Tuesday, November 10, 2009

~Heading to spend time with our parents in AZ~

Thank you for all the nice birthday wishes and comments. I had a special day with my family traveling around Kansas. =)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Before Jesus called us to be missionaries to South America, Phillip pastored in Phoenix, AZ for 5 years, so we have LOTS of wonderful memories from our years there. We were very happy that it worked out that we got to go to AZ to spend some days with our precious family and dear church friends in AZ.
~Heading from LA to AZ. Phillip wanted me to have the experience of driving the motor home for a few minutes...so here's proof that I actually drove it. =)

~Coming into Phoenix, AZ.~
~Trying to get a picture of "Camelback" mountain. A mountain that sort of looks like a camel lying down.~
~Grandpa and the boys.~
~Grandma and the girls. The girls were fixin' to jump into Grandma and Grandpa's pool. They were praying that the weather would stay hot enough for them to get to swim. The last time we visited them was Jan. 2007 and it was TOOOOO COLD to swim.~
~Enjoying the pool.~

~Elijah and Bridget. Our kids loved getting to see their dog Bridget again.~
~Grandpa saved a bunch of dimes for Noah, and a bunch of quarters for our girls.~
~Grandpa, Elijah and Daddy inside Gospel Center Church, Phx, AZ.~
~Our kids and Pastor Ted and Mrs. Jennifer's kids. Our kids were happy to be back "home" to Phoenix, AZ.

~ Grandma and our boys.~
~ My good friend Janet, our girls and I went out to some thrift stores and then out to eat. We had a lovely ladies night out.~
~ Dear Janet gave me lots of nice shoes (in the bag) and some clothes too. I had Kimberly snap a picture of me with some of my goodies from Janet. Thanks, Janet!! =)~

~ Uncle John and Elijah.~
~ Elijah crawled up into Grandma's bathroom sink and was playing with all of our toothbrushes.~


lila said...

I'm so thrilled you got to go to Phx. The pics made me homesick. But I'm so happy doing what God has called us to do. Lord willing see ya tomorrow. Yeaaaaa! love you tons

Mindy said...

Where did you all pastor in Phx.? We've been there before only it was in Sept. and it was HOT!! Glad to see you all are doing good!

Charity said...

Cute pic of Elijah in the sink, and wow! look at you driving the big rig. I stand amazed.

sherryldickinson said...

These pictures made my heart happy remembering when you all were here with us. How blest we were to get to have you for that little while!
"And Joseph made haste; for his bowels did yearn upon his brother: and he sought where to weep; and he entered into his chamber, and wept there." - Gen 43:30
This is how my heart feels because of missing each of you since your visit. But, I am grateful to have such a beautiful family for which to yearn.
Mom D

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