Thursday, November 26, 2009

~We packed a lot into our short visit together.~

Could you please pray for Rigoberto and Ilce...serving Jesus in Cartagena, Colombia? Thank you!
More of our trip with Dad and Mom, Michael and Beth and family.
We surely enjoyed getting to see the beautiful mountains, cactus, and western landscape in AZ again.

~Then Phillip and Michael came back and took Beth and I (and Elijah) to see the neat desert.~

~The shells that Noah picked up in the desert.~
~While in AZ we were happy to eat a neat treat again called a "Big Hunk". Here's my Big hunk--Phillip-- holding a "Big Hunk". =D

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sherryldickinson said...

These pictures bring back neat memories of our time together while you guys were here in Arizona. I am so grateful that Jesus let your family come see us while you were in the United States. Now, my heart holds more love than ever for all of you.
Mom D

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