catch up on your blog. We finally got internet this week and I was able to get on the computer. I will be in Kenya in less than three weeks, so your sweet baby may come while I'm gone. Can't wait to hear about it and see the pictures. :) (((((HUGS)))))

RicKaren said...

I'm so glad you posted an update! I've been wondering about you and baby girl. You've never been far from my prayers! Don't those 3D ultrasound pics just make the wait unbearable tho?!?

lila said...

Nice ultrasound pic. Glad for the good report on you and baby. Your mantel looks great. Won't be long till baby will in your arms!!! Can't wait till we can meet her. Great post. Love and prayers

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